Wednesday, September 30, 2015

my bones will bleach, my flesh will flee

"The Haunted, the ad said, and since I hadn't started in on traipsing through haunts this year, yet, at all, I thought I'd see how it went.

It's honestly not bad. There are some jump scares, there are some active zombies--so be careful at least around the haunted house--but the highlight for me was the train ride. It's well done, very scenic, lays out the entire sim build for a viewer in five minutes.

Highly recommended for fans of trains in general, though I would mention the main train car is a wee bit on the cramped side--I doubt more than four avatars can sit in it at once!

There are four main areas, which include a haunted house, a bloody beach with lighthouse, a swamp, and a dead carnival. I'm definitely going back to explore at least the haunted house, though the lighthouse was quite fun, as well. Overall I'd say, especially if you'd rather see the spooks than interact with them, you can't miss with at least a ride on the wee train.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

alarms will ring for eternity

I thought I'd seen pouty avatars before, but I had no clue:

Same model, different outfit:

If you want either of these (you'd be buying the attire featured, not the girl) or anything else (she has some interesting ripped clothing and tattoo layers on offer), you can find them at Renewed for ten Linden apiece. I believe there are also similarly-priced tattoos in the same location (and at least one utter freebie that will paint faded black stars over most of your body, so yay for that too).

I just don't get why "depressed and unhappy" is still the hot new look. Are that many women in RL pouty, contemptuous and spoiled? Do I just not get out that much?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

before I found you, there was no one to destroy

Picking up from part the first:
[17:04] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im part german myself too! xD
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NOT WOODEN HAIR
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: CHECK OUT
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2]
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: JUST TYPING TO HELP NEW PEOPLE :)
How is this helping? Who is this helping??
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: 50L HAIR
[17:04] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have her booted, banned, and blocked. :)
Basically, by here, any store, group or sim Ms. [G] had access to? Had banned Ms. [Wxxxxx].
[17:04] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: just mute her everyone
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #3]
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SOFT
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #3]
[17:04] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Just a sad internet troll. Nothing to get excited about... -.-
[17:04] cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[17:04] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm German/Irish :D
[17:04] Woozie Gumshoe: IS LOVELY
[17:04] gxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what the hell is wooden hair?
Unless it's actually textured to be wood? I really have no idea. Hair that doesn't move at all?? You know, like most mesh hair???
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NOT WOODEN HAIR
[17:04] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Deutschland über alles! xD
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: I DONT
[17:04] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: uh yeah im gonna snooze this group til she is gone
I think that a lot, actually.
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SOFT HAIR
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: THE HAIR IS LIKE WOOD
[17:04] Cxxxxxxx Fxxx: yea mutey click click
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NOT GOOD
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NO WOODEN HAIR
[17:05] Exxx Exxxxxxxxx: I blocked her...woah that was odd.
[17:05] Kxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: u okay [Wxxx]?
Just as an outside observer, I'd say no, Ms. [Wxxxxx] is very, very far from okay.
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #3]
[17:05] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can't mute in a text viewer.. damn
That's a problem I hadn't even thought of. Eep.
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: CHECK OUT [competing hair brand #2]
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2]
[17:05] cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i reported
Six minutes into all of this--at least from this segment of chat capture--at least one person had reported Ms. [Wxxxxx] to the Lindens for harassment. That ups the game.
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LIKE WOODEN HAIR
[17:05] Lxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: Closing and reopening the window as well as blocking.
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: PRETYT HAIR
[17:05] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: have a good one ladies and gents(if there are any in attendance)
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AT [competing hair brand #4]
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #4]
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #4]
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #4, only misspelled this time]
[17:05] gxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you too
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: TRUTH AHIR 50L
[17:05] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Just mute her. I can't close the group unfortunately. All I can do is eject and ban, which is done... she just needs to log off now. or close the chat box.
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOL
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: PRETTY
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: HAIR
[17:05] Exxx Exxxxxxxxx: I didn't know there was such a thing as Wooden hair...
I didn't either. Though now I'm wondering if I still have some hair sections to texture in a wood pattern...
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: VERY PRETTY HAIR
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SALE SALE SALE
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AT [competing hair brand #4]
[17:06] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: turn off ims?
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: !L
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #3]
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOVLEY SOFT HAIR
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NOT WOODEN
[17:06] Vxxxxx Mxxxxx: i just blocked her. all better now :-)
[17:06] Vxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i blocked her...she got boring. lol
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: BYE BYE SUCKERS
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOL
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #3]
[17:06] Hxxxxx Kxxxxxxx: STOP
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: I WIN AGAIN!
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #4]
Again, how is this winning? What is she trying to win?
[17:06] Cxxxxxxx Fxxx: I kind of want wooden hair now. HMM.
[17:06] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I got the [name of hair] and the [name of other hair] from the lucky boards today. So pretty. I love all the different color choices. Very lovely.
[17:06] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I want wood LOL
[17:06] rxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thank god for the mute button pfff
[17:07] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hehe
[17:07] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hey now I want a wooden hair! lol
[17:07] Axxxxx Fxxxxxxxx: I can't wait for the Saturday sale... LOVE that shirt
[17:07] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Please ignore this person she is about to be banned from [store]
Already happened.
[17:07] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
vielleicht, wenn wir auf Deutsch geben Sie gehen weg! XD
[17:07] rxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and get splinters in your scalp lol
To be fair, that doesn't sound good.
[17:07] Txxxxx Dxxxxxxxx: gee wooden hair does sound comfortable
[17:07] Cxxxxxxx Fxxx: It might be kind of cool to have wood-grain textured hair tho
[17:07] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: already done [Zxx]
[17:07] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well from chat anyway
[17:08] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ty
[17:08] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if she really thought the hair here was wooden she would not be so pissed about being banned.
[17:08] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: she just needs to KINDLY close her chat window
"Would you kindly...?"

But that's a good point. Why rage like this over being banned, if you don't really, really want to remain in the group? For that matter, what happened earlier in the day that got her kicked out of the store in the first place?
[17:08] Lxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: It sounds like a good theme hair for we love rp for photos or some sort of lifestyle thing in SL.
[17:08] Axxxxxxxx Axxx: Iam just shocked this is odd i know that person was always moderator at [a skin store] and never before had such strange behavor
And it's still getting weird. Couple days after this happened, I saw her pop up in another group I'm in, and she seemed chipper and friendly. Few days after that--yeah, I'm posting this late--she popped up in the Twisted hunt group, where she's a member, so...what gives? Was she just off her meds this day? Or what?
[17:08] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: dutch theme maybe?
[17:08] Lxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: I just muted and reopened my chat.
[17:09] Lxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: Wow, moderator for skin, so sad to go crazy in SL.
[17:09] pxx Dxxxxxxxxx: Wood grain could be quite interesting for tree spirit as well... quite fitting really.
[17:09] Sxxxxxx Rxxxx: maybe the account got hacked?
[17:10] Axxxxx Oxxxxx: has to be that account is 10 years old who acts like that when they have been on sl that long
My point. Save for (based on the conversation below), her account wasn't hacked. So...what happened?
[17:10] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what the
[17:10] Axxxxxxxx Axxx: I am in [the skin store group] this person is still moderator aometing must be going on i assume very very odd
Which brings us back to, in other groups Ms. [Wxxxxx] is a responsible person...supposedly. She's a moderator in at least one other group. So we assume this also means rational, level-headed, able to calm tensions down, able to resolve issues.

But nothing was resolved here. In point of fact, whatever happened earlier in the day led to her becoming extremely abusive, flagrantly violating rules, but more than that, doing everything possible to ensure that she not only would be kicked out of the store group, but banned from the store. (And, as we found out earlier, banned from every single land group, sim, and property that the mod in chat at this time had access to.)

So...why? Why go to such lengths? What was she trying to accomplish?
[17:11] kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes seen her post a lot in other groups and she was always pleasant, very strange for [Wxxxxx]
[17:11] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: maybe she's on crack
[17:11] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thing is I like all the places she listed and I bet they would hate for her to be promoting their store here.
Which is another reason I'm not listing the store names mentioned. I'm in the store group for another store that was so aggressively name-dropped, so I know they make good hair, but so does the store that's attached to this store group. It's just baffling.
[17:11] Bxxxxx Lxxx: I think [this hair group] needs to have a group fee now. That is all.
[17:11] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm thinking she had a mental break down... sad really.. she was annoying before but ...
Annoying before?

How annoying?
[17:11] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes but she said she was banned on accident or being pissed about being banned brought out the real her
Okay, that's interesting. How does one get banned "on accident"? Maybe it's just me, but I've never been banned from any store or sim without cause. Sometimes those causes are due to misunderstandings--one in particular I remember happened because a store owner, friends with a friend of mine, heard the fallout of an argument her friend and I had, and decided she was protecting her friend by banning me. (That ban, by the way, was reversed.)

