Friday, September 4, 2015

birds you cannot see, filling every tree, falling out of closets

This, fresh from this morning:

[09:17] Oxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I hope Auntie [Cxxxxx] is building me a nice house, full of big hairy spiders, gross worms, and ghosts to play with!
[09:18] mxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and kitties for witches giggles
[09:19] Fxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: You love the taste of fresh kitten-juice in the morning?

Fresh...wait, what?!? I don't think I heard that right.

[09:19] Oxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Stick with prune juice, you get better results
[09:20] mxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx hides from [Fxxxxxx]
[09:21] Oxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: There is no hiding, we are good detectices, and know how to find you!
[09:21] Fxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: Half a pint of prune juice, one kitten, en several ice cubes in the blender... Serve when cold.

"Detectices." And prune-kitteh juice. Ooookay, then.

Basically, sharing for the oddity. And this from a few days back:

[01:04] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: A bit of neighborly advice for everyone selling on SL Marketplace: Check the language tabs in every listed item. Since the move to VMM, old, obsolete text may be there, giving incorrect information to people who use other languages than the one you made your listing in. Tech support told me that if you didn't write a listing for that language, the title, description, and keywords in that language's tab should be blank. This has been a customer service snarl for me for the last several weeks, and has cost me an uncomfortable amount of time and money in refunds to bewildered customers.

That sounds grim. Now, admittedly, I have a vanishingly few items on the Marketplace, but as I didn't rig everything for alternate-language customers, I should probably check.

[01:05] Axxxx Mxxxxx: How quaint. So very typical of LL.
[01:05] Lxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: Oh, thank you very much for the advice. I'll check immediately
[01:06] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :-)
[01:07] nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hmmmm
[01:07] nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not cool

Nope, but this is Linden Lab, when was the last time they made customer service easy for anyone?

[01:07] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It would be cool if they refunded the money I've had to pay out over this. Sigh.
[01:08] Axxxx Mxxxxx: You could as well wish for decent tier prices

Well, sure, but we all know that's never going to happen...

[01:08] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ironically, the first customer who had this problem almost saw what was wrong. But we both missed it.
[01:13] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I would very much like to know what kind of logic made this happen so I can be cautious in the future, but that part of my questions to tech support wasn't answered.
[01:14] Axxxx Mxxxxx: That would be because it is the same kind of logic as that which has been used for the past few years. "Stupidity"

Pretty much. They've made a lot of decisions that may have made sense to them in their safe, protected spaces, but on the wilds of the grid, fail to work in any reasonable way. It's massively irritating.

[01:14] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Another thing about VMM drives me up the wall: It no longer lists "Item Name"; everything is now only listed by "Listing Name". So if you're selling fifty individually named boxes of Abysinian Cinnamon KittyCatS, well, too bad, now they're all just "KittyCatS box - Abysinnian Cinnamon" in your Marketplace merchant listings. Good luck finding the one you want to remove or edit in any decent amount of time!


So now, how many of us have listed things for years is now another thing we need to check and verify. Argh! Why, LL, why you do these things?!?

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