Saturday, September 5, 2015

but you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start

So, apparently almost everyone in the Maitreya group got ejected today. Still trying to figure out why, and missed the first part of the chat due to crashing, but here was the second part.

[18:10] oxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hacker on the lose
[18:10] Fxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: one was just posted
[18:10] oxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: watch ims
[18:11] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hey anyone else been ejected from 'Maitreya Gifts'
[18:11] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i just got ejected
[18:12] lxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: did you ask why ?
[18:12] Txxxx Dxxxxxxx: are you sure?
[18:12] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: you did not [Sxxxxx].. that was an IM from a troll

Save that a lot of folks had the group disappear from their group listings, and the members list at one point showed only seven members. It was not just a troll.

[18:12] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeai asked it came back the person who ejected me was off line
[18:12] Txxxx Dxxxxxxx: check your group list first...someoens been sending IM's trolling people.
[18:12] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: I would suggest you ask the group owner
[18:12] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok :)
[18:13] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: when in doubt ask the owner

Generally always, but at the time, they were offline. Also, this seemed to be more than just a troll.

[18:13] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok let me check will get back to you :)
[18:13] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks ladies

Then, only a few minutes later:

[18:22] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok this is really weird.....i just got ejected from the "maitreya gifts" group??

Here we go again.

[18:22] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: They were hacked
[18:22] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that is weird!
[18:23] Cxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: No you didn't
[18:23] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes me too

Now, this is the odd bit. You can't "hack" a group, or at the least, it's the wrong term for what does happen. Essentially, if you can get into a trusted position, either through someone who trusts you giving you mod powers, or pretending to be an alt of another mod, then you have control of the group. That's not hacking, though. It's duplicitous, manipulative, and can be quite distressing, but it's not a hack.

[1[18:23] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Everyone was, but they were hacked

See above. Not a hack.

[18:23] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ah ok
[18:23] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: my sl has been so glitchy recently i was like uhhhh
[18:23] Cxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Check your groups...
[18:23] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i did it doesn't appear anymore
[18:23] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: could i have been hacked in any way??

No. This was someone who gained control of the Maitreya group. Why did this happen? We're not sure yet. But it wasn't a hack.

[18:23] Cxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: no someone is going around and sending that message
[18:23] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: No
[18:23] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i haven't been clicking links or anything

They may have been sending out a message, or a friend was, or even just a troublemaker who was laughing on the other side of the screen, but it wasn't just a message, it was also ejection of several group members.

[18:23] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: There are only 7 members in that group right now

Ms. R being one of them.

[18:23] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: haven't seen anything sketchy
[18:24] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow how bizarre
[18:24] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: GaylordFotter is the name of the "nice gentleman" who excluded me. just block him and re join the group

Again, preserving Mr. Gaylord's name because this was a dumb thing to do for no perceivable reason--at least, to me. How'ver, this is possibly where the hack might have come in--because Mr. Gaylord has been around for over four years. He should know better. He also seems pretty heavily involved in various RP sims, including some that either are phasing out or no longer as active as they once were, which leads me to believe Mr. Gaylord might have gone inactive as well. Is it easier to hack inactive accounts? Perhaps he had a simple password? Who's to know?

[18:24] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i was ejected too. Thanks for letting us know on this chat
[18:25] Txxxx Dxxxxxxx: file an AR on Gaylord too..

Because, whether culpable or innocent victim, the Lab needs to know the account is being used for misdeeds.

[18:26] mxxxxxx Kxxx: yes i was ejected too
[18:26] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: heard they were changing that group idk
[18:27] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: do we know the name of the hacker? So we can block

One would assume GaylordFotter Resident sent out the notices, at least to start with. But there was no hacker.

[18:28] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: GaylordFotter is the one who sent out the notices
[18:28] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: to me it appeared as GaylordFotter who ejected me
[18:28] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks!!!
[18:29] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That's who ejected me as well
[18:29] Txxxx Dxxxxxxx: name doesn't show in search at all...go figure.

Really? He shows up just fine for me.

[18:30] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Gaylord appeared and he is blocked
[18:30] Mxxxxxxxxxxx Txxx: ohhh again
[18:30] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Funny, he's one of only 7 people listed as members.

Ten minutes pass by, until...

[18:40] Dxxx Rxxxxxxx: did you all get ejected from Maitreya Gifts group by this gaylordfotter too?
[18:40] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes [Dxxx]
[18:41] Dxxx Rxxxxxxx: urgghh ok just checking
[18:41] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It was some kind of hacker

No, it wasn't. It was someone who gained ownership of the group somehow. That's an issue with the folks who ran that group, it wasn't hacked.

[18:41] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes
[18:41] Dxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah
[18:41] Dxxx Rxxxxxxx: now there is Maitreya Maniacs

Which seems to be the name of the new group Maitreya made, maybe? I'm not sure. Is it operated by the Maitreya store owners?

A bit later still:

[18:48] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok i heard Maitreya Gifts is now ! Maitreya Maniacs ! they changed the group name and had ejected all out of the old group
[18:48] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What was the use of that though lol
[18:48] Txxxx Dxxxxxxx: you don't need to eject people to change the group name do you?
[18:48] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nah i think there is more behind it
[18:49] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it was hacked so they changed it

Again, not a hack. The group was not hacked.