But every other ban I've incurred has been because of...well, this blog. I'm mouthy, I acknowledge that. I am not always tactful. I have blunt and occasionally unfavorable opinions. These traits tend to irk people.

Banning is personal. Blocking is momentary, muting can be, but a store or land ban? That takes thought. So...what happened? What made her so completely fall off the edge of her emotional cliff like this?
[17:11] Axxxxxxxx Axxx: oh dear
[17:12] Txxxxx Dxxxxxxxx: By all accounts if this is completely out of character for this person she probably has been sad
[17:12] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow
[17:12] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no she was ejected for pretty much the same thing earlier today she is now banned
Which sounds to me like, this basically repeated the earlier incident. Instead of standing in the hair store, screaming epithets, she chose to do it in the store group.

Still no idea why, though.

[17:13] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Definitely NOT out of character for her... sadly
So Ms. [Wxxxxx] has always been this rude and aggressive? What a tragedy. How did she become a mod in any group, then?
[17:13] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: people who hack accounts usually steal all the money they can and abandon the account or use it as a bot.
[17:14] Txxxxx Dxxxxxxxx: hmmm well that is maybe even sadder :( Hope the girl gets help
I do, too. This sort of behavior goes beyond mere rudeness into the surreal, and may indicate a need for at least a lie-down with a cold compress, or actual medication.

All I know is, I'm certainly not going to ask her about it. I don't need that level of grief.

Friday, September 25, 2015

your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away

There is a glitch currently in most third-party viewers, and possibly in the main line of viewers as well: the inability to leave a group if it contains more than five thousand members. (Concurrent to this, I've learned, there's a glitch for group owners and moderators where, if there's more than five thousand members in their group, they can't load the member list to evict or add new members.)

I have no clue what causes this, and to date, the only "solutions" for it are either to relog and try to leave the group again, or to go to a fairly low-lag sim and repeatedly attempt to leave the group, until it finally says you're not in the group any more, then...wait for around ten minutes. Both "solutions" are a hassle.

While I do my best to anonymize the chat captured below, I am going to mention that it's a hair group, because it becomes relevant. I had been wandering the wilds of Neverwinter, before logging in to wander the grid, so came into this partially after the main outburst.
[16:59] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: If you leave a group and it says you havent you just need to relog
[16:59] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: no
[16:59] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: it will not work
[16:59] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I ejected you...
So saith the mod.
[16:59] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: i want to join [competitor's hair group]
[16:59] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: love her hair!
So why can't she? Sure, that hair group is a pay hair group, but it's more than worth it for the group gifts alone.
[16:59] Vxxxxx Mxxxxx: you need to update your viewer if you cant leave groups
[16:59] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: drools!
I'm fairly sure she didn't actually log off the grid, though, because of the following conversation.
[17:00] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ok you've been ejected. Please don't praise other hair brands in here. Thank you!
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: BUT DO CHECK OUT [competitor's hair group]
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: HER HAIR IS TO DIE FOR
[17:00] Jxxxxxx Lxxxx: oi
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [another competitor's hair group]
[17:00] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: all she has to do is relog the group wil remove itself if she has already left
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: :)
[17:00] Jxxxxxx Lxxxx: not its not
[17:00] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: but to talk about another group here is being quite disrespectful
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: OH HER HAIR SI BEAUTIFUL
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SOFT HAIR
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: I AM NOT LONGER A PART OF IT
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SO DOES NOT MATTER
So, because you've been kicked out of a group, you're not only going to burn the bridge behind you, but drop a pony nuke on your way out of town? Mature, Ms. [Wxxxxx].
[17:00] Vxxxxx Mxxxxx: sounds like the ban was deserved
[17:00] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow, so rude to promote other places hair in here.
[17:00] Jxxx Cxxxxxx: Troll
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [yet another competing hair group]
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NODS
You're agreeing that it's rude, Ms. [Wxxxxx]? An unexpected drop of self-awareness in you.
[17:01] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: as long as u are talkin here u are a part of it
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2]
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #3]
[17:01] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: relog so u go away
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: THE HAIR IS SOFT
[17:01] Jxxx Cxxxxxx: blocked....
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: ITS NOT LIKE WOOD
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NOT WOODY HAIR
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: :)
So...what, precisely, is "woody" hair? My mind immediately thinks of hair festooned with branches and twigs, but I'm fairly sure that's not what she means. Does she mean hair that doesn't move? But mesh hair does move, and if you're going to complain about mesh hair from this store, you really have to complain about mesh hair from any hair store that makes mesh hair.
[17:01] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: I am coming to understand why u were banned
I'm surprised it took anyone this long, frankly.
[17:01] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Wxxxxx] why you being a complete and utter idiot?
Excellent question. Why is she acting so ridiculous in this group? She never gives a comprehensible answer?
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2] AND [competing hair brand #3]
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SURE YOU ARE
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: GOTS TO DO YOUR DIRTY WORK FOR [group owner]
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOL
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2] HAIR IS SOFT
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NOT WOOD LIKE
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #3]
[17:02] Cxxxxxxx Fxxx: wtf
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SOFT FULL HAIR
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #3]
[17:02] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: Idk who [group owner] is but i applaud her for banning u
About this time, in addition to being ejected from this group, she was also banned from the hair store in question.
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2]
[17:02] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: She's been ejected and banned she just needs to relog and she will be gone. :)
[17:02] Jxxx Cxxxxxx: Love my BLOCK button...js
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: OR [competing hair brand #2]
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: CHECK THEM OUT
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2] HAS SOME HAIRS FOR 50L
[17:02] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: I just told her as much
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: VERY PRETTY SOFT HAIRW
"Hair". And understand, all I'm doing with this is anonymizing, I'm not editing. All the phrasing and the misspellings are entirely the result of Ms. [Wxxxxx]'s own errors.
[17:02] Jxxx Cxxxxxx: :)
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: THEY DO NOT LOOKLIKE WOOD
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: ITS VERY PRETTY
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: 50L HAIRS
[17:02] axxxxx Cxxxxxx): but she rather sit here and be a public nuisance
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AT [competing hair brand #2]
[17:02] Vxxxxx Mxxxxx: we all know these things. you just sound like an idiot now
Pretty much. No one in SL only knows one hair brand and needs this level of screaming, divisive hand-holding. This is so staggeringly, unrepentantly rude it makes my brain reel.
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOL
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: PRETTY HAIR AT [competing hair brand #3] AS WELL
[17:02] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: *shrugs*
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOVELY
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SOFT HAIRS
[17:03] gxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what on earth is happening over here?
Technically, Lindens. Lindens happened here, by breaking the group chat code. The mods couldn't load the group member list until halfway through this diatribe, but we learned also that once they managed to get the list loaded, and tossed her out of the group, as long as she didn't leave the conversation, she was still in the group, and able to communicate. That's an unexpected complication.

Let that sink in. I have been in active chats and left groups, and it always, always closes the group chat when I do. That is the expected behavior of leaving a group with an open chat. With this new bug, it doesn't. That is a very deep fracture of the chat code.
[17:03] Vxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ^^^ another prime example of why more women should swallow.
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: VERY SOFT
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOVELY HAIR
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2]
[17:03] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: Hi5 [Vx]
[17:03] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: stfu
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: FOR 50L
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #3]
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: CHECK OUT
[17:03] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why is it when i think of all caps i think of a stereotypical german lol
Not really sure? But hey, knock yourself out.
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SO OSFT
[17:03] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: She ob a griefer cos they all look like Noons, and she ob doesnt get hair thats in any of the places she recommends
Uh. What? Seriously, what are "Noons"? Does she mean "newbs", maybe?
[17:03] Cxxxxxxx Fxxx: lol whaaat
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: PRETTY HAIR
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOVELY HAIR
[17:03] gxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: XD @[Vx]
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #3]
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: COME CHECK IT OUT
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOL!
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:03] Cxxxxxxx Fxxx: SOFT BUNNY
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: 50L
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SOFT
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: DONT MISS THE [competing hair brand #2] SALES
[17:04] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: LOL [Kxxxx] I am German and I find that hilarious!
[17:04] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: can someone griefer her already and knock her offline
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOL
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: BY THE WAY
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: I AM NOT READING YOUR TEXT
So, you're doing all this, making several thousand users absolutely loathe you, irritating an entire store group, for...what, exactly? What possible amount of lollery excuses this level of tadpole-minded dementia?

