Saturday, September 26, 2015

before I found you, there was no one to destroy

Picking up from part the first:
[17:04] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im part german myself too! xD
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NOT WOODEN HAIR
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: CHECK OUT
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2]
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: JUST TYPING TO HELP NEW PEOPLE :)
How is this helping? Who is this helping??
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: 50L HAIR
[17:04] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have her booted, banned, and blocked. :)
Basically, by here, any store, group or sim Ms. [G] had access to? Had banned Ms. [Wxxxxx].
[17:04] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: just mute her everyone
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #3]
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SOFT
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #3]
[17:04] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Just a sad internet troll. Nothing to get excited about... -.-
[17:04] cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[17:04] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm German/Irish :D
[17:04] Woozie Gumshoe: IS LOVELY
[17:04] gxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what the hell is wooden hair?
Unless it's actually textured to be wood? I really have no idea. Hair that doesn't move at all?? You know, like most mesh hair???
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NOT WOODEN HAIR
[17:04] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Deutschland über alles! xD
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: I DONT
[17:04] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: uh yeah im gonna snooze this group til she is gone
I think that a lot, actually.
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SOFT HAIR
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: THE HAIR IS LIKE WOOD
[17:04] Cxxxxxxx Fxxx: yea mutey click click
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NOT GOOD
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NO WOODEN HAIR
[17:05] Exxx Exxxxxxxxx: I blocked her...woah that was odd.
[17:05] Kxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: u okay [Wxxx]?
Just as an outside observer, I'd say no, Ms. [Wxxxxx] is very, very far from okay.
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #3]
[17:05] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can't mute in a text viewer.. damn
That's a problem I hadn't even thought of. Eep.
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: CHECK OUT [competing hair brand #2]
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2]
[17:05] cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i reported
Six minutes into all of this--at least from this segment of chat capture--at least one person had reported Ms. [Wxxxxx] to the Lindens for harassment. That ups the game.
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LIKE WOODEN HAIR
[17:05] Lxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: Closing and reopening the window as well as blocking.
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: PRETYT HAIR
[17:05] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: have a good one ladies and gents(if there are any in attendance)
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AT [competing hair brand #4]
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #4]
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #4]
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #4, only misspelled this time]
[17:05] gxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you too
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: TRUTH AHIR 50L
[17:05] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Just mute her. I can't close the group unfortunately. All I can do is eject and ban, which is done... she just needs to log off now. or close the chat box.
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOL
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: PRETTY
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: HAIR
[17:05] Exxx Exxxxxxxxx: I didn't know there was such a thing as Wooden hair...
I didn't either. Though now I'm wondering if I still have some hair sections to texture in a wood pattern...
[17:05] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: VERY PRETTY HAIR
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SALE SALE SALE
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AT [competing hair brand #4]
[17:06] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: turn off ims?
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: !L
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #3]
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOVLEY SOFT HAIR
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NOT WOODEN
[17:06] Vxxxxx Mxxxxx: i just blocked her. all better now :-)
[17:06] Vxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i blocked her...she got boring. lol
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: BYE BYE SUCKERS
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOL
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #3]
[17:06] Hxxxxx Kxxxxxxx: STOP
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: I WIN AGAIN!
[17:06] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #4]
Again, how is this winning? What is she trying to win?
[17:06] Cxxxxxxx Fxxx: I kind of want wooden hair now. HMM.
[17:06] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I got the [name of hair] and the [name of other hair] from the lucky boards today. So pretty. I love all the different color choices. Very lovely.
[17:06] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I want wood LOL
[17:06] rxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thank god for the mute button pfff
[17:07] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hehe
[17:07] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hey now I want a wooden hair! lol
[17:07] Axxxxx Fxxxxxxxx: I can't wait for the Saturday sale... LOVE that shirt
[17:07] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Please ignore this person she is about to be banned from [store]
Already happened.
[17:07] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
vielleicht, wenn wir auf Deutsch geben Sie gehen weg! XD
[17:07] rxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and get splinters in your scalp lol
To be fair, that doesn't sound good.
[17:07] Txxxxx Dxxxxxxxx: gee wooden hair does sound comfortable
[17:07] Cxxxxxxx Fxxx: It might be kind of cool to have wood-grain textured hair tho
[17:07] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: already done [Zxx]
[17:07] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well from chat anyway
[17:08] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ty
[17:08] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if she really thought the hair here was wooden she would not be so pissed about being banned.
[17:08] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: she just needs to KINDLY close her chat window
"Would you kindly...?"