[18:49] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was talking to a manager and she said she had no idea who the person was that was ejecting everyone
[18:49] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they been saying new group name was coming
[18:49] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: how does a person hack a group?
[18:49] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nah it wasnt hacked

There you go. It was not hacked. But as to what actually happened, your guess is about as good as mine.

[18:49] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there was a notice about new group earlyer
[18:50] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes this new group was made a week ago
[18:50] Dxxx Rxxxxxxx: no it was hacked

No, it wasn't.

[18:50] hxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was ejected from Maitreya gifts
[18:50] Mxxxx Kxxxxx: What group are we talking about?
[18:50] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we all were
[18:50] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: everyone was
[18:50] hxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I didn't even log in today
[18:50] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they were hacked


[18:50] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nope not hacked prob someone who didnt want the old group to remain
[18:50] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: maitreya Gifts group
[18:50] Dxxx Rxxxxxxx: but you will find you can still talk in the group
[18:50] Kxx Hxxxxxxxx: They eject when creating new
[18:50] hxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ah
[18:50] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I agree with [
[18:50] hxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so relieved
[18:50] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes, hacked


[18:51] Dxxxxxxxx Dxxx: Yes the old group is done and a new one starting but I think I have to relog to get rid of the old one
[18:51] Sxxxxx Rxxxx: Which Maitreya? The one I paid to get into?
[18:51] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: no [Axxxxx], that group was not hacked..
[18:51] dxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxx: wow....i just realized i'm not in the group now
[18:51] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but seriously we have SLF and O why do we need that group ..smiles..
[18:52] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that group has been having issues for a while, a new group was made last week

So again, I'm wondering--if all Maitreya wished to do was change the name, why all the drama?

[18:53] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: by some of the owners
[18:54] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: suddenly the members of the old group were ejected..?? sounds fishy to me
[18:54] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but that is my opinion
[18:55] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well it's not hacked that's all ;p
[18:55] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nods

Several more minutes go by, then...

[19:17] axxxxx Oxxxxx: is anyone else in maitreya gifts group ?
[19:17] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am
[19:18] axxxxx Oxxxxx: did anyone get ejected for on reason i just did and i havent chatted in there in over a week O.o lol
[19:18] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we all got 'ejected'
[19:18] axxxxx Oxxxxx: ohhh is it no longer a group then
[19:18] Nxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: they may have closed the group
[19:18] cxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Everybody got kicked out. Shenanigans going on.
[19:18] axxxxx Oxxxxx: ah ok
[19:18] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is still an active group
[19:18] Nxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: oh i c
[19:19] Nxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: they will get it figured out then probly tomorrow
[19:19] axxxxx Oxxxxx: than you for clarifying for me
[19:19] pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the owner Mette was slammed by over 4k of messages when she logged in
[19:20] axxxxx Oxxxxx: oh holy cow

That is rather a lot, yeah.

[19:20] Nxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: holy cow
[19:20] pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: she suggested I join Maitreya Manics until they figure out who's responsible and have them banned
[19:21] pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or they will probably just eject us again
[19:21] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm unable to leave the old group
[19:21] axxxxx Oxxxxx: oh ok they must have spammed badly
[19:21] pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why do people with that kind of knowledge and talent use if for evil!!??
[19:21] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well it was not hacked and the new group was already announced so yeah... prob some internal issues

Maybe. So Mr. Gaylord might have worked for Maitreya? Then why did no one know who he was?

[19:21] axxxxx Oxxxxx: you should have been automatically ejected colette the group doesnt exsist anymore i dont think
[19:21] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Unhappy people who want to cause grief. I dunno
[19:21] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: ok look, can we please drop the Maitreya gifts group drama
[19:21] axxxxx Oxxxxx: yes no problem :)
[19:22] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes please
[19:22] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Agree with [Axx] but it was not hacked :D
[19:22] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok, sorry [Axx]
[19:22] pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: me too!
[19:24] wxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I asked one of the owners 5 mins ago , it was hacked she told me , and they opened the new group Maniacs

Save for it wasn't hacked. Groups in SL cannot be hacked.

[19:25] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry, justlogged, what group got hacked?

No group got hacked.

[19:25] xxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we are to drop it
[19:25] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh

Things began to settle down, then three minutes later, for no reason I could see beforehand:

[19:29] 6xxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: How are people to know if they are not told, and do not happen to belong to a group that has sent a warning notice? Or has someone in the problem group been able to send out a notecard? I am just asking for clarification, and on behalf of folks who log in later tonight. Respectful thanks.
[19:30] Fxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well for one. it has nothing to do with this group. and 2 a mod asked to drop the subject. nuff said
[19:30] Sxxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: [Fxxxxxxxxxx]
[19:31] Fxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I didn't do it
[19:31] Fxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry. my default response.
[19:31] Fxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes?
[19:32] Mxxxxxxxxxxx Txxx: lmao
[19:33] exxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Fxxxxxxxxxx] did the right thing really

And thus the drama oozed into a puddle, and dissolved.

All we know now is:
  • A mod used to being in the Maitreya group did not know the name of the man who sent out 'you've been group-banned' notices
  • The man who sent out the notices is over four years old
  • Maitreya has a new group
Until we know more, that's all we have so far. Though I will say, it is a good question--if we're disallowed from talking about the whys and wherefores of an issue, how are we going to help others who may not know what's going on? How do we help ourselves?

Though that likely goes back to the first section--contact the group owner, and wait and see.

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