Oh, and that sounded very much like you were responding to group members, so...were you also lying to us, Ms. [Wxxxxx]?
We'll hold off on the rest of it until tomorrow, I think. Pick it up then.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

looking out the picture window down on Sycamore

I...have no words for this one.

Normally, when something this strange crosses my radar, I have to know what it looks like, at least, but...nope. Not going.

If anyone wants to go, keep in mind it is an Adult sim, Send me pictures.

In the meantime, Lunar Seasonal Designs made a flying pumpkin candle with bat wings!

And you thought I was kidding.

The candle color and flame can be changed, the color of the smoke trail, and the color of the pumpkin itself. Only L$100, it's a steal!

Also this:

T'is the season! Or at least will be. I have no idea if this is for sale or just odd decor, though, and...I can't remember where I saw it. Argh.

But in cooler news:

This is a mesh tuxedo, with formal shoes, found at sf design. It runs L$600, which is definitely not inexpensive, but it comes in six sizes, so if you have a need for a feminine, classic tuxedo suit, and you find a size to fit, this may very well be worth your Lindens.

And yes--there is a demo.

At We Roleplay, there's this lovely thing:

It's called Constantine's Aegis, comes with a HUD to change to seven different textures, and costs--brace yourselves--L$450. Ouch. But it is very, very pretty, so if you need an asymmetrical dragon shield...stop by.

Also at We Roleplay, 22769 is featuring the Tower of Light:

It retails for L$510, and there's a way to see a full-size demo in the booth.

Mesh is making the grid very interesting.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

look into the shadows, step into the mist

A while back, at a We Roleplay event many moons ago...
[00:27] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): Good day Maiden Emily :)
Says the man wearing only the thong. Only...I wasn't seeing him correctly, I don't think...

I mean, are avatars supposed to be segmented and multiple shades now, in these latter days of mesh? Or is it just something with my graphics, as usual?

And, of course...Here we go again...
[00:28] Emilly Orr: Oh, greetings, sir! I did not hear you, I was paying attention to the goods.
[00:30] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): Quite alright, many fine goods to be had here.. almost as good as the fine cape and garments i am wearing.
[00:31] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): the rich silks and velvets on my garb cannot be matched

The rich silks and velvets that he is not wearing? Err...
[00:32] Emilly Orr blinks. She is not sure that qualifies as...garb.
[00:33] Emilly Orr also tilts her head. "You have a cape, sir?
Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx) scoffs 'you dare call the kings clothes rags??'
Well, not rags,, precisely; 'pon observation, it seemed to be a finely made thong.
[00:35] Emilly Orr peers, trying to make out a crown, coronet, or other symbols of office. "My...apologies; as I am not from these lands, I may have failed to recognize your...esteemed personage."
[00:35] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): aye tis a fine multi coloured cape and embroidered tunic

[00:36] Emilly Orr: I shall have to take your word for that. Perhaps I am incapable of perceiving such finery.
[00:37] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx) booms with laughter 'im not wearing crown ... wear the royal crown on a Friday indeed'
[00:38] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): you are clearly a backward peasant!
Never claimed otherwise, for the most part. But, when I play the part of Unseelie, I still refer to my court position, little as it was.
[00:38] Emilly Orr smiles wryly. "Oh, hardly. But I do not hold with human structures in general."
[00:40] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx) looks over his shoulder as he storms off 'oh and what realm do you hail from?'
[00:41] Emilly Orr raises an eyebrow, still smiling. "The Fae lands. Unseelie, to be specific."
[00:45] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx) seems a little confused as you say those words and catches the image of a near naked man in a mirror and thinks 'what a fool that man must be '. " I once knew a Fae.. you must be from her womb.. her spawn maybe.. I may know of these lands'
Right, 'cos, y'know, all Fae are related...or...look alike. One of those.
[00:47] Emilly Orr: Ah, well, we are not as many as we were, nor will be again, but perhaps. Perhaps.

[00:49]Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): ah yes your chosen people have been banished.. it has happened in my kingdom also
[00:50] Emilly Orr shrugs. "Some called it banishment. We did not agree."
[00:53] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): well sometimes you need to stand your ground if you are to be the chosen prophets
[00:54] Emilly Orr laughs, a high trilling sound. "I am no prophet, sir. Of that I'm quite sure."
[00:59] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx) winces at your laugh a little but tries to hide his distain as to be polite.. " Well I'm sure your cult will one day grow large again."
[01:01] Emilly Orr looks puzzled. "Cult? You refer to us as if we are a form of worship, not a people."
Which, even for the setting, is an odd belief to hold. I don't think anyone has ever referred to those in either court as "prophets".

But he had already wandered away, to wherever a barely-clad face-painted male would go, after shopping...More shopping, one presumes.

Maybe he finally found something to wear...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

they said so, it doesn't need no explanation

So, carrying over from part one and part two, this is part three:
[11:41] Axx Sxxxxxxxxx: Well, LL would know, right? They'll have logs of what IP and MAC address the account has been signed onto from.
[11:41] Yxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: No someone who has been here for a good number of years and spreads phishing attempts in all is or her group is a stolen account. That is obvious.
And deeply puzzling.
[11:42] Axx Sxxxxxxxxx: Both old and new accounts are getting stolen, though, that only speaks to the relative level of ignorance.
[11:42] Axx Sxxxxxxxxx: And the fact that it has been happening for years, on many different accounts, it seems kind of silly to think that one given case is responsible for the whole lot of it.
[11:42] Yxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And the thieves use a spoof to hide the IP and MAC. That is very simple.

[11:43] Axx Sxxxxxxxxx: That's if they're smart in what they're trying to do.
Depends on how many of them are getting caught, and unfortunately, we don't have access to those numbers.
[11:43] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: IP can be manipulated, it is done all of the time on attacks to gov't and bank systems, the Pentagon is one of the most attacked systems in existence as but 1 example
[11:43] wxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: my point is there is room for doubt as to whether accounts have ACTUALLY been hacked
[11:44] Yxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Why would someone with so many years in SL would risk loosing their account?
[11:45] wxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: who knows how others think?
And, as has been pointed out, all it takes is one moment of inattention to make a fatal error.
[11:45] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: these scammers have unintentionally given up their account... not hacked.
Hacking is beyond your control. If you click a phishing link and provide your personal information, it's not a hack... you have been phished.
[11:45] Pxxxxxxx Exxxxxx: not necessarily [Axx]. at the height of the spam was controlled by two people with only 5-10 employees each. The worst spammer in the world was also the most prolific hacker whom hacked over 3000 accounts and controlled 1000 at any given time
[11:45] Yxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Excatly [Gxxxxx].
"Excatly"? That's amusing.
[11:46] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Phishing is a slimy way to get ahold of other people's info :(
[11:46] Axx Sxxxxxxxxx: But still one of the most effective.

[11:46] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: to a criminal it is a slick and easy way or would no longer be used
[11:47] Bxxxxx Fxxxxx: If you look, most of them are ESL. Also, if you are busy, you may not realize it's a phishing link. I've been in SL for 8 years and I accidentally hit one and put in my info without thinking about. I keep my dashboard page up so had my password changed about 10 seconds later, but all it takes is a moment on inattention.
And being vigilant all the time is draining. Emotionally draining, mentally taxing, and it tips us towards free-floating paranoia, which is not good for most of us.
[11:48] Yxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The accounts in SL are stolen either because people fall for a very simple fake login page trap or because the have simple stupid passwords. Hacking is one case out of 10,000
[11:48] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is based on reflexive actions for the most part
[11:48] 6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and the people who im me about things i have no clue what they are on about just get shut down
[11:48] Axx Sxxxxxxxxx: It's someone casting a large net.
[11:48] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: all you need are a few fish for a nice meal ;)
Here, fishy fishy...
[11:49] Yxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It is based on stupidity of people. They don't even advertise for promoting a product these days. They just post a link. And because of the fear of missing out residents blindly rush for it!
Yeah, remember when spambots used to try to get you to click the link to get Lindens, or for a sale at a store? This one, they're not even bothering to that extent. Zero effort. Outright laziness, that is.
[11:49] Bxxxxx Fxxxxx: A well-known designer in SL got caught and had money transferred out. They got it back, but just that moment of inattention is all it takes.
[11:50] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it's based on reflexive nature of the common user
[11:50] Yxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It more than inattention. And even then when you realize it is a trap if you change right away your data you are safe.
It's convenience, again. If it's convenient, we'll do it. See a link, click a link, it's safe because it's coming from a trusted store group, or a friend, or a social group, right? Save a lot of cases, it's just not.
[11:50] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sadly that's what the scammers are hoping for. accounts that acquire a lot of lindens or the ones that have payment info
[11:51] Axx Sxxxxxxxxx: I imagine it's all automated. Like they have scripts running on VPSes to log into bot clients with harvested accounts, and the clients are programmed to join groups and regurgitate the link.
[11:51] Yxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: They don't target specific accounts.
[11:51] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: payment info is the golden nugget, cyber $ is not the true target.
[11:52] Axx Sxxxxxxxxx: Unless they launder it into non bot accounts.
[11:53] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there have been cash-out monitoring systems in place for several years now that Interpol and other crime-fighting orgs use to combat org crime syndicates
Yes, there are monitoring systems in place, both to observe transactions in real time, and in digital environments. But I'm still not sure Second Life is on Interpol's radar.
[11:54] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is the payment info they really can't do much about once obtained
[11:57] Bxxxxx Fxxxxx: That's why I use Paypal to pay for my stuff. Adds an extra layer of security
[11:57] Yxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes Paypal is free and an excellent protection.
[11:58] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i use refillable visa cards that have no link to my actual bank accounts
[11:58] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: great idea [Txxxxx]
[11:58] 6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you know [txxxxx] it wouldnt let me use a gift visa card here
Depends on the company. Some companies' cards read as debit cards, because of how they set up their pay-in systems, and some online services don't deal in debit, only credit. Check with the companies you're interested in purchasing refillable cards with, to ensure they'd be accepted where you want them to be accepted. Also, make sure they don't have any hidden or delayed fees that could zap your budget later.
[11:59] Bxxxxx Fxxxxx: The phishing is a good part of why LL implemented the delay for transferring money out of SL. You used to be able to do it right away, now there's the 3 day delay.
[11:59] Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: diamondgirl34 Comet has been ejected from '[store group]' by Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx.
Yay, owner to the rescue!
[11:59] Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: sorry i was afk girls

