Thursday, April 14, 2011

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[7:41] Sphynx Soleil: *snorts* Add "Uranus", "Oceanus" and "red boot" (but apparently not "black boot" - wtf??) to the list of "adult" keywords on MP
[7:42] Sphynx Soleil: oh, and "bodies"

So I looked it up in the resource the Lindens seem to be using for this stupidity. "Uranus" is fairly obvious; "Oceanus" turned up nothing except the last four letters of Uranus, and okay, fine, if that's all they're concentrating on, I can dimly see it.

But "red boot" turned up nothing, and "bodies" is just confusing--if that's a slang term, it's one I've never heard used, in bars, in conversation, or on the net. The hell.

[07:55 PM] HottiHot Resident has entered chat range (19.9m)

Yeah, again--if you have to tell people you're hot twice before they even get to your last name? You're looking really, really dubious there. And her display name? "Lady Miss Hotti". Ooookay.

She's twenty days old and a financial dominatrix. Maybe that works for her. And I don't mean that sarcastically--financial domination is tricky. You have to both affirm your worth far above what would be considered acceptable by most, while at the same time remaining approachable to men who wish such domination. They have to see you as desirable and accessible, while your very attitude proclaims you as out of their reach.

I tried this once, in the early days of things (RL, not SL). I just never felt comfortable referring to men as pigs all the time. And I've really never been a gifts-oriented person. I like gifts, I adore that someone took the time and thought of me to get me something, but I've never expected it of anyone I love.

In financial domination, women should not only expect such gifts, but demand them, and demean then when they come, and expect more coming very soon. It's a type of female domination that I think honors male sacrifice very, very little, and at its heart is wrapped around both misanthropy and misogyny--and that's just not good for most people.

But as I said, more power to her if it works for her. And for a lot of financial dommes, it works very, very well.

Still working on the 'look'. Downloaded some template bits last night; will poke at them when time allows today. Was tempted to change the name of the blog to something more in keeping with the actual URL, but...hey. The love life itself may have improved, but the rest of my life is still subtly--or sometimes not so subtly--careening towards disaster.

So it still applies. I'll keep it.


Icterus Dagger said...

Wow. Now that's blatant. I like the finesse of the Japanese spam, Miss Emilly. Let's get more of that in here ;-)


Emilly Orr said...

I admit, that had TOO many links to too many places; it got axed.