Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I'm a diplomat, I'm a subway rat, I like the unfamiliar

So, follow-up on the CeCe bodysuit issue from Vanilla Bae. Thanks to a customer service rep, I did track down the demo for the suit (it's tucked waaaay in the back). So, some before and after shots.

This is me, standard (with some additions) complexity of 46,675. That's a tad higher than me totally nekkid, but I am wearing a lingerie set from Big Beautiful Doll, heels from Essenz, an anklet, my collar, Truth Hair, makeup from Senzafine and nails from Dark Passions. Some of that definitely adds in.

With this bodysuit? The reports are right, I hit 350,155. BUT. Keep in mind that for that, I get a strippable bodysuit with materials, and mesh netting that is completely built-in, part of the mesh itself, not just a mesh texture on a solid surface.

Why is that important? Because of this:

(Granted, I had to take the bra of the lingerie set off to show this, because the lingerie layer can and frequently does occlude tattoo layers on mesh bodies.) You can see my tattoo through the back, clearly and easily, without my having to set the tattoo to mask.

This is the tattoo set to mask. See the difference? See how stark, patchy and drawn-on it looks when set to mask?

While I was searching around for CeCe, I found Beatrix, which is another mostly-transparent offering. There are two versions included in the package, one with materials, one without. This is the one with. This one also preserves the tattoo visibility on my back, with the addition of some cute hip chains. Total complexity? Raised me to 52,447.

So there are also options, if Miss B pulls her head back out of her nether regions and wants to explore them.

One last thing. This is a dress I found nearby to CeCe. It's called Mae, and is a simple ruffle dress with the strippable scripting. This dress raised me to 51,561. So I'm going to go out on that limb and say most of Vanill's designs are well within the 50K-75K that is at least my personal upper limit for wearables. And I know there are folks who walk around with less strict standards, because I frequently come across folks in the 80K-145K range.

Is 300K high? Yes, yes it is. Is that anything I'd wear to just wander around shopping in? Hell no. But that is mostly due to the fact that I do not shop in lingerie. I consider that before I consider the complexity.

The CeCe bodysuit seems unusual for most of Vanill's offerings, and I think that's entirely due to her wanting a 100% designed mesh bodysuit, not a textured one. I'm not the only one with a permanent tattoo, and I'm sure she's heard from many damsels who want that feature. And of course, when she offers something with that feature, she gets screamed at, so who knows when something like that will come along again?

In the end, I think the CeCe bodysuit isn't something I need, but I can see it being an amazing edition to an SL photographer's inventory, because I think pictures taken with this would be really stunning. And if Miss B can't see that, that is neither my nor Vanill's problem. After all, she didn't make it for Miss B; she made it for people who want to put it to good use. More power to them.

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