Wednesday, June 6, 2018

you are essential, not accidental

(Continued from the first entry.)

And now, let's move to why I came early: Adam n' Eve.

Found the booth! It was across the bridge on the second sim for the event. So first tip: the Vintage Fair is going to be big. Like, two sims' worth of stores. And second, 'ware the crossing, I nearly got eaten by the bridge. In the meantime, the Diana dress is L$250 per color, or L$1000 for the fatpack of all ten shades, which is a significant discount.

And there's a sleeveless Donna dress with a lovely floral pattern, for the same pricing--L$250 per color, L$1000 for the fatpack of ten.

The Oh Carol lingerie set of bustier top and French knickers comes in ten shades for L$250 per shade, for Hourglass, Maitreya, Slink original, and Petite sizes.

And there's the Oh Carol gacha, which is L$50 per play, and offers either floral or polka-dot variant knickers to go with your existing Oh Carol lingerie sets. Neat idea.

And that's the wrap-up, I am now escaping the lag!

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