Saturday, May 16, 2009

who shot that arrow in your throat? who missed the crimson apple?

I see you.
I see you standing in the shadows, retreating.
I guard where I'm able
watch where I can
and I will follow you.
Real world laws and how they apply to virtual worlds.
I see you.
I see the new wounds and the old.
I watch you bleeding
I wait for healing
and I hope it starts before you fall.
Steam powered...vibrator? Apparently so! Now, if she can just figure out the heat-loss ratio...
I see you.
I see you because I choose to walk beside you
You have my heart, my love, my
ability to endure and keep moving
even if you stagger, even if I fall.
I can't say I approve of the outfit, nor entirely understand everything that's going on, but Standby is a very compelling machinima.
I see you.
I see you because I stand here, too.
A word away, a phrase, a note, a gesture
And I will answer whenever I can.
and I will follow you.
A huge art installation entitled Storm Eye literally brings inclement weather--in the form of one thousand animated prims--to Second Life.

These are true things. I will follow, I can't not. I do not give up unless all hope is taken from me, or those mystical words of parting are uttered. I am not convenient to love; I am not easy to love. I am fractious and opinionated. I forget, I get distracted, my attention wanders. I forget to tell those I love best and dearest how much they mean to me, as often as I should. But I am here. I endure. You will too.

I am here. I have hope. You will too.

I am here. And I move towards a future. You will too.

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