[11:59] wxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: np :)

Indeed not. The deed was done, we're happier for it.

And from yet ANOTHER group:
[11:34] diamondgirl34 Comet: http:// marketplace second life 000977 .my3gb .com/ 09345/ secondlife. htm
[11:34] Cxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: dont click that omg
[11:35] cxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [f*ck] i almost did
[11:35] Kxxxxx Dxxxxxx: wow this has hit all my groups
[11:35] cxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i didnt even realize
[11:35] cxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i thought it was someone answering me lol
[11:35] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah I almost clicked too but then realized it wasn't [store group's] owner
[11:36] Cxxx Txxxxxxxxx: Just block the user, report for phishing links and move on. Chances are it will steal your password if you login to that website.
[11:36] dxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: omg Oo
[11:45] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I got sent something by someone at the shop. It says "tsg 50% OFF"
[11:45] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it's a box, decline it if you get it.
I've heard the same trick's occurring with random offers of gift cards, for stores that don't offer them generally. Now, to be fair, to my way of thinking, someone I don't know tosses me a box or a folder for no reason, purporting to be a gift card for the store I'm in? And I know it's not a store employee or owner? I'm going to decline it. But others may not think about it that much; may, even, think of it as a kind gesture, or a great deal on one of the store's products. And, since most gift cards are used by attaching them...well, I have yet to know how an attachment can drain Lindens from your account UNLESS you give permission for that attachment to access your Lindens, so there's that. But if you agree to give the attachment access to your Lindens, then all bets are off.
[11:45] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah I just got one but at COCO
[11:46] axxxx Jxxxx: delete it it's probably a hacking tool :X
[11:46] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oh I'm sure it is. I muted the person right away
[11:46] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh I deleted and blocked the user
[11:46] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: boots something
[11:46] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: BootsGift
Almost right.

What I want to know is, was that particular account gathered in the wide phishing net, too, or did some spammer set up that one? Hard to tell from the name.
[11:46] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: blank profile and everything
[11:46] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah that's it
[11:46] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I believe
[11:47] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Wait no
[11:47] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The one here was
[11:47] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: gonna let my groups know about it
[11:47] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: BootTheGift Resident
That's the one. Also, that one's been mentioned in a post previously, as well.

And to tie things up:
[12:42] Txxxxxx Sxxx: it safe?
I will never not be haunted by that film. Anyway.
[12:42] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: its never safe in here
[12:42] Jxxxx Kxxxx: compared to what?
[12:42] Wxxxxxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: What kind of question is that?
[12:43] ixxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Honey, this is SL. May as well be Thunderdome. XD
[12:43] Kxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: NEVER... RUN for your life
All good points, frankly.
[12:43] Txxxxxx Sxxx: half my groups had spam phishing attacks today
Yep. I figure, if it's a group, and it's free to join, diamondgirl has spammed it. Be careful out there, gentles.

you say you don’t spook easy, you won’t go

When last seen, we were discussing diamondgirl's phishing attempts earlier. This excerpt comes from a different group entirely:
[11:32] diamondgirl34 Comet: http:// marketplace second life 000977 .my3gb .com/ 09345/ secondlife. htm
Same statement, likely copy-pasted, which I have again separated out into component parts because I don't want anyone clicking it.
[11:33] wxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: scam
Obviously. But even without that clue, at this point in the day, many group members in many groups had seen this enough to recognize it as spam.
[11:33] Sxxxxx Oxxxxx: wow again
[11:33] Hxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: It has been nonstop today
[11:34] Axxxx Xxx: dont click it
[11:34] ixxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: everyone's just reporting and blocking the people doing it
[11:35] Txxx Gxxxxxxx: scam dotn click
"Don't". It was likely a slip of the fingers, but...
[11:35] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ban the lowlife scammer.
[11:35] Sxxxxx Oxxxxx: they just dont stop
[11:35] Yxxx Sxxxxxxx: no, don't click bad bot
Bad bot! No data!
[11:35] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not "EVERYone" there is always 1-2 or more that click onto links out of reflex
Unfortunately. You can hand people all the information in the world, and people will still make mistakes. It's a harsh, cold world out there, and we do what we can, but in the end, it only takes a single moment of not paying attention to have your world yanked out from under you.
[11:35] Yxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: you can tell its a scam because it should be https://marketplace... without the S its not secure as the regular good site is
[11:36] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm sure that link was post in Blacklace as well
Probably. I'm not in the Blacklace group, so I wouldn't know, but it seems highly likely. Might have even been the same avatar.
[11:36] Txxx Gxxxxxxx: sorry my msg come late
[11:36] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: seems to be turning up in a number of places
[11:36] Txxx Gxxxxxxx: dang so much scam today
[11:36] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i could tell it was a scam due to the bit
Well, again, obviously.
[11:36] jxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they can put fake self signed certificate if they want
[11:36] Axxxxx Fxxxxxxxx: Also, looking at the spammer's profile, that is a hacked account, since it's over 8 years old
Seriously, how are they getting their hands on old accounts?? Newbies I can buy, but oldbies, they should definitely know better...right?

[11:36] Yxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: hopefully more people are getting wise to it though and are learning what to look out for
[11:37] Axxxxx Fxxxxxxxx: Most spam link accounts are newbie accounts, less than 2 months old
[11:37] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i honestly hope so, i hate to see anyone get scammed
[11:37] 6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: its like thinking you won the nigerian lottery
[11:38] Axxxxx Fxxxxxxxx: I have a feeling that the original owner of that account got scammed, they got the person's account info and now using their group memberships to spam
Also quite likely.
[11:38] Yxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It is not enough to click the link. You have to enter you name and password in the fake login page. So really you have to be careless to get trapped.

Well, to a point. I mean, the fellow that had the one-letter Twitter account got hacked solely because the hacker wanted that one-letter account. It smacks a bit too much of rape apology thinking to say that if he hadn't had that one-letter Twitter account, he wouldn't have gotten hacked, because that's unfair to the situation. He also had non-complex passwords and did much of his business in the Cloud, downloading and uploading through various devices. There were many mistakes made, most of them either to make his personal life easier when on the road, or to increase his business productivity by allowing these interconnections between his devices. But for every device or app that makes life easier in our data-rich world, there's another potential security breach.
[11:39] Axx Sxxxxxxxxx: It's just a constant chain of hijacked accounts.
[11:40] wxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or "alleged" hacked accounts
[11:40] Axx Sxxxxxxxxx: How could it not be?
[11:40] wxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: easy to say they have been hacked as it can't be proven otherwise
Okay, there's that, but why would someone say they've been hacked if they haven't been ha....Oh, never mind, I'm being naïve. Carry on.
[11:40] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: depends on how tech savvy the criminals are, if very sophisticated there are ways i wont discuss for obvious reasons that can put not just SL ID at risk, but ANY other accounts you access with that specific computer
[11:40] wxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: unless you do an IP search
Don't make IP the next Grail. IP addresses can be reconfigured, spoofed, and set aside in various ways at this point. It's no longer the be-all and end-all.

