Sunday, May 3, 2009

a suspended ring or the mode of laughing, pebbles drawn from a heap

Welcome to the Carnivale Amusement Park. This is a really fun place.


We went there primarily to ride the Alice in Wonderland ride. Give yourselves lots of times for things to rez in--almost everything near the Alice ride is a sculpted or scripted object. You know the rules--wear a low-lag outfit, if you can, detach your gadgets, wait for everything to rez in, then summon a gondola. Set world to midnight and get into mouselook, and sit back and enjoy.


Kanic Huldschinsky did most of the sculpts (at least, inside the ride), and Roxxy Rhode narrated a vocal track for the ride of the Jabberwocky poem, and her whiskey-rough intonation oddly adds to the whole experience.


This is yet again one of those marvelous rides that perfectly preserves the feeling of chain-drawn track rides, complete with the slow jerking turns along the track, and the occasional sensation of "We're not gonna make it, we're gonna FALLL--"


There are a lot of wonderful touches about this ride--about the whole park, actually. A lot of thought, a lot of love for the traveling carnival, for amusement park rides, went into everything in Venusian. But most importantly, the people behind the Alice ride really know the books, and the movies, and love them all.


A really intriguing aspect of everything? The Alice ride to start with, but everything in Carnivale? He rents the rides out. For L$20,000 you can have any ride in the park, it won't expire--put it up, take it down, put it up somewhere else. For L$3,500 you can have the Alice ride for a week--put it up, seven days later it deletes. You can rent the rides.

Imagine the possibilities for fundraisers--for parties with a lot of guests--for themed events. You'd have to make sure you had a lot of prims available on your land, but even so--it's a great idea.


Currently? All the rides are half off through his rezday. So if you're interested, go and take a spin through Alice's world--wander the rest of the park--and, if you want to take something home, you can.

How cool is that?


Anonymous said...

That's brilliant! Thanks, I am going to check it out as soon as I get home - ta :)

Emilly Orr said...

I'm tempted to go back--at the least, there are people I love who haven't been! They need to see it.