Monday, June 4, 2018

just a voice like a riot rocking every revision

Here we go again...
[23:24] Pxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: becareful seem creatuers can change things about there products even if you bought it an have it in your invtory always 2 sets of slippers i have become no transfer when orginaly they were on;ly no copy when i bought them lol
[23:26] Hxxxxx Cxxxxx: o.0
[23:26] Lxxxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: wat.
Mad gods, this idiot is so irritating...She can't spell, she can't think, and as seen later, she gets offended when you call her on either of those two inescapable facts. I should just mute her and move on with my life.
[23:26] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: might have been a script in them that was no trans, and didnt take affect until you wore/rezzed...
[23:26] exxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 8 years here... you should know better....
She refuses to use her brain for anything but hair storage. She'll never know better.
[23:26] Hxxxxx Cxxxxx: I heard a lot of stupidity... but seems there is still more
[23:26] Pxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: no i bought them over 5 years ago now there no transfer for some reson
Suuure you did.
[23:26] Rxxxxx Bxxxx: lol
[23:27] Rxxxxx Bxxxx: ok this makes my day
[23:27] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you're easy [Rxxxxx] ;)
[23:27] Rxxxxx Bxxxx: hahahah yeps i think
[23:27] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes...Some trolls can do that....
She definitely can.
[23:28] Hxxxxx Cxxxxx: lol [Rxxxxx], easy to please eh ;p
[23:28] Pxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: geeze what is wrong with u people all i was doing was leting other know soo they knew iam not atroll
And yet, the fact that you cannot spell, think, or get anything right does convince one otherwise.
[23:28] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: noooooooooooo
[23:28] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol...
[23:28] Mxxxxxx Bxxx: Why is it that the thing that I most want to point out is that after five years it's time to consider tossing them and getting new ones
You're not wrong.
[23:29] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Some Trolls can change the
[23:29] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no one is changing the permissions after the fact on your objects [Pxxxx]
[23:29] Hxxxxx Cxxxxx: I don't even remember what I bought last week in sl, let alone if something would be trans or not 5 years ago o.0
[23:31] oxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What is any of this got to do with [the event the group is for]?
Absolutely nothing. Which is in line with every other comment she makes.

I'm done here. Moving on.

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