And, as this one's getting long again, chopping the commentary here, to commence anew in part three.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

well, we're just a wet dream for the webzine

Now this is the way you warn your group about scams:
[11:30] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ladies & Gents alike: Please be advised that there are phony marketplace links going around. This is a phishing scam intended to hijack your account & steal your lindens. Legit MP link is { Any variation of this is a scam. Stay safe Beauties!! xo
See? Simple, easy, and doesn't involve reproducing a known bad link. Works in every situation, doesn't contribute to the problem.

The irony is, not even three minutes later, we saw this in that same group:
[11:33] diamondgirl34 Comet: http:// marketplace second life 000977 .my3gb .com/ 09345/ secondlife.htm
[[Spaces are mine, because while I want to show it off in full, I do NOT want it to be clickable.]] Also preserving diamondgirl's name, because known bad account is bad.
[11:33] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: DO NOT CLICK IT
[11:33] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: DONT CLICK THAT
[11:33] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Dont!
[11:33] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: FAKE
[11:33] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh shoot I so almost clicked that, thanks.
And this is why reminders are still necessary, because people have zero reading comprehension.
[11:33] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Good you didnt
[11:34] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: [Xxxx], no need to yell
[11:34] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Axx]! :D waves and hugs...I got scared! Peeps were posting gyazoo pics,so someone mightve thought its safe..Like [Txxxx]..Sorreh
[11:35] Vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Diamondgirl's link, is a good example of a fake, or 'Phishing" link.
[11:35] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thats why I almost clicked it tbh, bc I had just posted my gyazo so my brain was like "oh someone else is sharing too" lol
[11:35] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah well thats why I yeleld. Kinda..Sorry
I admit it, I am twitching at "yeleld", but it is what she typed, so I'm letting it stand.
[11:35] Vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *hides Diamondgirl's link behind a very big curtain*
If only it were that easy.
[11:36] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: she's posting in every group, wtf
[11:36] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 4 of mine already popped
[11:36] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i see >.<
[11:36] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah she's not the only one, someone else posted a fake MP link earlier too.
It's almost like she's going down a list of groups.
[11:36] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 6 of mine so far
[11:36] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: smh
[11:37] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: ok, have a suggestion ladies, if you're on FS or ctrlaltstudio or the LL viewer, if you have the v3 mini header icons set to show, real mp links, and any real sl web link, will have the sl hand logo before it
[11:38] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ^ I wish all viewers would hop on the bandwagon...
[11:38] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: FS!
[11:38] Vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: FS
[11:38] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That's almost a 9 year old acct too, weird usually the scams come from like 2week olds. I bet she was hacked. :\
[11:38] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: probably
Seems very likely.
[11:38] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I saw older avis earlier being used for scams...
So here's a question: how are these scammers getting access to older ccounts in the first place?
[11:38] ixxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Gxxxxxxxxx], how do you turn that option on?
[11:38] ixxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in FS
[11:39] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I believe it's automatic
[11:39] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i never clicked an option for it.
Some aspects of it are automatic. Since I'm now on Firestorm (at least until Singularity updates to account for the weird vertex buffer issues that are causing me to crash on it), Marketplace links that are listed in profiles or in search automatically show the little SL hand logo. But to set that up for group chat, you have to set that up by hand.
[11:39] ixxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OK [11:40] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: it in your chat prefs, you can use either v1 or v3 headers.. you need to choose v3 and make sure that mini icons are enabled
[11:40] Kxxxxxxx Kxxxx: Thanks [Axx]
[11:41] Wxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes thank you
It is a good tip. I'm not crazy about the spacing, so I won't be doing it, but it's pretty simple to track out and implement.
[11:41] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: and she wasn't hacked, she was phished because she clicked a link and then entered her login info...clicking the link itself SHOULD be harmless as long as you don't enter your info, but always be on the safe side, if you click a fake link, change your password
[11:42] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh wow lol I just changed the chat header like you said and turning V1 off looks so weird. I kind of like it though
[11:42] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oooh i like v3 much better
[11:42] Hxxxx Pxxxx: let's report this b...
[11:43] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: I like having the mini profile pic there, and it spaces chat out a bit more so people who have difficulty seeing can see easier
[11:43] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm leaving mine this way, it's cool. lol
I'm not crazy about how it works, but then, I haven't liked the last several updates to YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, and Skype, so maybe I'm just reaching that stage of brain ossification that resists all change. So I won't be running with it, but it could make a difference for people who don't generally read before clicking things.

I captured more chat bits from today, because diamondgirl hit a LOT of groups, but...that's for next entry. See you there.

Monday, September 7, 2015

let's be honest, perhaps this little ride is too much for even you to bear

Another day, another chat going all dramatic in one particular group...

[23:29] exxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 43/60 for complete outfit for man and 40/60 for a spanish lace at "the gentry store" . All transfer.
[23:35] Zxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: jewelry?
[23:38] vxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hey girls I was looking for nice nose ring with chain going to ear, but hard to find nice and simple one, maybe someone knows some shops where I could find something like that?

Simple question, we expect fairly simple answers, right?

[23:40] Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and look at Zuri too, [Zxxxx] :)
[23:42] vxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks
[23:42] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: PA DESIGNE MAINSTORE
[23:43] Zxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thANK U

Yes, fine, but can we stop shouting now?

[23:44] mxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Several group gifts. 2 lucky chairs and 2 mm boards (29/80) at
[23:46] exxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 2 cliks more for man, 3 for woman

You missed the store name on those last ones--the first is Xxxtasi, the second is the Gentry Store again--but we're about to have bigger problems, frankly.

[23:47] exxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: All Transfer
[23:47] Axxxx Jxxxxx: it's ugly and non mesh
[23:48] Axxxx Jxxxxx: not worth a click

So, remember a few days back, we had the lass who was so dead-set against mesh, she was willing to insult the skin designer in the skin group she was in? This is her opposite counterpart. Miss [Axxxx] is pretty dead-set against anything that's not mesh, at this point.

[23:49] mxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Renee India Shop- MM board (8/50) and 2 lucky chairs and a free gift at the front desk. No group needs.
[23:49] Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that's rude, [Axxxx]
[23:50] 1xxxxxx Hxxxxxxx: [f***] mesh mesh suxs you have to change you r body so it fits i want my body the way it is i will not changhe my body just to wear a mesh out fit
[23:51] Kxxxxxxxx Bxxxxx: language please
[23:51] Axxxx Jxxxxx: no, that's honest

I don't know about honest or dishonest, but I do think Ms. [Ixxxxxx] should at least employ spellcheck now and again. Plus, yes, this group asks that you not curse in the chat, so Ms. [Kxxxxxxxx] was perfectly within group rules to chide her for language use.

[23:51] Axxxx Jxxxxx: no you don't need that with fit mesh stuff lmfao
[23:51] Fxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: some of us like mesh
[23:51] Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :( that's not polite either...
[23:51] Axxxx Jxxxxx: I just said the outfit looks ugly, I commited no crime here, chill

Actually, you did, again according to the rules of this particular group. Part of their chat rules involve not tearing down designers or their creations. So, for example, I could irritate the hell out of a designer by mentioning their work on this blog--and I have, more than once--but I'd never do it in this chat group. Because in addition to being rude, it's against their desires for user conversation in their group. (Note the specifics being, their group.)

[23:51] Kxxxxxxxx Bxxxxx: think some people need to learn some manners

That's a steadily growing problem in Western countries overall. While we see it online fairly obviously, it's also happening off the grid. Parents who have no comprehension of social behavior and proper etiquette are raising children with no comprehension of social behavior and proper etiquette. And those children raise children who lack these basic concepts, as well. It's not just that these people are blatantly ignoring these social cues; it's that they literally have no concept that they should even look for these cues, because their environment didn't include these instructions in behavior growing up.

[23:51] rxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: some people like mesh, some people don't. end of story. there is no debate
[23:51] lxxxxxx Mxxxxx: yes I'm know!
[23:52] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ugly for you not for all. We are an heper group !

Um...did you mean..."helper" group? I mean, we try, but the only other thing that comes to mind with that is "hyper", and by and large, we really aren't, so...??

[23:52] Sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why not have 75 different shapes to fit mesh outfits? you're limiting yourself if you wot wear stuff that all you need to do is tweak your ass a few points to fit

Because that's vastly irritating, and I say that having three or four kitten shapes, three or four human shapes, a specific shape to wear kimonos, and a couple of fae shapes. Even with all that, I wouldn't want to stock my inventory with "Pink Zebra Minidress Shape", say. If it doesn't fit my standard couple of forms, I generally don't keep that outfit, unless I fall in love with it, then I'll change my shape. But even after, I'll expect all new mesh acquisitions to fit that shape.

