Sunday, May 31, 2009

went back to the boulevard, canceled all her credit cards, my ballerina from Marseille

Remember--the Clarendon listening station mentioned here will be open for any who want to listen and chat at the same time; there might be some dances planned, and I'll be updating that table as I get information!

But back on more sordid topics, like how Linden Labs managed to break a ton of sex beds right before Ursula opens.

What happened with Stroker Serpentine and his sex-bed scripts actually happened back on Aprille 14th, but things managed to stay quiet until May 29th. Then the Alphaville Herald ran the first story, telling of how much work Stroker's been doing to repair his beds, and the discovery of what really happened.

Y'know, at best, I flirt with conspiracy theories, but considering the solid opaque walls of black ice we get when the Lindens tell us they're trying to achieve transparency...considering how difficult it is to find anything out about who's actually in charge of the Ursula move, and who can give us solid, unwavering answers on what's going to actually be banned in the camping/bot controversy...Hells, considering how many Lindens have been fired or outright quit of late...'s really not that far a stretch to contemplate that someone has an agenda in all this. Think it through--it was apparently the work of one (as yet unidentified) Linden who deleted the data loading script and banned re-entry of that script into the database by Stroker Serpentine's asset IP. This is confirmed in the May 31st story in the Herald.

Basically, what that one script does is stores the positions, original and saved, of all the poseballs used in the bed itself. So the poseballs are still there, they just can't be adjusted, moved about, and in some cases used. This is huge. This is staggeringly huge.

So it's still an ongoing problem; all of my SexGen equipment, I'm told, will be fine because it's in an unrezzed state in my inventory; only if the beds (or other furnishings) were rezzed out, would there be problems.

How'ver, while I don't own it, I do have equipment I still have access to, rezzed out, in a skybox from my working days. I guess it's a good thing I'm no longer depending on access to that equipment, though I'm told by the people who do own my ToyBox that the bed there has been fixed. And none of the other equipment comes from SexGen.

It's extremely bizarre though, and as I said, it's very difficult for me to believe this was just a goof on someone's part, accessing the asset database. Considering this happened after hours, this seems more than just a glitch. This seems a deliberate attack.

Stroker at first wanted this kept quiet, but considering the tens of thousands of products out there affected, at this point, he just wants everything fixed. I'd point you directly to this post at the SLUniverse forums, and remind you all--he could have taken the easy way out, just popped a repair kit on XStreet and walked away from everything.

He hasn't. He has tried to do honorably by his entire customer base. He wants them happy, sure, so they'll keep buying his stuph--but more than that, he wants to make sure that every piece of equipment out there with his name on it works.

This is not the act of a coward. This is the act of a committed man. Pity we can't say the same about whomever it was in the Linden offices, who originally blacklisted that script.

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