Wednesday, September 30, 2015

my bones will bleach, my flesh will flee

"The Haunted, the ad said, and since I hadn't started in on traipsing through haunts this year, yet, at all, I thought I'd see how it went.

It's honestly not bad. There are some jump scares, there are some active zombies--so be careful at least around the haunted house--but the highlight for me was the train ride. It's well done, very scenic, lays out the entire sim build for a viewer in five minutes.

Highly recommended for fans of trains in general, though I would mention the main train car is a wee bit on the cramped side--I doubt more than four avatars can sit in it at once!

There are four main areas, which include a haunted house, a bloody beach with lighthouse, a swamp, and a dead carnival. I'm definitely going back to explore at least the haunted house, though the lighthouse was quite fun, as well. Overall I'd say, especially if you'd rather see the spooks than interact with them, you can't miss with at least a ride on the wee train.

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