[23:52] 1xxxxxx Hxxxxxxx: yes it is ty
[23:52] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: helper ....(sorry)

Good to have confirmation. Yay for figuring it out!

[23:53] Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ugly for you maybe... but still it's not polite to criticize that way someone else's work
[23:53] Sxxxxx Dxxxxxx: No, no crime, but someone is nice enough to share something free with you, if you do not like it----simply do not take it instead of saying pretty much their time in putting the link was not worth clicking it, btw not everyone wears mesh yet
[23:53] Axxxx Jxxxxx: I took a TP and got crashed because of that crowd lagging like hell for an old noob-looking outfit

Reference that "not everyone wears mesh yet" statement. Nearly the whole of Caledon, for example, not only does not wear mesh, but in general holds to older viewers that can't even view mesh properly.

So system layers still have their place.

Not only that, but you're blaming the designer because their store was crowded? My goodness, if that were true for the grid, June Dion would have been burned in effigy two million times over. I'd take that more as a sign that people are looking at that designer's wares, that the designer might, in fact, be reasonably popular.

Now, I won't lie, I am making an effort to integrate more mesh into my wardrobe. But do I still have system layer outfits? Absolutely. I likely always will. Not simply because I like them, still, but because for more crowded events, wearing mesh is a burden on the event sim, so I scale back to system layer clothing, low-prim hair, a simpler AO to help. And there are times where I just want to throw something on and not worry about alpha layers, and what I should wear under them to go with the outfit (because the way mesh rezzes with various browsers is so appalling, I never leave hovel these days without at least panties and bra, if not something more elaborate). These are all good reasons, to me at least, to keep system layers around.

[23:53] Mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes there are lots of peeps I know that are not mesh fans also..
[23:53] Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: language, PLEASE
[23:54] Axxxx Jxxxxx: it's called freedom of speech, and critics help producing better work :) it's free advice

  1. There is no freedom of speech on SL. As a corporate entity, it can restrict language and topics at any time. Note their rules on referencing, portraying, or imaging in any way ageplay that involves either actual children, or virtual child avatars. They can absolutely curtail speech if they wish to.
  2. There is no freedom of speech in this group. They have rules and banned topics and they expect them to be obeyed. And mods of the group are not shy about muting people from chatting, or outright banning folks if needed.
  3. While I agree that critique is helpful, as the whole point of fashion review is to provide constructive commentary, "critique" isn't what you did. You outright said something was ugly beyond all reason. That is NOT. ALLOWED.
[23:54] pxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: really rude for people to whine and complain over something they are not paying for

That too. It's also an effective way to discourage designers to make gifts for the group at all.

[23:54] Kxxxxxxxx Bxxxxx: [Axxxx], watch your language please, and be more respectful
[23:54] Axxxx Jxxxxxs: I have the right to say it's ugly, sorry for the person who designed it
[23:54] Kxxxxxxxx Bxxxxx: you do not
[23:55] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: nope sorry

Indeed no, because while Ms. [Kxxxxxxxx] was not a mod, Ms. [Axxxxx] was.

[23:55] pxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: just because you think something is not attractive doesnt mean 10k other people ont loe it , this is a place for designers nice eough to offer things to people and there are a million flavors because people all have different tastes
[23:56] Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no, you haven't, keep it for you, just don't click
[23:56] fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: omg, a hater on the loose
[23:56] Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Axxxx], you wouldn't like to hear people saying that what you do or the way you look is ugly and noobish... respect is the first thing

Very true. I pretty much stand behind everything I've said, which means I also stand behind the abusive, vicious, clueless or downright idiotic things as well. I have made mistakes, I will make mistakes, I do my best to acknowledge them when they happen. Some are errors in judgement that can be fixed with time and care. Some can't be, and I do my best to accept that.

But what Miss [Axxxx] seems to be doing is claiming she has the right to speak so cluelessly; not only that, but that her saying a system-layer outfit is ugly, "noobish" and of poor quality simply because it's not mesh is intended as CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. For every stupid thing I've said on this blog, I have never said that my hurtful comments were constructive, because they weren't.

[23:56] Kxxxxxxxx Bxxxxx: can she be ejected?
[23:56] Rxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thats harsh

I don't think so, actually. While this conversation was short in the grand scheme of such things, Miss [Axxxx] was aggressive, unruly, and totally insensible where advice to change her chosen path was offered--up to and including when said advice came from a group moderator.

[23:56] Rxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: time of the moon
[23:57] axxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow what's the drama about?
[23:57] Kxxxxxxxx Bxxxxx: take a look at the rules [Axxxx]
[23:57] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: she can

I'm beginning to think that no one reads these days, outside of Caledon. Possibly Winterfell.

[23:57] rxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: oh here we go with the freedom of speech argument.. the first amendment protects you from the government. not from other people thinking your opinion sucks
[23:57] Rxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 0.0 pulls up a chair n offers out the popcorn
[23:57] Yxxxxx Qxxx: I can not imagine walking into MACY*S to demand a free outfit, then complain it is not stylish enough.

I can't either. But so many people on the grid seem to expect free outfits, jewelry sets, skins, eyes, hair, whatever, as simply their due for deigning to set virtual foot into a given store. Freebies are a privilege, not a right.

[23:57] Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx: [Axxxx Jxxxxx] has been ejected from '[group name]' by [Axxxxx Vxxxxxxxx]

Some people you can't help, no matter how hard you try. You simply have to show them the door.

[23:58] rxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: opinions are opinions but should have respect enough to keep your opinions to yourself unless someone ask for it
[23:58] Rxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: freedom of speech is a basic human right not just for amecians lmao
[23:59] Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I feel sorry for you actually since you can't see how obvious it is... it's a gift... don't want it, don't slap that board... you're insulting the people who like it

Because my tastes obviously aren't everyones' tastes, and their tastes aren't mine. We live in too diverse a world for that. And everyone being exactly the same would be so dreadfully dull, anyway.

[23:59] sxxxxx Bxxxxxxx: why we [Axxxxx]
[23:59] Kxxxxxxxx Bxxxxx: you need to have respect too [Dxxx]
[00:00] Kxxxxxxxx Bxxxxx: well done [Axxxxx]
[00:00] Sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you do not have freedom of speech in a chat group you do not own
[00:00] Sxxxxx Dxxxxxx: All we are saying is take what you want from the group, but please acknowledge that someone took time to post something they found for free that may not be everyone's style, none the less they thought enough to post it.
[00:00] Sxxxxx Dxxxxxx: oh she is gone, opps YAYYYYY [Axxxxx] :)

Yay, Ms. [Axxxxx], indeed.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

but you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start

So, apparently almost everyone in the Maitreya group got ejected today. Still trying to figure out why, and missed the first part of the chat due to crashing, but here was the second part.

[18:10] oxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hacker on the lose
[18:10] Fxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: one was just posted
[18:10] oxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: watch ims
[18:11] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hey anyone else been ejected from 'Maitreya Gifts'
[18:11] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i just got ejected
[18:12] lxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: did you ask why ?
[18:12] Txxxx Dxxxxxxx: are you sure?
[18:12] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: you did not [Sxxxxx].. that was an IM from a troll

Save that a lot of folks had the group disappear from their group listings, and the members list at one point showed only seven members. It was not just a troll.

[18:12] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeai asked it came back the person who ejected me was off line
[18:12] Txxxx Dxxxxxxx: check your group list first...someoens been sending IM's trolling people.
[18:12] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: I would suggest you ask the group owner
[18:12] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok :)
[18:13] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: when in doubt ask the owner

Generally always, but at the time, they were offline. Also, this seemed to be more than just a troll.

[18:13] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok let me check will get back to you :)
[18:13] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks ladies

Then, only a few minutes later:

[18:22] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok this is really weird.....i just got ejected from the "maitreya gifts" group??

Here we go again.

[18:22] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: They were hacked
[18:22] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that is weird!
[18:23] Cxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: No you didn't
[18:23] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes me too

Now, this is the odd bit. You can't "hack" a group, or at the least, it's the wrong term for what does happen. Essentially, if you can get into a trusted position, either through someone who trusts you giving you mod powers, or pretending to be an alt of another mod, then you have control of the group. That's not hacking, though. It's duplicitous, manipulative, and can be quite distressing, but it's not a hack.

[1[18:23] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Everyone was, but they were hacked

See above. Not a hack.

[18:23] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ah ok
[18:23] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: my sl has been so glitchy recently i was like uhhhh
[18:23] Cxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Check your groups...
[18:23] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i did it doesn't appear anymore
[18:23] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: could i have been hacked in any way??

