Thursday, April 30, 2009

I grow so weary I'll surrender to what they say

Pandora Wrigglesworth has lost her mind. How many prims is that hair?!?

Rayguns in the time of cholera! Man, I agree with this guy.

Wrapping up the troublesome thread before I head into the new one in a few days:

Anti Antonelli on page 231:

It seems clear to me that the vast majority of us honestly, earnestly, sincerely believe the basic premise is flawed, the proposed solution is horribly wrong for all kinds of reasons, and we are being lied to regarding both the real motivation for all this and the scope of the solution (and the scale of the damage willing to be inflicted in the process). Surely that message is coming through loud and clear despite the noise.

Unfortunately it's not the message they want to hear.

Doesn't seem to be, no.

Patasha Marikh on page 233:

A little math project: The forum seems to be running about 90% BAD idea. of those about 10% seem to be stating that there will be financial impact on them that will cause them to cease their 'paying'. So that's threatened 9% drop in revenue immediately if the people in here are taken as an average of the population (generalizing on that point.. I think it will be more.)... Much like the auto industry, there will be a ripple effect. How many of those who drop away are propping up others in SL like I am? How many more estates will pull the plug because they can no longer afford their tiers now that their space rentals are gone?

There's going to be more of a ripple effect than they anticipate, I can virtually guarantee this.

Ceera Murakami on page 234:

As for what I consider "extreme"?

Does it cause apparent harm/damage to a participant? Things like branding, mutilation, bleeding injuries, or eating/killing someone? Definitely extreme. Should be in a secured area, access controlled, members-only. Fair warning given for access.

Does the activity have the *appearance* of not being consentual, even though in SL all activity is by mutual consent? Stuff like rape scenes, kidnapping, etc? Probably extreme, and at least deserves a warning prior to exposure. This runs the gamut from "Hard Alley" rape areas to relatively innocent [Capture] Roleplay. Consent required to be indicated before entry allowed.

Is it representing a voluntary, consentual activity, and no one walks away with an injury? NOT extreme, even of it may involve activities that some may be disgusted at.

Not sure? Then take precautions to ensure the people who might be exposed to it are willing to see or participate in that particular kink.

Sredni Eel on page 237:

I'm officially washing my hands of the *I* Am Adult Content Group. It was formed by a friend of mine to discuss how to deal with this whole Linden Adult Content Fiasco, but every freaking day I pop online, I get bombarded in group IM from whining, self-entitled, self-righteous pointyheads who compare the Ursula landmass to the concentration camps Hitler created for the Jews during the Holocaust.

Just stop it. Stop it right now. There is NO comparison. Your argument is invalid.

Good gods, no doubt. And I was idly toying with the thought of joining that group...

Valerius Constantine on page 239:

Blondin, it is obvious to me from your comments that you have a very definite idea of what is included when you say "adult". I'd like to request that you come up with a list of "Definites". things that you know, 100%, will be included. Then a list of things that are being considered.

Well, so far, we know he's got "Gor", "Gorean", and "sex" on the list...

Katheryne Helendale had a wake-up call on page 246:

This just made me realize where the scale may be. I am a relatively normal girl who enjoys pole-dancing for the visual entertainment of my audience; if they tip well, I reward them with more to see. I have never, nor ever will, get down and do the nasty with them. I have never worked as an escort before, and am not about to start now.

Yet despite this, I am being placed in the same category with people who decapitate people and pleasure themselves in the newly-created openings, or roast naked women on a spit over a roaring flame.

On a scale of 0 to 100, with the puritans at zero and the decapitating necrophiliacs and vorarephiliacs at 100, I don't think I rate much higher than 20 on the kink-meter. This means, to me, that the bar is being placed awfully low, where the upper 80th percentile of kinkiness is getting banished to Pornadelphia."

Pretty much. I don't know if this should bother everyone else, it bothers me.

* Vore/Dolcett/Rape fantasy/Torture fantasy: Adult
* Stripping: Also Adult??

When does it come down to cuddling together fully clothed being a bad thing?!?

Nany Kayo on page 250:

Well, the point most are trying to make here is that SL was created as a sex tool, is a sex tool, and sex is what most people do here most of the time.

It's not in private either. That is the problem. It is advertised, and everybody sees it whether they want to or not.

