Thursday, May 28, 2009

are you still too weak to survive your mistakes?

One name to rule them all...This seems an oddly intriguing concept.

Not so much Second Life-centered, but this is fantasy fodder for every fanboy alive. (And some fangirls.)

The House of Ruin is having a hunt:


Think it sounds simple? Think again--you're searching for shells in an undersea sim.

Yes, now you're getting it. (If it still hasn't sunk in, let me tell you I only found nine of the sixteen sets set out.)

But if you love eyes, run, don't walk, swim if you have to, but get there! It only lasts until 30 May!

Besides's just a beautiful little place to walk about. At least briefly...


At the least, go, look at the sim, check out the eyes. At best, go nab some free ones!


Anonymous said...

Re: My Handle

I went through a couple of other redirection services, back in the day... the flaw in the model is that it works only as long as the service in question exists.

My First Life avatar ended up solving the problem by getting a domain name and directing e-mail to the service du jour. That requires an annual fee, but it's otherwise better all around.

For my Second Life account, I figure Gmail is good enough... it's easily accessable, it can be redirected to any other service, and it's far less likely to collapse than, say, SL.

Emilly Orr said...

It's very true. The brief fad of 'free' external data storage--sign up for X website, get X mbs or gigs of storage--only lasted until the data storage people went under.

Then a lot of us, who didn't have effective backups for that, lost a great deal indeed.