No. This was someone who gained control of the Maitreya group. Why did this happen? We're not sure yet. But it wasn't a hack.

[18:23] Cxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: no someone is going around and sending that message
[18:23] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: No
[18:23] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i haven't been clicking links or anything

They may have been sending out a message, or a friend was, or even just a troublemaker who was laughing on the other side of the screen, but it wasn't just a message, it was also ejection of several group members.

[18:23] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: There are only 7 members in that group right now

Ms. R being one of them.

[18:23] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: haven't seen anything sketchy
[18:24] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow how bizarre
[18:24] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: GaylordFotter is the name of the "nice gentleman" who excluded me. just block him and re join the group

Again, preserving Mr. Gaylord's name because this was a dumb thing to do for no perceivable reason--at least, to me. How'ver, this is possibly where the hack might have come in--because Mr. Gaylord has been around for over four years. He should know better. He also seems pretty heavily involved in various RP sims, including some that either are phasing out or no longer as active as they once were, which leads me to believe Mr. Gaylord might have gone inactive as well. Is it easier to hack inactive accounts? Perhaps he had a simple password? Who's to know?

[18:24] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i was ejected too. Thanks for letting us know on this chat
[18:25] Txxxx Dxxxxxxx: file an AR on Gaylord too..

Because, whether culpable or innocent victim, the Lab needs to know the account is being used for misdeeds.

[18:26] mxxxxxx Kxxx: yes i was ejected too
[18:26] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: heard they were changing that group idk
[18:27] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: do we know the name of the hacker? So we can block

One would assume GaylordFotter Resident sent out the notices, at least to start with. But there was no hacker.

[18:28] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: GaylordFotter is the one who sent out the notices
[18:28] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: to me it appeared as GaylordFotter who ejected me
[18:28] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks!!!
[18:29] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That's who ejected me as well
[18:29] Txxxx Dxxxxxxx: name doesn't show in search at all...go figure.

Really? He shows up just fine for me.

[18:30] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Gaylord appeared and he is blocked
[18:30] Mxxxxxxxxxxx Txxx: ohhh again
[18:30] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Funny, he's one of only 7 people listed as members.

Ten minutes pass by, until...

[18:40] Dxxx Rxxxxxxx: did you all get ejected from Maitreya Gifts group by this gaylordfotter too?
[18:40] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes [Dxxx]
[18:41] Dxxx Rxxxxxxx: urgghh ok just checking
[18:41] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It was some kind of hacker

No, it wasn't. It was someone who gained ownership of the group somehow. That's an issue with the folks who ran that group, it wasn't hacked.

[18:41] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes
[18:41] Dxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah
[18:41] Dxxx Rxxxxxxx: now there is Maitreya Maniacs

Which seems to be the name of the new group Maitreya made, maybe? I'm not sure. Is it operated by the Maitreya store owners?

A bit later still:

[18:48] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok i heard Maitreya Gifts is now ! Maitreya Maniacs ! they changed the group name and had ejected all out of the old group
[18:48] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What was the use of that though lol
[18:48] Txxxx Dxxxxxxx: you don't need to eject people to change the group name do you?
[18:48] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nah i think there is more behind it
[18:49] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it was hacked so they changed it

Again, not a hack. The group was not hacked.

[18:49] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was talking to a manager and she said she had no idea who the person was that was ejecting everyone
[18:49] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they been saying new group name was coming
[18:49] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: how does a person hack a group?
[18:49] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nah it wasnt hacked

There you go. It was not hacked. But as to what actually happened, your guess is about as good as mine.

[18:49] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there was a notice about new group earlyer
[18:50] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes this new group was made a week ago
[18:50] Dxxx Rxxxxxxx: no it was hacked

No, it wasn't.

[18:50] hxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was ejected from Maitreya gifts
[18:50] Mxxxx Kxxxxx: What group are we talking about?
[18:50] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we all were
[18:50] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: everyone was
[18:50] hxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I didn't even log in today
[18:50] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they were hacked


[18:50] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nope not hacked prob someone who didnt want the old group to remain
[18:50] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: maitreya Gifts group
[18:50] Dxxx Rxxxxxxx: but you will find you can still talk in the group
[18:50] Kxx Hxxxxxxxx: They eject when creating new
[18:50] hxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ah
[18:50] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I agree with [
[18:50] hxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so relieved
[18:50] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes, hacked


[18:51] Dxxxxxxxx Dxxx: Yes the old group is done and a new one starting but I think I have to relog to get rid of the old one
[18:51] Sxxxxx Rxxxx: Which Maitreya? The one I paid to get into?
[18:51] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: no [Axxxxx], that group was not hacked..
[18:51] dxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxx: wow....i just realized i'm not in the group now
[18:51] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but seriously we have SLF and O why do we need that group ..smiles..
[18:52] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that group has been having issues for a while, a new group was made last week

So again, I'm wondering--if all Maitreya wished to do was change the name, why all the drama?

[18:53] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: by some of the owners
[18:54] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: suddenly the members of the old group were ejected..?? sounds fishy to me
[18:54] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but that is my opinion
[18:55] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well it's not hacked that's all ;p
[18:55] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nods

Several more minutes go by, then...

[19:17] axxxxx Oxxxxx: is anyone else in maitreya gifts group ?
[19:17] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am
[19:18] axxxxx Oxxxxx: did anyone get ejected for on reason i just did and i havent chatted in there in over a week O.o lol
[19:18] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we all got 'ejected'
[19:18] axxxxx Oxxxxx: ohhh is it no longer a group then
[19:18] Nxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: they may have closed the group
[19:18] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Everybody got kicked out. Shenanigans going on.
[19:18] axxxxx Oxxxxx: ah ok
[19:18] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is still an active group
[19:18] Nxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: oh i c
[19:19] Nxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: they will get it figured out then probly tomorrow
[19:19] axxxxx Oxxxxx: than you for clarifying for me
[19:19] pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the owner Mette was slammed by over 4k of messages when she logged in
[19:20] axxxxx Oxxxxx: oh holy cow

That is rather a lot, yeah.

[19:20] Nxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: holy cow
[19:20] pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: she suggested I join Maitreya Manics until they figure out who's responsible and have them banned
[19:21] pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or they will probably just eject us again
[19:21] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm unable to leave the old group
[19:21] axxxxx Oxxxxx: oh ok they must have spammed badly
[19:21] pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why do people with that kind of knowledge and talent use if for evil!!??
[19:21] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well it was not hacked and the new group was already announced so yeah... prob some internal issues

Maybe. So Mr. Gaylord might have worked for Maitreya? Then why did no one know who he was?

[19:21] axxxxx Oxxxxx: you should have been automatically ejected colette the group doesnt exsist anymore i dont think
[19:21] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Unhappy people who want to cause grief. I dunno
[19:21] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: ok look, can we please drop the Maitreya gifts group drama
[19:21] axxxxx Oxxxxx: yes no problem :)
[19:22] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes please
[19:22] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Agree with [Axx] but it was not hacked :D
[19:22] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok, sorry [Axx]
[19:22] pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: me too!
[19:24] wxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I asked one of the owners 5 mins ago , it was hacked she told me , and they opened the new group Maniacs

Save for it wasn't hacked. Groups in SL cannot be hacked.

[19:25] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry, justlogged, what group got hacked?

No group got hacked.

[19:25] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we are to drop it
[19:25] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh

Things began to settle down, then three minutes later, for no reason I could see beforehand:

[19:29] 6xxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: How are people to know if they are not told, and do not happen to belong to a group that has sent a warning notice? Or has someone in the problem group been able to send out a notecard? I am just asking for clarification, and on behalf of folks who log in later tonight. Respectful thanks.
[19:30] Fxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well for one. it has nothing to do with this group. and 2 a mod asked to drop the subject. nuff said
[19:30] Sxxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: [Fxxxxxxxxxx]
[19:31] Fxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I didn't do it
[19:31] Fxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry. my default response.
[19:31] Fxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes?
[19:32] Mxxxxxxxxxxx Txxx: lmao
[19:33] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Fxxxxxxxxxx] did the right thing really

And thus the drama oozed into a puddle, and dissolved.

All we know now is:
  • A mod used to being in the Maitreya group did not know the name of the man who sent out 'you've been group-banned' notices
  • The man who sent out the notices is over four years old
  • Maitreya has a new group
Until we know more, that's all we have so far. Though I will say, it is a good question--if we're disallowed from talking about the whys and wherefores of an issue, how are we going to help others who may not know what's going on? How do we help ourselves?

Though that likely goes back to the first section--contact the group owner, and wait and see.

