Wednesday, October 31, 2012

torn and repaired, just to endure it all again

The Evil Dead reboot now has a trailer. And from the looks of it, it promises to be a gorefest, start to finish. I don't know how I feel about that, honestly, because while I (and most fans) loved the original for the concepts it introduced, most of us ended up actually enjoying the second and third chapters more, in the end. And part of the why behind that was the element of tongue-in-cheek the writers, producers, and actors brought to them.

This one doesn't seem to have a sense of humor to speak of.

While we're talking seasonal selections, though, here's the Joker in pumpkin form, a pumpkin beast, how to make fanged pumpkins, and how to make candy corn on the cob. Projects for next year! You can start early!

Now back to the eyes (which you can get at Rue's main store in Netherfield.

(from the Avatars album; Rue's "Cassiopeia" eyes, the Earthen set)

We start with the eyes in "Ale", which remind me strongly of chocolate stout (which, by the way, makes a mean chocolate cake).

(from the Avatars album; Rue's "Cassiopeia" eyes, the Earthen set)

These are the eyes in "Bronze", a shifting, rust-toned melange of orange pulp, melted gold, pumpkin, aged whisky and orange juice. Lovely shade.

(from the Avatars album; Rue's "Cassiopeia" eyes, the Earthen set)

These ones, Miss Ruina named "Chocolate", and I didn't get it at first. They're closer to cognac than chocolate, but then I started thinking of things like the S'mores Martini or the Mystic Chocolate mixed drink, and I get it now.

(from the Avatars album; Rue's "Cassiopeia" eyes, the Earthen set)

This is "Creature", and I'm strongly put in mind of an autumn night on the moors, with drifting mist and strange moonlight reflections from trees. Burning coals, drifting shadows and tobacco-soaked leaves.

(from the Avatars album; Rue's "Cassiopeia" eyes, the Earthen set)

"Gunmetal", on the other hand, has enough color and tone to it to be more reminiscent of gaslights than guns. Either way, it's a mysterious, evocative color.

From Avatars
Which brings us down to the last in the Earthen set, "Smog"--which is more closely reminiscent of universal star gases than actual industrial pollutants. I think this one and "Ale" are my favorites from this set.

(And again, the horns in this series [that you, well, haven't seen in the last two entries] are also from Rue, part of the Eclectic Desires L$10 skull hunt and maze. The hair for this shoot is from Discord Designs [fairly sure it's no longer available, and fairly sure I'm going to find different hair for the next eye run], the skin is from MoMo [also may not be available], the lip tattoos are from Pin Me Down [acquired during World Goth Month], and the forehead jewels are from the Arachnos skin set at Fallen Gods [it comes with spider back-arms and the Arachnos skin as well; it's for the next day or so only on the Lucky Fortune machine].)

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