Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the past is gone but something might be found to take its place

Just a couple of things for now, I'm needed in world for a discussion group.

First, this. If you never take the time to read over and vote for any other JIRA issue, please look over this one.

If you do nothing else but scan through the responses, then look at the names of people responding, wanting this to be fixed. These are major builders on the grid, some of them people working with the very clients the Labs are apparently wishing to placate with the current move of adult content providers to Ursula--and this needs to be changed.

Why? Why does it matter to most of us, who do our best to build lightly, to utilize all resources to lower our prim counts, because we do not have the space or the allowances to go over one thousand prims? I mean, think about it--one thousand prims. That's huge, isn't it? Who needs that many prims?

Well, I'll tell you. Much of Caledon has higher-than-limited builds. Many college campuses on the grid have higher-than-limited builds. Professional sims, design/technical sims, people making accurate (if non-driveable) replicas of existing submarines, ironclad vessels, tall ships, spaceships--all of these can easily go over the imposed limit. Anyone who has to now contemplate moving everything they have on the mainland--much of which is landscaping, architecture, and furniture, having little to do with purely adult content--they can now not take higher-than-limited builds back into their inventories, in order to move to Ursula.

This is salt on the wound. This is acid on the burn. This is ridiculous, and Miss Murakami makes the most compelling point in the entire conversation--that she is telling her upcoming major university clients not to proceed with their plans to establish campus space and working structures in Second Life, because she cannot now guarantee that she will have a working backup of their commissioned build--commissions, I might add, which are paid to her in actual currency values, not Lindens--in case anything goes wrong.

So, let's see, quick ballpark of figures:

A full island gives one working space of 65,536 square meters. For just about everyone, that costs US$1000.00 to establish that region, with a monthly tier fee of US$295.00. So for the first year of holding that sim, it costs just under five thousand dollars--US$4835.00 to be exact. (To maintain that sim, of course, it will cost US$3835.00 each and every year of operation.)

Under corporate/educational sims, for the first year of holding the sim under those reduced fees, it will cost US$700.00 to establish the region, and a monthly tier fee of US$147.50--for a first-year total of US$2770.00. (And maintenance for that level of sim would cost US$1770.00 each and every year thereafter.)

Is it sinking in for anyone how much money that is? That the Labs--with this newly established, idiotic policy--is pretty much guaranteeing they'll lose?

Why in the hell are they playing these games? Everyone must move but oh no wait you can't pick up your builds but we're doing this for the educators but oh no wait they don't want to play now.

This is Linden Labs shooting themselves in the foot, then shooting themselves in the foot again to check out how much damage there was from the first shot! Why? WHY was this considered to be a needed change??

A much-needed bunny break:


Teh cuteness! I am dying of teh cuteness!

They also have tinier bunnies--ones that will perch on a finger! It's so very very twee.

Scribble is one of those interesting stores: she has a simple line of attractive modern clothing, but where she is starting to really shine is in the realm of sculpts and scripting. Her bunnies, her small dolls, her sculpted jackets, her scripted bubble-blowing pipes--they're all charming and precious things. She deserves more support than she gets, honestly, but she's slowly building up a quirky little fan base.

Lastly, a quote, before I go off to the nine billion other things I must do:

"Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. Water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend."

Bruce Lee said that, and it's as true now as when he said it. Have a marvelous day, and don't forget to vote on that JIRA!

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