Friday, September 4, 2015

you must have spend a lot of time rehearsing each and every line

While I do my best to redact names on the blog these days--because those named made a good point to me, back when I was using personal avatar names flagrantly--this one gets a pass on that policy, because of annoyance.

[09:02] japonka77: OMG! Huge Sale with New Furniture, Decoration, Hair and more Items! starting at 10L ( limited!! ) everything is made by the most popular designers of sl grab your treasures here {{LINK REDACTED}}

Two big reasons: first, this was the sixth group I'd seen this idiot spam in the space of an hour, and second, according to those who actually bothered to click the link, nothing was on sale.

Let me say this again, since she's mostly been spamming freebie or sales groups: NOTHING WAS ON SALE, FOR l$10 OR ANY OTHER LOW PRICE. So not only was it unwanted spam from a ten-day-old account, but it wasn't even accurate spam. Tacky and rude.

[09:02] Cxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Wrong group.
[09:02] Hxxxxxx Kxxxxxx: omg.. scammers hit here, too?

Yep. Sad, innit?

[09:03] Axxx Mxxx: rude
[09:03] Hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OMG! What a jerk!
[09:03] Lxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: not another one!!
[09:03] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: two eggs with that spam please
[09:03] Mxxxx Rxxxxxx: its popped up in just about every group
[09:03] Hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nice
[09:03] Jxxx Kxxxxxx: damn, now i'm hungry for spam 2
[09:03] Rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Only in this one for me

Lucky you. I spent most of the morning staring in bafflement as group after group got hit by this same nine-day-old spammer.

[09:04] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: LL need to get a grip on these idiots, it's the same message day after day
[09:05] Hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well group owners can get a grip on them - we can ban them
[09:05] Txxxxx Txxxx: the problem is they make another account
[09:05] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but they keep generating alts to send the messages

Exactly. Group owners and mods have a lot of power, but there's only so much they can do against an endless tide of idiocy.

[09:05] Txxxxx Txxxx: that one is 9 days old
[09:05] Lxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: is there a limit for generating alts??
[09:06] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no

There used to be. If there's not now, that's a poor policy change on LL's part.

[09:06] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and the stuff they're selling is probably stolen from a hacked account anyway
[09:06] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: probably
[09:06] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but when you tp in they can harvest your IP address too

Is that a thing that still happens? I don't think that's a thing that still happens.

[09:06] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but from my experience LL do diddly-squat about the crooks anyway
[09:07] Txxxxx Txxxx: believe it or not there are limits for alts of "up to five per household" but they can work around the limits
[09:07] Txxxxx Txxxx:
[09:07] Txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i think it's 5 by email address
[09:08] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i was gonna say, how can they check that with dynamic IP address and the ease of using virtual MAC addresses
[09:08] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: as if email addresses are any help on limitations
[09:08] Ąxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think it is too [Txxxxxxx]....and they keep making new email addesses
[09:09] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Wait! I can use the same email addess on my alt?

You can?? I did not know this.

[09:09] Txxxxx Txxxx: on that page I linked it says they have "various means of detecting illegitimate accounts"
[09:09] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i need to go change that ... lol
[09:09] Lxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: How are these policies enforced?
"Linden Lab has various means of detecting illegitimate accounts and enforcing necessary limits to prevent fraud and other disruptive uses of Second Life and LindeX services. For security reasons, Linden Lab does not reveal exactly how fraud detection processes operate."
[09:09] Txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol [Txxx] yeah
[09:10] Lxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: I have to agree...LL needs to seriously get involved with this crazy alt/spam issues

Okay, but think on it. Spammer A spams six groups, logs off. Account is reported and killed. An hour later, Spammer B, an alt of Spammer A, spams six groups. Same thing happens. An hour later, Spammer C, an alt of Spammer A, spams six groups. Rinse, repeat, burn. The Lindens don't want to make it difficult to get an account, but without some boundaries, spammers slip through and go crazy on the grid.

[09:10] Txxxxx Txxxx: it does not say they are connected by email on that page
[09:10] Txxxxx Txxxx: my guess is IP address.
[09:11] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they can't do IP addresses
[09:11] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: IP's are dynamically assigned by an ISP and change regularly
[09:12] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they could do MAC address or GUID
[09:12] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but those can be altered with tools easy enough by anyone who knows how
[09:13] Exxx Rxxxxxxx: even the most basic router can spoof mac addresses
[09:13] Txxxxx Txxxx: in short I guess it would be very, very hard to prevent these spammers.

That's my thinking, unfortunately. Wish it had an easier solution.

[09:14] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes!
[09:14] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so just not clicking on things you don't know about is the best protection

Well, sure, for some things. But that's not a one-size-fits-all solution.

[09:15] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx: sorry guys, definitely unauthorized by me

Uncle [G] is not only a mod in this particular group, but also the group's owner.

[09:16] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *hugs* Hi hi Uncle [Gxxxx]
[09:16] Txxxxx Txxxx: we know Uncle
[09:16] Nxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we know
[09:16] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx: snogs guys
[09:16] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx: thanks all for looking out for TMTs interests
[09:16] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx: i appreciate you all

We try. I think any group we spend time in, getting to know the other denizens, we're going to feel protective towards.

[09:19] Rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx pounces [Gxxxxx] with a huggle, then bounces back to her sorting table
[09:20] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx: hey [Rxxx]
[09:20] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx laughs
[09:21] Txxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: The same spammer did it Hunt SL group too. They changed to a group fee to join of $10L. Hope that helps :/
[09:22] Gxxxxx Txxxxxx: It doesnt happen often thankfully
[09:22] Pxxxx Vxxxxxxx: but now they found [group store] they will be back

I hope not. But this particular soul's been making the rounds all day today. Not fun.

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