Friday, September 25, 2015

your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away

There is a glitch currently in most third-party viewers, and possibly in the main line of viewers as well: the inability to leave a group if it contains more than five thousand members. (Concurrent to this, I've learned, there's a glitch for group owners and moderators where, if there's more than five thousand members in their group, they can't load the member list to evict or add new members.)

I have no clue what causes this, and to date, the only "solutions" for it are either to relog and try to leave the group again, or to go to a fairly low-lag sim and repeatedly attempt to leave the group, until it finally says you're not in the group any more, then...wait for around ten minutes. Both "solutions" are a hassle.

While I do my best to anonymize the chat captured below, I am going to mention that it's a hair group, because it becomes relevant. I had been wandering the wilds of Neverwinter, before logging in to wander the grid, so came into this partially after the main outburst.
[16:59] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: If you leave a group and it says you havent you just need to relog
[16:59] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: no
[16:59] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: it will not work
[16:59] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I ejected you...
So saith the mod.
[16:59] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: i want to join [competitor's hair group]
[16:59] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: love her hair!
So why can't she? Sure, that hair group is a pay hair group, but it's more than worth it for the group gifts alone.
[16:59] Vxxxxx Mxxxxx: you need to update your viewer if you cant leave groups
[16:59] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: drools!
I'm fairly sure she didn't actually log off the grid, though, because of the following conversation.
[17:00] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ok you've been ejected. Please don't praise other hair brands in here. Thank you!
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: BUT DO CHECK OUT [competitor's hair group]
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: HER HAIR IS TO DIE FOR
[17:00] Jxxxxxx Lxxxx: oi
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [another competitor's hair group]
[17:00] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: all she has to do is relog the group wil remove itself if she has already left
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: :)
[17:00] Jxxxxxx Lxxxx: not its not
[17:00] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: but to talk about another group here is being quite disrespectful
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: OH HER HAIR SI BEAUTIFUL
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SOFT HAIR
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: I AM NOT LONGER A PART OF IT
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SO DOES NOT MATTER
So, because you've been kicked out of a group, you're not only going to burn the bridge behind you, but drop a pony nuke on your way out of town? Mature, Ms. [Wxxxxx].
[17:00] Vxxxxx Mxxxxx: sounds like the ban was deserved
[17:00] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow, so rude to promote other places hair in here.
[17:00] Jxxx Cxxxxxx: Troll
[17:00] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [yet another competing hair group]
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NODS
You're agreeing that it's rude, Ms. [Wxxxxx]? An unexpected drop of self-awareness in you.
[17:01] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: as long as u are talkin here u are a part of it
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2]
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #3]
[17:01] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: relog so u go away
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: THE HAIR IS SOFT
[17:01] Jxxx Cxxxxxx: blocked....
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: ITS NOT LIKE WOOD
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NOT WOODY HAIR
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: :)
So...what, precisely, is "woody" hair? My mind immediately thinks of hair festooned with branches and twigs, but I'm fairly sure that's not what she means. Does she mean hair that doesn't move? But mesh hair does move, and if you're going to complain about mesh hair from this store, you really have to complain about mesh hair from any hair store that makes mesh hair.
[17:01] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: I am coming to understand why u were banned
I'm surprised it took anyone this long, frankly.
[17:01] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Wxxxxx] why you being a complete and utter idiot?
Excellent question. Why is she acting so ridiculous in this group? She never gives a comprehensible answer?
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2] AND [competing hair brand #3]
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SURE YOU ARE
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: GOTS TO DO YOUR DIRTY WORK FOR [group owner]
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOL
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2] HAIR IS SOFT
[17:01] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: NOT WOOD LIKE
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #3]
[17:02] Cxxxxxxx Fxxx: wtf
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SOFT FULL HAIR
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #3]
[17:02] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: Idk who [group owner] is but i applaud her for banning u
About this time, in addition to being ejected from this group, she was also banned from the hair store in question.
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2]
[17:02] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: She's been ejected and banned she just needs to relog and she will be gone. :)
[17:02] Jxxx Cxxxxxx: Love my BLOCK button...js
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: OR [competing hair brand #2]
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: CHECK THEM OUT
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2] HAS SOME HAIRS FOR 50L
[17:02] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: I just told her as much
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: VERY PRETTY SOFT HAIRW
"Hair". And understand, all I'm doing with this is anonymizing, I'm not editing. All the phrasing and the misspellings are entirely the result of Ms. [Wxxxxx]'s own errors.
[17:02] Jxxx Cxxxxxx: :)
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: THEY DO NOT LOOKLIKE WOOD
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: ITS VERY PRETTY
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: 50L HAIRS
[17:02] axxxxx Cxxxxxx): but she rather sit here and be a public nuisance
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AT [competing hair brand #2]
[17:02] Vxxxxx Mxxxxx: we all know these things. you just sound like an idiot now
Pretty much. No one in SL only knows one hair brand and needs this level of screaming, divisive hand-holding. This is so staggeringly, unrepentantly rude it makes my brain reel.
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOL
[17:02] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: PRETTY HAIR AT [competing hair brand #3] AS WELL
[17:02] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: *shrugs*
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOVELY
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SOFT HAIRS
[17:03] gxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what on earth is happening over here?
Technically, Lindens. Lindens happened here, by breaking the group chat code. The mods couldn't load the group member list until halfway through this diatribe, but we learned also that once they managed to get the list loaded, and tossed her out of the group, as long as she didn't leave the conversation, she was still in the group, and able to communicate. That's an unexpected complication.

Let that sink in. I have been in active chats and left groups, and it always, always closes the group chat when I do. That is the expected behavior of leaving a group with an open chat. With this new bug, it doesn't. That is a very deep fracture of the chat code.
[17:03] Vxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ^^^ another prime example of why more women should swallow.
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: VERY SOFT
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOVELY HAIR
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #2]
[17:03] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: Hi5 [Vx]
[17:03] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: stfu
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: FOR 50L
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #3]
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: CHECK OUT
[17:03] kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why is it when i think of all caps i think of a stereotypical german lol
Not really sure? But hey, knock yourself out.
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SO OSFT
[17:03] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: She ob a griefer cos they all look like Noons, and she ob doesnt get hair thats in any of the places she recommends
Uh. What? Seriously, what are "Noons"? Does she mean "newbs", maybe?
[17:03] Cxxxxxxx Fxxx: lol whaaat
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: PRETTY HAIR
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOVELY HAIR
[17:03] gxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: XD @[Vx]
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: [competing hair brand #3]
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: COME CHECK IT OUT
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOL!
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: AND [competing hair brand #2]
[17:03] Cxxxxxxx Fxxx: SOFT BUNNY
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: 50L
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: SOFT
[17:03] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: DONT MISS THE [competing hair brand #2] SALES
[17:04] gxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: LOL [Kxxxx] I am German and I find that hilarious!
[17:04] axxxxx Cxxxxxx: can someone griefer her already and knock her offline
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: LOL
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: BY THE WAY
[17:04] Wxxxxx Gxxxxxx: I AM NOT READING YOUR TEXT
So, you're doing all this, making several thousand users absolutely loathe you, irritating an entire store group, for...what, exactly? What possible amount of lollery excuses this level of tadpole-minded dementia?

Oh, and that sounded very much like you were responding to group members, so...were you also lying to us, Ms. [Wxxxxx]?
We'll hold off on the rest of it until tomorrow, I think. Pick it up then.

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