Friday, September 4, 2015

you must have spend a lot of time rehearsing each and every line

While I do my best to redact names on the blog these days--because those named made a good point to me, back when I was using personal avatar names flagrantly--this one gets a pass on that policy, because of annoyance.

[09:02] japonka77: OMG! Huge Sale with New Furniture, Decoration, Hair and more Items! starting at 10L ( limited!! ) everything is made by the most popular designers of sl grab your treasures here {{LINK REDACTED}}

Two big reasons: first, this was the sixth group I'd seen this idiot spam in the space of an hour, and second, according to those who actually bothered to click the link, nothing was on sale.

Let me say this again, since she's mostly been spamming freebie or sales groups: NOTHING WAS ON SALE, FOR l$10 OR ANY OTHER LOW PRICE. So not only was it unwanted spam from a ten-day-old account, but it wasn't even accurate spam. Tacky and rude.

[09:02] Cxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Wrong group.
[09:02] Hxxxxxx Kxxxxxx: omg.. scammers hit here, too?

Yep. Sad, innit?

[09:03] Axxx Mxxx: rude
[09:03] Hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OMG! What a jerk!
[09:03] Lxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: not another one!!
[09:03] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: two eggs with that spam please
[09:03] Mxxxx Rxxxxxx: its popped up in just about every group
[09:03] Hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nice
[09:03] Jxxx Kxxxxxx: damn, now i'm hungry for spam 2
[09:03] Rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Only in this one for me

Lucky you. I spent most of the morning staring in bafflement as group after group got hit by this same nine-day-old spammer.

[09:04] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: LL need to get a grip on these idiots, it's the same message day after day
[09:05] Hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well group owners can get a grip on them - we can ban them
[09:05] Txxxxx Txxxx: the problem is they make another account
[09:05] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but they keep generating alts to send the messages

Exactly. Group owners and mods have a lot of power, but there's only so much they can do against an endless tide of idiocy.

[09:05] Txxxxx Txxxx: that one is 9 days old
[09:05] Lxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: is there a limit for generating alts??
[09:06] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no

There used to be. If there's not now, that's a poor policy change on LL's part.

[09:06] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and the stuff they're selling is probably stolen from a hacked account anyway
[09:06] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: probably
[09:06] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but when you tp in they can harvest your IP address too

Is that a thing that still happens? I don't think that's a thing that still happens.

[09:06] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but from my experience LL do diddly-squat about the crooks anyway
[09:07] Txxxxx Txxxx: believe it or not there are limits for alts of "up to five per household" but they can work around the limits
[09:07] Txxxxx Txxxx:
[09:07] Txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i think it's 5 by email address
[09:08] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i was gonna say, how can they check that with dynamic IP address and the ease of using virtual MAC addresses
[09:08] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: as if email addresses are any help on limitations
[09:08] Ąxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think it is too [Txxxxxxx]....and they keep making new email addesses
[09:09] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Wait! I can use the same email addess on my alt?

You can?? I did not know this.

[09:09] Txxxxx Txxxx: on that page I linked it says they have "various means of detecting illegitimate accounts"
[09:09] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i need to go change that ... lol
[09:09] Lxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: How are these policies enforced?
"Linden Lab has various means of detecting illegitimate accounts and enforcing necessary limits to prevent fraud and other disruptive uses of Second Life and LindeX services. For security reasons, Linden Lab does not reveal exactly how fraud detection processes operate."
[09:09] Txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol [Txxx] yeah
[09:10] Lxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: I have to agree...LL needs to seriously get involved with this crazy alt/spam issues

Okay, but think on it. Spammer A spams six groups, logs off. Account is reported and killed. An hour later, Spammer B, an alt of Spammer A, spams six groups. Same thing happens. An hour later, Spammer C, an alt of Spammer A, spams six groups. Rinse, repeat, burn. The Lindens don't want to make it difficult to get an account, but without some boundaries, spammers slip through and go crazy on the grid.

[09:10] Txxxxx Txxxx: it does not say they are connected by email on that page
[09:10] Txxxxx Txxxx: my guess is IP address.
[09:11] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they can't do IP addresses
[09:11] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: IP's are dynamically assigned by an ISP and change regularly
[09:12] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they could do MAC address or GUID
[09:12] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but those can be altered with tools easy enough by anyone who knows how
[09:13] Exxx Rxxxxxxx: even the most basic router can spoof mac addresses
[09:13] Txxxxx Txxxx: in short I guess it would be very, very hard to prevent these spammers.

That's my thinking, unfortunately. Wish it had an easier solution.

[09:14] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes!
[09:14] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so just not clicking on things you don't know about is the best protection

Well, sure, for some things. But that's not a one-size-fits-all solution.

[09:15] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx: sorry guys, definitely unauthorized by me

Uncle [G] is not only a mod in this particular group, but also the group's owner.

[09:16] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *hugs* Hi hi Uncle [Gxxxx]
[09:16] Txxxxx Txxxx: we know Uncle
[09:16] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we know
[09:16] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx: snogs guys
[09:16] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx: thanks all for looking out for TMTs interests
[09:16] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx: i appreciate you all

We try. I think any group we spend time in, getting to know the other denizens, we're going to feel protective towards.

[09:19] Rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx pounces [Gxxxxx] with a huggle, then bounces back to her sorting table
[09:20] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx: hey [Rxxx]
[09:20] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx laughs
[09:21] Txxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: The same spammer did it Hunt SL group too. They changed to a group fee to join of $10L. Hope that helps :/
[09:22] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx: It doesnt happen often thankfully
[09:22] Pxxxx Vxxxxxxx: but now they found [group store] they will be back

I hope not. But this particular soul's been making the rounds all day today. Not fun.

birds you cannot see, filling every tree, falling out of closets

This, fresh from this morning:

[09:17] Oxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I hope Auntie [Cxxxxx] is building me a nice house, full of big hairy spiders, gross worms, and ghosts to play with!
[09:18] mxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and kitties for witches giggles
[09:19] Fxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: You love the taste of fresh kitten-juice in the morning?

Fresh...wait, what?!? I don't think I heard that right.

[09:19] Oxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Stick with prune juice, you get better results
[09:20] mxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx hides from [Fxxxxxx]
[09:21] Oxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: There is no hiding, we are good detectices, and know how to find you!
[09:21] Fxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: Half a pint of prune juice, one kitten, en several ice cubes in the blender... Serve when cold.

"Detectices." And prune-kitteh juice. Ooookay, then.

Basically, sharing for the oddity. And this from a few days back:

[01:04] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: A bit of neighborly advice for everyone selling on SL Marketplace: Check the language tabs in every listed item. Since the move to VMM, old, obsolete text may be there, giving incorrect information to people who use other languages than the one you made your listing in. Tech support told me that if you didn't write a listing for that language, the title, description, and keywords in that language's tab should be blank. This has been a customer service snarl for me for the last several weeks, and has cost me an uncomfortable amount of time and money in refunds to bewildered customers.

That sounds grim. Now, admittedly, I have a vanishingly few items on the Marketplace, but as I didn't rig everything for alternate-language customers, I should probably check.

[01:05] Axxxx Mxxxxx: How quaint. So very typical of LL.
[01:05] Lxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: Oh, thank you very much for the advice. I'll check immediately
[01:06] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :-)
[01:07] nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hmmmm
[01:07] nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not cool

Nope, but this is Linden Lab, when was the last time they made customer service easy for anyone?

[01:07] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It would be cool if they refunded the money I've had to pay out over this. Sigh.
[01:08] Axxxx Mxxxxx: You could as well wish for decent tier prices

Well, sure, but we all know that's never going to happen...

[01:08] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ironically, the first customer who had this problem almost saw what was wrong. But we both missed it.
[01:13] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I would very much like to know what kind of logic made this happen so I can be cautious in the future, but that part of my questions to tech support wasn't answered.
[01:14] Axxxx Mxxxxx: That would be because it is the same kind of logic as that which has been used for the past few years. "Stupidity"

Pretty much. They've made a lot of decisions that may have made sense to them in their safe, protected spaces, but on the wilds of the grid, fail to work in any reasonable way. It's massively irritating.

[01:14] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Another thing about VMM drives me up the wall: It no longer lists "Item Name"; everything is now only listed by "Listing Name". So if you're selling fifty individually named boxes of Abysinian Cinnamon KittyCatS, well, too bad, now they're all just "KittyCatS box - Abysinnian Cinnamon" in your Marketplace merchant listings. Good luck finding the one you want to remove or edit in any decent amount of time!


So now, how many of us have listed things for years is now another thing we need to check and verify. Argh! Why, LL, why you do these things?!?