But that's a good point. Why rage like this over being banned, if you don't really, really want to remain in the group? For that matter, what happened earlier in the day that got her kicked out of the store in the first place?
[17:08] Lxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: It sounds like a good theme hair for we love rp for photos or some sort of lifestyle thing in SL.
[17:08] Axxxxxxxx Axxx: Iam just shocked this is odd i know that person was always moderator at [a skin store] and never before had such strange behavor
And it's still getting weird. Couple days after this happened, I saw her pop up in another group I'm in, and she seemed chipper and friendly. Few days after that--yeah, I'm posting this late--she popped up in the Twisted hunt group, where she's a member, so...what gives? Was she just off her meds this day? Or what?
[17:08] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: dutch theme maybe?
[17:08] Lxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: I just muted and reopened my chat.
[17:09] Lxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: Wow, moderator for skin, so sad to go crazy in SL.
[17:09] pxx Dxxxxxxxxx: Wood grain could be quite interesting for tree spirit as well... quite fitting really.
[17:09] Sxxxxxx Rxxxx: maybe the account got hacked?
[17:10] Axxxxx Oxxxxx: has to be that account is 10 years old who acts like that when they have been on sl that long
My point. Save for (based on the conversation below), her account wasn't hacked. So...what happened?
[17:10] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what the
[17:10] Axxxxxxxx Axxx: I am in [the skin store group] this person is still moderator aometing must be going on i assume very very odd
Which brings us back to, in other groups Ms. [Wxxxxx] is a responsible person...supposedly. She's a moderator in at least one other group. So we assume this also means rational, level-headed, able to calm tensions down, able to resolve issues.

But nothing was resolved here. In point of fact, whatever happened earlier in the day led to her becoming extremely abusive, flagrantly violating rules, but more than that, doing everything possible to ensure that she not only would be kicked out of the store group, but banned from the store. (And, as we found out earlier, banned from every single land group, sim, and property that the mod in chat at this time had access to.)

So...why? Why go to such lengths? What was she trying to accomplish?
[17:11] kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes seen her post a lot in other groups and she was always pleasant, very strange for [Wxxxxx]
[17:11] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: maybe she's on crack
[17:11] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thing is I like all the places she listed and I bet they would hate for her to be promoting their store here.
Which is another reason I'm not listing the store names mentioned. I'm in the store group for another store that was so aggressively name-dropped, so I know they make good hair, but so does the store that's attached to this store group. It's just baffling.
[17:11] Bxxxxx Lxxx: I think [this hair group] needs to have a group fee now. That is all.
[17:11] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm thinking she had a mental break down... sad really.. she was annoying before but ...
Annoying before?

How annoying?
[17:11] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes but she said she was banned on accident or being pissed about being banned brought out the real her
Okay, that's interesting. How does one get banned "on accident"? Maybe it's just me, but I've never been banned from any store or sim without cause. Sometimes those causes are due to misunderstandings--one in particular I remember happened because a store owner, friends with a friend of mine, heard the fallout of an argument her friend and I had, and decided she was protecting her friend by banning me. (That ban, by the way, was reversed.)

But every other ban I've incurred has been because of...well, this blog. I'm mouthy, I acknowledge that. I am not always tactful. I have blunt and occasionally unfavorable opinions. These traits tend to irk people.

Banning is personal. Blocking is momentary, muting can be, but a store or land ban? That takes thought. So...what happened? What made her so completely fall off the edge of her emotional cliff like this?
[17:11] Axxxxxxxx Axxx: oh dear
[17:12] Txxxxx Dxxxxxxxx: By all accounts if this is completely out of character for this person she probably has been sad
[17:12] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow
[17:12] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no she was ejected for pretty much the same thing earlier today she is now banned
Which sounds to me like, this basically repeated the earlier incident. Instead of standing in the hair store, screaming epithets, she chose to do it in the store group.

Still no idea why, though.

[17:13] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Definitely NOT out of character for her... sadly
So Ms. [Wxxxxx] has always been this rude and aggressive? What a tragedy. How did she become a mod in any group, then?
[17:13] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: people who hack accounts usually steal all the money they can and abandon the account or use it as a bot.
[17:14] Txxxxx Dxxxxxxxx: hmmm well that is maybe even sadder :( Hope the girl gets help
I do, too. This sort of behavior goes beyond mere rudeness into the surreal, and may indicate a need for at least a lie-down with a cold compress, or actual medication.

All I know is, I'm certainly not going to ask her about it. I don't need that level of grief.

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