Tuesday, September 8, 2015

well, we're just a wet dream for the webzine

Now this is the way you warn your group about scams:
[11:30] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ladies & Gents alike: Please be advised that there are phony marketplace links going around. This is a phishing scam intended to hijack your account & steal your lindens. Legit MP link is https://marketplace.secondlife.com { Any variation of this is a scam. Stay safe Beauties!! xo
See? Simple, easy, and doesn't involve reproducing a known bad link. Works in every situation, doesn't contribute to the problem.

The irony is, not even three minutes later, we saw this in that same group:
[11:33] diamondgirl34 Comet: http:// marketplace second life 000977 .my3gb .com/ 09345/ secondlife.htm
[[Spaces are mine, because while I want to show it off in full, I do NOT want it to be clickable.]] Also preserving diamondgirl's name, because known bad account is bad.
[11:33] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: DO NOT CLICK IT
[11:33] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: DONT CLICK THAT
[11:33] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Dont!
[11:33] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: FAKE
[11:33] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh shoot I so almost clicked that, thanks.
And this is why reminders are still necessary, because people have zero reading comprehension.
[11:33] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Good you didnt
[11:34] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: [Xxxx], no need to yell
[11:34] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Axx]! :D waves and hugs...I got scared! Peeps were posting gyazoo pics,so someone mightve thought its safe..Like [Txxxx]..Sorreh
[11:35] Vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Diamondgirl's link, is a good example of a fake, or 'Phishing" link.
[11:35] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thats why I almost clicked it tbh, bc I had just posted my gyazo so my brain was like "oh someone else is sharing too" lol
[11:35] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah well thats why I yeleld. Kinda..Sorry
I admit it, I am twitching at "yeleld", but it is what she typed, so I'm letting it stand.
[11:35] Vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *hides Diamondgirl's link behind a very big curtain*
If only it were that easy.
[11:36] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: she's posting in every group, wtf
[11:36] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 4 of mine already popped
[11:36] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i see >.<
[11:36] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah she's not the only one, someone else posted a fake MP link earlier too.
It's almost like she's going down a list of groups.
[11:36] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 6 of mine so far
[11:36] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: smh
[11:37] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: ok, have a suggestion ladies, if you're on FS or ctrlaltstudio or the LL viewer, if you have the v3 mini header icons set to show, real mp links, and any real sl web link, will have the sl hand logo before it
[11:38] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ^ I wish all viewers would hop on the bandwagon...
[11:38] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: FS!
[11:38] Vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: FS
[11:38] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That's almost a 9 year old acct too, weird usually the scams come from like 2week olds. I bet she was hacked. :\
[11:38] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: probably
Seems very likely.
[11:38] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I saw older avis earlier being used for scams...
So here's a question: how are these scammers getting access to older ccounts in the first place?
[11:38] ixxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Gxxxxxxxxx], how do you turn that option on?
[11:38] ixxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in FS
[11:39] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I believe it's automatic
[11:39] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i never clicked an option for it.
Some aspects of it are automatic. Since I'm now on Firestorm (at least until Singularity updates to account for the weird vertex buffer issues that are causing me to crash on it), Marketplace links that are listed in profiles or in search automatically show the little SL hand logo. But to set that up for group chat, you have to set that up by hand.
[11:39] ixxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OK [11:40] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: it in your chat prefs, you can use either v1 or v3 headers.. you need to choose v3 and make sure that mini icons are enabled
[11:40] Kxxxxxxx Kxxxx: Thanks [Axx]
[11:41] Wxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes thank you
It is a good tip. I'm not crazy about the spacing, so I won't be doing it, but it's pretty simple to track out and implement.
[11:41] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: and she wasn't hacked, she was phished because she clicked a link and then entered her login info...clicking the link itself SHOULD be harmless as long as you don't enter your info, but always be on the safe side, if you click a fake link, change your password
[11:42] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh wow lol I just changed the chat header like you said and turning V1 off looks so weird. I kind of like it though
[11:42] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oooh i like v3 much better
[11:42] Hxxxx Pxxxx: let's report this b...
[11:43] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: I like having the mini profile pic there, and it spaces chat out a bit more so people who have difficulty seeing can see easier
[11:43] txxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm leaving mine this way, it's cool. lol
I'm not crazy about how it works, but then, I haven't liked the last several updates to YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, and Skype, so maybe I'm just reaching that stage of brain ossification that resists all change. So I won't be running with it, but it could make a difference for people who don't generally read before clicking things.

I captured more chat bits from today, because diamondgirl hit a LOT of groups, but...that's for next entry. See you there.

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