SL was not created as a "sex tool"; SL is not just a "sex tool"; and people here do many, many things beyond just sex. Most of the sex is in private, or at least within structures, it is not advertised as often as are skins, hair, eyes, clothing, homes, food, drinks, and indoor/outdoor furnishings and plants...and the only people seeing it "everywhere" are the people who are LOOKING FOR IT EVERYWHERE.

Therefore, I am forced to conclude: Nany Kayo has sex on the brain. CONSTANTLY.

Minx Eisenhart flips out a bit on page 256:

Like i said No where in the Books of Gor does it Mention Native Americans or for that matter Red Savages!!!

Um, actually, Minx, that's very wrong. John Norman wrote about the Red Savages in two books, Savages of Gor and Blood Brothers of Gor.


Now, it's possible--it's even been suggested--that Norman based these two books, and all further (brief) mentions of the Red Savages on the Sioux tribes of native peoples. But it's equally as possible, reading through Burroughs--with the paperbacks' lurid art, some of it by Frank Frazetta (seen above)--influenced his entire layout of Gor, and made him turn to the people-from-all-nations approach.

Beyond that, though, I'd love to know the specific maker of the supposed "bed with the native american flag" that seemed to drive her right off the rails.

Patasha Marikh from page 259:

How does sex silence other kinds of expression?

Excellent question. Somewhat akin to how does gay marriage damage heterosexual/"traditional" marriage in all ways (first, it makes seemingly normal people all crazy, and second, logically, it doesn't).

Sex? Same thing. People get deranged where sex is concerned.

LoreleiLynn Easterwood from page 260:

I would like to know what in the world LL is thinking.

You're convinced they are?

Katheryne Helendale from page:

In a perfect SL, the ratings should give the user some indication of what to expect when teleporting to a given location. That it doesn't today is due to two factors: One being the intermixing of PG and M parcels in mainland that has gone unchecked for far too long; and the other is lack of enforcement on LL's part. Instituting NEW policies that require even MORE non-existent enforcement isn't the answer. Tightening up enforcement of EXISTING policies and cleaning up the mess caused by the lack of enforcement to date are the best solutions.


Ryanna Enfield on page 267:

I want the Employee or Employees leading this charge within the Labs to step forward and start communicating and answering our questions. I want them reading these forums and acknowledging their Customers, the SL Community. Transparency goes a very long way.

Hmm. I don't believe the Labs ever promised transparency.

Ceera Murakami on page 268:

Blondin has also repeatedly stated that ANY "Sexually themed" area is to be tagged as "Adult". There are many such areas that are part of people's residential parcels. If those are also included, it doesn't leave many of the parcels in Mature sims on the mainland untouched.

Blondin's continued blindness to these contradictions makes it abundantly clear that they are either unwilling or incapable in regards to actually seeking any sort of acceptable agreement or compromise on this course of action.

You can't discuss a plan if you are unwilling from step one to ever say the words "We were wrong on that point".

Have the Lindens ever come forward and actually stated that? "Okay, we were wrong, sorry?" Ever?

Ranma Tardis on page 273:

What will happen if the demand for "mature" land goes away? Will people get stuck with land that is unusable? How will Linden Labs "help" move "adult" business? Their possibly large investments will not be worth what they use to be and be unusable to them.

...wait. on my side?

I might need to go lay down. The world just tilted.

Pixels Sideways from the same page:

One thing I have never understood with conservative America and conservative politics and people who embrace conservative ideals is why they are so obsessed over censoring anything to do with sex but have no problems whatsoever with violence? There is something inherently disturbing about this dichotomy.

It's a valid point.

And from Ceera Murakami at the bottom of page page 275, as far as I'm getting tonight:

seriously wonder whose performance review, bonus entitlement, or venture capital funding source is on the line if LL doesn't implement some specified changes in how adult content is accessed in SL by a certain date.

Has Mitch Kapor or one of the other big funders of SL's venture capital stated that if certain things are not "cleaned up" by a certain date, no more money from him?

Have Blondin and some of the others who are pushing this blindly forward been told that if they don't achieve certain impossible goals by a certain date they will get a bad performance review and possibly be terminated?

Good questions all. Love to have answers for them...

After this, another few entries on not this subject. Then I may or may not go into the--miracle of miracles, still unlocked new thread.

We'll see.


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