Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I don't give a damn what you think

[09:44] Axxxx Bxxxxxx: I have a question

How very polite.

[09:44] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: [Axxxx] please ask?
[09:45] Axxxx Bxxxxxx: is there any Skins with appliers for the slink male and female bodies??

I'd highly doubt it, the male Slink body just came out.

[09:45] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: Amaia: yes for the SLINK female bodies, NO to the SLINK male bodies
[09:45] Sxxxxxxx: the slink male body is out?

Just launched today, in fact.

[09:45] Axxxx Bxxxxxx: will there be for the male bodies??
[09:45] Pxxxx Nxxx: if slink is those fake feet i dont want it

Here we meet Miss [Pxxxx], the exceptionally opinionated. Read on.

[09:46] Axxxx Bxxxxxx: yes the slink male is out today...1250 for the body but you need to get the feet and hands seperate

That's going to pinch a little for male devotees for mesh. On the other hand, I'm still unable to afford either Slink feet/hands or a mesh body beyond the Kemono and the Uti 2.0 I have. Still pretty happy with the Kemono, but it still doesn't have a ton of variety for clothing options.

[09:46] Pxxxx Nxxx: its impossible to make colour fit

Yes and no. Thing is, if you can get a skin applier for your mesh parts--be they implants, full bodies, mesh head/hands/feet, whatever--then you can make the skin match pretty well. If you're in my situation, it's never going to be possible, because I haven't found one skin company beyond Lumae that makes appliers in odd tones. And by "odd" I don't mean "goth", I mean blue, or lilac, or Nomine's old constellation skin line, or neko striped. No one is going to make appliers for these things, either, unless they're extremely motivated. I'm resigned to staying mostly human if I want to wear mesh parts.

[09:46] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: [Axxxx]: not in the near future, [Sxxxxx] is very busy with appliers for MESH heads
[09:46] Cxxxxxxxx Jxxx: Yes, the skins have color appliers to match perfect
[09:46] Mxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: your sposed to buy a skin applier from your skin store to make the colour "fit" lol

Well, some include the appliers with their skins, some don't. Not all skin makers charge for their appliers, but some do. There's no "wrong" way to offer appliers for mesh parts at the moment.

[09:47] Axxxx Bxxxxxx: okies thank yous Ma'am for answering my questions
[09:47] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: you are very welcome
[09:48] Pxxxx Nxxx: mesh heads?
i must be getting too old in SL
if you wear mesh head your face enoter desnt work
then you are just another stiff doll face in SL

Wau, your spacing is so odd. Also...before the advent of mesh heads, most of us were stiff doll faces in SL. Unless we make a habit of running with a face emoting HUD, and many of us don't, then our faces rarely move anyway. Now, my bigger complaint with most mesh heads have nothing to do with face emotes, it has to do with the sameness of shape and expression. I thought the arrival of mesh meant we'd get more creative, not further ossify. But some of my favorite makers for eyes, skins, clothing, who got into mesh heads, ended up essentially making the same head with different makeups, not different heads with differently-shaped lips, noses, eyes,'s frustrating.

[09:48] Yxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: Slink Visage (the mesh head) has emotion options with it
[09:49] Pxxxx Nxxx: ok
[09:49] Pxxxx Nxxx: but i guess its not free

Nope. Most mesh heads aren't. Don't expect everything to be handed to you on the grid.

[09:49] Yxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: No, its very expensive if you want to keep up with all the mesh components out there.

Very, very true.

[09:49] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: there is a group which has mesh heads as group gifts, but the group is not free to join
[09:50] Pxxxx Nxxx: thats why i keep away from Mesh
the inventors pump the market
and it seems a lot want to be mesh!

"Pump" the market? What does that mean? Are you saying that, simply because they see a market, and capitalize on it, they're exploiting people and artificially manipulating their eomtions, or are you saying they're deliberately overpricing mesh items so that residents will be forced to pay their inflated prices, and they can sit in their vast storage vaults, giggling madly over their virtual wealth?

Either option sounds like Miss [Pxxxx] is insulting all makers of mesh, doesn't it?

[09:50] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: and I don't know if the appliers we have will work with these heads

That's always a potential drawback, yes. Some will, some won't. I've heard stories that TMP body appliers will work with some Maitreya bodies, but I haven't tried it myself. And Omega claims to have all the codes ever for every mesh body out there, so will those work with relatively unknown or new mesh forms? Who knows?

