Saturday, September 12, 2015

look into the shadows, step into the mist

A while back, at a We Roleplay event many moons ago...
[00:27] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): Good day Maiden Emily :)
Says the man wearing only the thong. Only...I wasn't seeing him correctly, I don't think...

I mean, are avatars supposed to be segmented and multiple shades now, in these latter days of mesh? Or is it just something with my graphics, as usual?

And, of course...Here we go again...
[00:28] Emilly Orr: Oh, greetings, sir! I did not hear you, I was paying attention to the goods.
[00:30] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): Quite alright, many fine goods to be had here.. almost as good as the fine cape and garments i am wearing.
[00:31] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): the rich silks and velvets on my garb cannot be matched

The rich silks and velvets that he is not wearing? Err...
[00:32] Emilly Orr blinks. She is not sure that qualifies as...garb.
[00:33] Emilly Orr also tilts her head. "You have a cape, sir?
Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx) scoffs 'you dare call the kings clothes rags??'
Well, not rags,, precisely; 'pon observation, it seemed to be a finely made thong.
[00:35] Emilly Orr peers, trying to make out a crown, coronet, or other symbols of office. "My...apologies; as I am not from these lands, I may have failed to recognize your...esteemed personage."
[00:35] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): aye tis a fine multi coloured cape and embroidered tunic

[00:36] Emilly Orr: I shall have to take your word for that. Perhaps I am incapable of perceiving such finery.
[00:37] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx) booms with laughter 'im not wearing crown ... wear the royal crown on a Friday indeed'
[00:38] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): you are clearly a backward peasant!
Never claimed otherwise, for the most part. But, when I play the part of Unseelie, I still refer to my court position, little as it was.
[00:38] Emilly Orr smiles wryly. "Oh, hardly. But I do not hold with human structures in general."
[00:40] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx) looks over his shoulder as he storms off 'oh and what realm do you hail from?'
[00:41] Emilly Orr raises an eyebrow, still smiling. "The Fae lands. Unseelie, to be specific."
[00:45] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx) seems a little confused as you say those words and catches the image of a near naked man in a mirror and thinks 'what a fool that man must be '. " I once knew a Fae.. you must be from her womb.. her spawn maybe.. I may know of these lands'
Right, 'cos, y'know, all Fae are related...or...look alike. One of those.
[00:47] Emilly Orr: Ah, well, we are not as many as we were, nor will be again, but perhaps. Perhaps.

[00:49]Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): ah yes your chosen people have been banished.. it has happened in my kingdom also
[00:50] Emilly Orr shrugs. "Some called it banishment. We did not agree."
[00:53] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): well sometimes you need to stand your ground if you are to be the chosen prophets
[00:54] Emilly Orr laughs, a high trilling sound. "I am no prophet, sir. Of that I'm quite sure."
[00:59] Oxxxxx (nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx) winces at your laugh a little but tries to hide his distain as to be polite.. " Well I'm sure your cult will one day grow large again."
[01:01] Emilly Orr looks puzzled. "Cult? You refer to us as if we are a form of worship, not a people."
Which, even for the setting, is an odd belief to hold. I don't think anyone has ever referred to those in either court as "prophets".

But he had already wandered away, to wherever a barely-clad face-painted male would go, after shopping...More shopping, one presumes.

Maybe he finally found something to wear...

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