Thursday, May 7, 2009

we're only to Ohio, it's kinda getting harder to breathe

Wardenclyffe may fall!

Rumors of Second Life's failure, so says one resident, are just lousy journalism. And okay, fine, I agree with his points--but what about those of us who are on the ground, who do reside in Second Life, and still see warning signs of possible collapse? I don't think we're as easy to dismiss as people who never play at all.

What's missing in RL that keeps us logging into SL? It's a good question.

Edward has another very good question: you can use iTunes to make nuclear weapons? A friend answered--I hope only half-seriously--"Maybe it's the software?"

To which my return question can use Apple software to make nuclear weapons??

Now, then. Normally I avoid, with a fierce and holy vengeance, stores with bad names.

The lost neko palace of Katt Krap started chipping away at my defenses. Now, I am dealing with the store known as Rotten Toe.


What a name. Rotten Toe. It's bizarre, it's unpleasant. But she makes things like this....

Do click for the larger picture that shows all the options available with this outfit. Let me tell you one more thing, that might convince you to go: in addition to the prim skirts, the full outfit, the wired petticoat, the skin and the shape....she wants only L$400 for the outfit.

The whole thing.

Here's where it gets odd, though: she seems mixed between the quirky "dark cabaret" gear, and pop culture gear:


like the Tamagotchi necklace.

But on occasion she ventures into the deeply disturbing:


This is...exactly what it looks like, apparently--a steel-frame apparatus for carving lines in your arm. I can't imagine why anyone would want such a thing--and I'll be quite honest here, I have quite the collection of 'wounded' layers from around and about.

And her "pigface" avatar...I can't imagine anyone wanting one, but it's up on the wall.


But drop by. Risk a visit. What's not disturbing is actually on the neat side.


Anonymous said...

That Victorian decay outfit/skin is beautiful - I ahd to go get it. Thanks :)

Emilly Orr said...

You're welcome. I'm definitely going to be popping back to the store now and again, seeing if she does anything else in that line.