Thursday, June 7, 2018

my brain was still today, just taking a little death

This is going to be one of the very few times I'm going to link to the group rather than anonymizing all references. I think it's important in this case. I will, however, still anonymize avatar names, much as I am tempted not to, because of the level of stupid involved.

Let's go.
[13:10] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: A 6 V L
13:10] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: .Vanilla Bae. Lucky Letters and Gifts
[13:10] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: A ?
[13:10] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[13:10] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: please keep letters in that chat.
[13:11] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: S 6 V L
[13:11] Emilly Orr: Way to read.
I do not apologize for the snark.
[13:12] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: S 6 V 4
[13:12] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: S S V 4
[13:12] dxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wrong group for letters [axxx]
[13:12] pxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: S S V 4
[13:13] Kxxxxxxx Pxxxxxxx: Wow.
[13:13] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: are people really that stupid?
[13:13] pxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: S S N 4
[13:13] Emilly Orr: Yep.
Again, I think the snark here is perfectly valid. Let's be real: we live in a world where Donald Trump is president and Brexit happened. So yes, people are that stupid.
[13:13] Txxxxx Lxxxxxx: maybe bots?
[13:13] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: O.o
[13:13] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have asked for you not to call out letters.
[13:13] dxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: looks like a few butts gonna get kicked
[13:13] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they cant read letters that form sentences!!!
[13:13] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: space em out they may understand then
I'll have to remember that for next time, if it happens again. "S t o p - p o s t i n g - h e r e - p l e a s e". Maybe that would work!
[13:13] Emilly Orr watches with popcorn
[13:13] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[13:13] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh share please Emily
[13:14] Emilly Orr passes popcorn out
[13:14] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks Emily
[13:15] pxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: J Q N 4
Oh, for the love of...
[13:15] Exxxx Cxxxx: so what group are the letter supposed to be in?
[13:15] Txxxxx Lxxxxxx: .Vanilla Bae. Lucky Letters and Gifts
[13:15] dxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the lucky letter group
[13:15] Exxxx Cxxxx: ty
[13:15] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Sorry, I did not know that I could not post the lyrics here, and I do not speak English, make sure the person speaks your language so you can tell them. Thank you for all the warning! Goodbye!
[13:15] pxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thanks
[13:16] pxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: grup 10L
[13:16] dxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you are speaking it just fine now
She could have used a translator, but that's not the important point. The point I want to draw attention to is she thinks the lucky board group is L$10 to join. I checked it after the bit of chat I wanted to reference ended,'s a free group.

Let me say that again, because it sounds vaguely important: IT'S A FREE GROUP. So not only can't she read, she can't math? What the hell?
[13:16] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: We like to keep this free from letter calling because we do not want yall to close chat and miss out on giveaways.
[13:16] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: offers Emily a toffee chew
[13:16] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: someones panties in a twist
[13:17] xxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: traduction :)
Whatever that means...
[13:17] Txxxxx Lxxxxxx: I think it's possible to just turn off an individual's ability to chat or not in a group
[13:17] dxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes it is
[13:18] Emilly Orr: That's true. Also, 10L for a group is nada. There are groups that charge 300L, 500L, Alice Project charged me 800L to join when I was in it. 10L is a PITTANCE.
[13:18] Txxxxx Lxxxxxx: so true
[13:18] pxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: J Q 4 4
[13:18] Emilly Orr: OMG
[13:18] Emilly Orr: SHUT UP
Was this out of line? Probably. But it was so frustrating at this point.
[13:19] axxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah and AP never gave gifts after a while
[13:19] dxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [vxxxxxxxx] stop, post in the right group
[13:19] Exxxx Cxxxx: i went to a mens hair place just an hour ago... wanted 1700L to join their group
[13:19] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ouch
[13:19] Txxxxx Lxxxxxx: holy wow
[13:19] Exxxx Cxxxx: paying that much would be rather Unorthodox
[13:20] Hxxxx Hxxx: Sorry girls
[13:20] pxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: haha
[13:20] xxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I see what you did there
I did too, but...I'm leaving it in, because it's a fair cop. It's an insane amount for a group fee.
[13:20] xxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol [Exxxx]
[13:20] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Problem has be solved:)
I had just pulled Miss V's profile to read through when this line posted in chat, and I now know how the problem was solved: Miss V was bounced from the store group. Serves her right.
[13:20] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thank you
[13:20] dxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :)
[13:20] Emilly Orr: Yay!
[13:21] dxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: doesnt botherr me i just like to uphold rules for respectful groups/businesses
[13:21] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks for the popcorn EMily
[13:21] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: No for the future please please keep letters in the group Love you all
[13:21] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: This group: .Vanilla Bae. Lucky Letters and Gifts
[13:26] Emilly Orr: You are welcome, luanamae, and thanks for the toffee!
Then, a bit later...
[13:44] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i forget can i get the letters with this group tag or must i have the other tag?
[13:44] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: This group tag
[13:44] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks
[13:44] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: letters are just shouted in the other chat :)
So, in line with other groups who develop lucky chair/lucky board groups to prevent mass calling of boards in their store's main chat, we still need the main group to get gifts from the boards, but we use the lucky board group to call letters. What's so hard about that? It happens EVERYWHERE. Literally E. V. E. R. Y. W. H. E. R. E.

Get your act together, guys.

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