Sunday, May 10, 2009

and anyway I've got no place to go

This terrifies me. Just literally, makes my soul quail in abject writhing terror. I'm not kidding.

I used to dance with Summer Seale, I never thought she was capable of such skin-crawling dread-inducing madness in prim form.

First night in Second Life? Man, I just wandered around and walked places, and worried about the duck walk. This guy invades skyscrapers and walks through walls.

Speaking of Dr. Who--sorta--this is a brief glimpse of some twisted alternate-reality paradise. Where there are lots of sharp things skittering in the bushes.

Who play drums.

On synthesizers.

If you're a fan of the show's music, go listen. Everything you'll hear there is downloadable.

Credit goes to Edward, who can't remember where he found it, and thought it was me. But since it's not, then someone else has to take the credit for telling him.

DeepThink moves on. I could make some comment here about "rats" and "sinking ship", but it might be considered tacky.

And I have to find time to go see this exhibit.

So, where are we on the state of things? Lady Pearse, Christine McAllister, is leaving Steelhead. I should ask why. Things in Babbage are still haywire--I think Miss Burton's trial just tied up, no idea what the verdict was, whether for or against Dr. Obolensky.

Caledon now has no non-Mature sims, a direct result of the idiocy of the Labs in not only forming Ursula in the first place, but changing the definitions of words they already had in place.

And I still haven't finished the dress for Kira-Kira, and there's only a month and a half left of SLRFL in the first place, and in the second...well, is there a rock under the rock I'm currently hiding under? Because that'd be good, yeah.

My only excuse is that I kept finishing a design, and then pushing it aside as possible offensive/triggering/tacky, or just plain thinking it wasn't good enough, flat out.

Here's the thing. I'm not the greatest clothing designer. I do okay, but most of the things I design I end up wearing, and the more I learn, the closer I come to throwing out the old designs anyway. I'm proud of a few things--I want to redesign the alphabet block texture set, but I like the way it came out. I'm very proud of the bloodcell dress and the house slippers. (I'm insanely proud of the house slippers, I do admit.)

Everything else? I think it's mad hubris I'm offering it for sale in the first place.

The other large problem is my design sense. I do have one, it's just...deeply odd. I make clockwork puns, for--! I mean, really! My one claim to fame, barring just being my own strange surreal self, is making clockwork citrus. And when I got into clothing design? I made dresses out of rust textures. I got involved with major splatter. I'm still happier if the frock has major damage, or blood splashed liberally, or sun-burnt patches...I'm working on a set of patchwork strips for a skirt, and I may never sell it, because it's just too odd.

And, not the least of everything, is...while I adore the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and have adored wearing medieval clear down to flapper-era attire...I don't design Victorian well. There are those that do--Hatpins to Silver Rose, M'Lady Designs to Silent Sparrow--but I've always felt subversive, at best, and flagrantly in violation, at worst, even showing my designs in Caledon. And you're far more likely to catch me in Bare Rose or Pixeldolls, depending.

But. I have a new source for textures, those I don't make on my own, and she does incredible, incredible work. (Visit Twisted Thorn Textures if you want to see what she does up close--and the sim's just fun to wander in.) I'm learning more on what goes where and how it goes there and what it does once it's there, and this is no bad thing.

And I've done a lot of research, on shading, on shaping, on what dress silhouettes were, year to year. It may take a while to entirely filter through, from thought to frock, but it will.

And late or not, part of the RFL or not, I am putting this dress out, if I have to put it out gratis--because I wasn't making it for personal gain, anyway.

This will be the last Kartiny release. Come June or July, I'm reinventing. I want to take a stab at actually developing a business logo, a business plan, and just about everything is going to be taken down. I'll see what's left, and see if I want to be a dabbler in textures, or a dabbler in prims, or...turn the entire store over to Fawkes and move on.

I'll know, in time. I'm watching the section of me that's watching me decide. I've nearly decided on a new business name, after all.


Sphynx Soleil said...

I just did a 5 prim coffin this morning. It is currently mechanically complete, just needs to be textured. But it *works*. :)

The old adage - do what you love - really seems appropriate here, for creative efforts.

(Ping me next time we're both inworld and I'll show ya. :) )

Darien Mason said...

In the Steelhead case, the judge was ready to rule against Miss Burton until Dr. Obolnsky threw a smoke bomb and vanished in classic villain fashion, letting Miss Burton win by default.

I'm most upset that even though my my brain was perfectly able to testify from my mason jar (we were having complications rebuilding my body) the court was willing to let a brainless body testify, but not my disembodied brain!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Reading the transcript of the trial, it certainly seemed as though firing on all cylinders was no prerequisite for participation!

Emilly Orr said...

Sphynx: Yes, that's a must-see. Also: very cool!

Dr. Mason: See, this is what happens when your yen for mad science oversteps the law. Now there's legal judgement against him, and it's going to be work, work, work, and sending his minions out on dire urgent missions, where they will be stopped, interrogated, and/or subverted, and then what will he have?

No minions, and having to do more work on his own, that's what! You'd think he'd have learned by now.

Emilly Orr said...

Miss Jameson: Wau. Silly me for thinking it would be a cut-and-dried case. I forgot most law-abiding citizens don't believe in magic (or reanimation), which would include judges...

Christine McAllister Pearse said...

My dear Em,

I am only leaving Steelhead because my typist cannot justify the expense of the Rosehaven plots when she hasn't the time free to allow me to be in world anymore. While it breaks my heart to leave Rosehaven (and has caused my typist a great deal of anguish as well) it must be done. The bakery will remain though.

It's very odd not to call Steelhead home, or have a "home" proper in Steelhead, after all, I have lived there with a permanent residence since December 23, 2006. Rosehaven in it's current state is perfect in my eyes and my typist has taken great joy in turning it from a stock pre-fab house from Poppet McGimsie to what it is today. In fact, that house has been a part of me since my early days in SL. One of my swains nearly caught me with the promise of that house, but in the end I bought it myself.

Steelhead has been such a huge part of my SL. It has come such a long way since those early days. I have made many good friends there, shared sorrows, joys and have moaned over some persons dropping builds of dubious quality and texturing (Plywood, if you can imagine, the day before our Harvest Festival tea! Tsk!) I will be around, but in a greatly reduced role.

So, long story short, there's no drama, nothing remarkable about my leaving except my typist now being overly occupied with her own life to allow me to be in world. I do miss my friends in world very much and I do think of them often, but sadly, until the day comes where cloning is a practical operation in the Real World, my typist simply cannot spare the time to let me be here.

Emilly Orr said...

You got losted in reply notices!

And I didn't mean to imply great drama was accompanying your departure; that was more a note for me than anything, that I really should ask.

(On occasion, I do use the wee blog as a place to store things I need to remember to do. Then I usually forget anyway.)

Here's to hoping all, or at least most, and if not most, some of your occupation beyond the screen is good, is strengthening, and refreshes your soul. Steelhead will miss Rosehaven more than it knows, I think, but you also will be missed.

Good luck on anything that might need it.