Friday, May 1, 2009

but the plot is quickly weakening, and the drama's getting old

So, I've been watching this all day, and have gotten quite vocal (for me, on the JIRA). I've even gone so far as to make up a notecard of my initial post to Jack Linden and Blondin Linden.

I hate that it's come to this--that I feel I actually have to IM Lindens just to make sure I've done everything I can. It likely changes nothing, but--damn it, this is a strong ethical point for me I just violated! For me, contacting the Lindens outside of DIRE emergency that the specific Linden I'm contacting can fix--well, the system's failed somewhere, IMO. (I know, I know, not everyone's like this. But this is me we're talking about, not everyone else.)

More on the adult content issue and yet another theory of why the Labs are pulling this.

So there's a sale going on at Glass Earth right now, which features Hybrid's line of neko- and neko-influenced skins/HUDs/avatars/attachments. 50 L for nearly everything--check to make sure, there's one store that's moving on, not closing up--but for the most part, the entire sim goes away, they're selling off, and getting out of the game.

We're going to see this a lot, especially going into June, through August--and then I'm predicting about four to six months before it starts happening again (once initial sales figures come in from Pornodelphia). And then we'll see where we are, the Labs will see where we are.

VastPark is looking better and better.

[The more it goes on, the worse it gets--there's a petition pleading for "Ladyboy" (a term common to Asia, also called Kathoey in Thailand, to not be listed as an "Adult" word in itself. And I haven't decided whether or not to vote for this issue, but it sounds like a good idea; the problem would be, as I see it, in implementation.

[Because if the Lindens, after these last three weeks, still think most of their users want separated Adult/Mature/PG content...then they'd find a stunningly damaging way to cock up the content ratings proposal.]

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