[09:51] Pxxxx Nxxx: if people wasnt so snobbish and waited
[09:51] Pxxxx Nxxx: but lol

"Snobbish"? I don't think that's exactly the word you're looking for...

[09:52] Pxxxx Nxxx: some want coca cola
instead of the low price cola
[09:52] Pxxxx Nxxx: i call it snob behaviour
[09:52] Pxxxx Nxxx: i call it idiotic too
[09:53] Pxxxx Nxxx: because what is the cool thing about it?

That is almost shockingly rude to say in a store group that makes mesh appliers for other bodies, and skins for mesh bodies.

[09:53] Mxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: wow.... so rude

I wasn't the only one who thought that, then.

[09:53] Exxx Rxxxxx: I call it to each it's own, :)
[09:53] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah lol, each to their own no?
[09:53] lxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: is this a rant against mesh in general or...?

Maybe it's just a rant? Maybe Miss [Pxxxx] just had a really bad day and had to take it out on someone? I doubt anyone knows exactly why she started ranting madly on mesh in a group that facilitates mesh skinning.

[09:53] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: aren't you doing the same now [Pxxxx]? Thinking you know it best?

She is, most definitely.

[09:53] Sxxxxxxx: welcome to my ignores list [Pxxxx]
[09:53] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no need to call it snobbish
[09:53] Vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is close window time
[09:53] Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: hello omg i just logged in, whats going on?

Group owner, now chiming in.

[09:54] Pxxxx Nxxx: they dont really care
[09:54] vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx agrees with [Vxxxxx]
[09:54] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I do't have mesh yet, but I'd like it and I'm certainly not a snob!

[09:54] Pxxxx Nxxx: who can you tell you bought a 2000 L skin?

Anyone you want. Hells, when I was very new in the game, and system skins were far more expensive, a dear client bought me a fatpack of eight skins in varying tones for L$6000. I was completely blown away, and very humbly grateful, but you had best believe I went around telling everyone where I'd gotten the skins--not specifically naming the gentleman in question, but naming the skin maker. Giving out landmarks. Gushing about the details. So hells, yes, people do tell other people where they got their skins from, how much they paid for them, this is not "taboo", guilty information.

[09:54] Pxxxx Nxxx: you can bann me but my option iss clear

It is? Pray tell, what's your option?

[09:54] mxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im not a fan of mesh heads, but i do love my mesh body.. :)
[09:55] Pxxxx Nxxx: but i must admit
i like the skins
[09:55] Pxxxx Nxxx: You do damn well

I'm sure she appreciates your backhanded support.

[09:55] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: Ladies can we drop it? Some like mesh, some don't. Thank God we can all do what we like in SL

Exactly. Plus, this is again a mod asking people to step back from the debate.

[09:55] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Everyone has their own preferences, there's no need to call someone a snob because they spend a lot of time in SL and want to spend money how they see fit haha
[09:55] Pxxxx Nxxx: yes
[09:55] Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: we can do and say our opinions, but with nice words
[09:55] Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: ty [Pxxxx], now please LETS COOL DOWN! I dont like to have drama here

Again, group owner and the maker of the skins for this particular shop speaking. Miss [Pxxxx] didn't listen, though.

[09:55] Pxxxx Nxxx: i thinkk i did
I'm pretty sure the rest of us thought Miss [Pxxxx] didn't.

[09:55] Axxxxxxxxxxx Fxxxxxxxx: ohh im a money spender
[09:55] Axxxxxxxxxxx Fxxxxxxxx: im a shopping hog
[09:55] Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: we can exchange ideas and opinions, but with respect!

At least, we should always try to exchange ideas and opinions with respect and consideration.

[09:56] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: come on ladies, come click the Midnight Mania boards

Again, the moderator is doing her job--trying to turn a conversation that has become divisive into a reason to visit the store, or at least, socialize better in the store's group.

[09:56] Sxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: anyways how are you Ladies?
[09:56] Mxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: polly just sounds like a jealous cheap skate that dosent respect the time or efort skin makers and mesh creators put into their work.... or their right to charge appropriate money for their time either lol
[09:56] lxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: all right, let's move on.
[09:56] Pxxxx Nxxx: i am old
i thing my opinion stands
i respect

If this is Miss [Pxxxx]'s idea of respect, I'd hate to see her version of discourtesy.

[09:56] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah, leave it now

I crashed at that point, and decided not to go back onto the grid, so I don't know if this kept going. Maybe Miss [Pxxxx] actually listened for once, and stopped talking, but who knows?

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