Sunday, May 17, 2009

have mercy on my soul, I will never let you know

(A thousand pardons--the link to Miss Ashia Tomsen's store has now been connected and will, in fact, take you to PopFuzz...instead of my skybox.

(*coughs* We move on.)

This has little do to with most of what is usually posted on my blog, but--I should stress this, intonation is important. Why?

Because the word in that "Kidz Bop" cover song is "looking".

Let me say that again, because it sounds vaguely important, and because it does not sound like that on first--or even fifteenth--hearing: the word in question is (or is supposed to be) LOOKING.

Intonation is important.

This afternoon--still fighting with the dress, SL refused to save anything I designed yesterday--I heard about a skin sale going on at Ashia. Or, more importantly, a skin line loss.

Apparently, Ashia Tomsen discovered that someone had stolen her skin textures and released them for profit on their own. Because it was a clear case of Copybottage--namely, lifting the skin texture, downloading to computer, and re-uploading with a new makers' name--the Lindens are doing nothing. To be fair, without a point-by-point comparison and a DMCA filed, they really can't--while I'm fairly sure these aren't Eloh Eliot skin templates to start with, it's possible and even probable that skins will look alike; I mean really, truly, there's only so many variants for "Caucasion with green eyeshadow and pink blush" that won't look alike.

So she is retaliating. Steal my skins? she asks. Fine. I'm selling them all for a Linden each. There will be so many of my skins wandering around you won't be ABLE to make a profit!

It's not the worst reaction.

She doesn't quite seem to get the point of "Goth":


in that most, if not all, 'gothic' types have about as much understanding of 'lifelike cheek tint' as...well, aardvarks, or something. The gothic culture as a whole? Really not big on 'lifelike' coloration in the least.

She doesn't quite grasp that Drow have white hair, either. Her's her grey Drow:


and here's her blue version:


both with black eyebrows. Distinctive? Yes. Baffling? Also yes.

And she's far too fond of freckles for my taste:


FAAAAR too fond of freckles.

But beyond that, she's done a fairly good job for a new skinmaker. Pity she was hacked. I will say this is excellent retaliation, and motivation for a whole new skin line.

Might I ask, Miss Tomsen: the next time you make Drow skins? Give them white eyebrows? The Drow community will ardently thank you.


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Does she do male skins?

Emilly Orr said...

You know, I should have mentioned that? She doesn't seem to.

Still, she will likely be developing an entirely new line from this--you could always drop an IM and ask.