Friday, October 26, 2012

and though your back was turned, your hand, it held the knife

Okay, people. I get it, you want to be edgy. You want to design things that no one's designed before, while still keeping it approachable for the inner crack-whore inside all of us (apparently).

But this? No. Just no. Please, for the love of all gods, stop.

(Also, when pulling open the Marketplace to figure out where the strappy horror was from, I realized the Lindens were quite dedicated to creeping me the hell out this year. So not what I needed to see today. Also, this entry seems to indicate the strappy horror is from Barely Legal, while the small notation in the lower right-hand corner seems to indicate it's from Pautina, and in any case, that may not matter, because supposedly it's only found in the XYRoom.)

[19:17] ADALINDAA: I do not recommend that you buy a program to see if someone is online but hiding from you. Try talking.

Always good advice.

In the meantime, for anyone who lived and/or worked in SteamSkyCity in Caledon--or just liked going there and wandering that amazing build--there have been some changes:

[19:45] Desmond Magic: long and short of it is this, the skycity is now a homestead
[19:45] Desmond Magic: and I've got parcels designated for the people who are staying
[19:46] Desmond Magic: most didn't get the number of prims they wanted, but, I got them a spot in any case.
[19:46] Dxxxxxxxxxxxx Exxxx: huzzah!....
[19:46] Desmond Magic: it's not ready for moving in, in fact the new skycity isn't installed quite yet
[19:46] Rxxxx Hxxxxxxx: Excellent
[19:46] Dxxxxxxxxxxxx Exxxx: did we save most of the city?
[19:46] Desmond Magic: but the areas designated are clear, and it will be back.
[19:47] Desmond Magic: we saved... zero percent. the skycity itself was about half a homestead's prims.
[19:47] Darlingmonster Ember: erk...
[19:47] Nxxxx Rxxx: Will there be a new sky city?
[19:47] Desmond Magic: yes, Wrath has the engines and stuff
[19:47] Desmond Magic: we'll be able to have a skycity, in fact, a nice one I'm sure.
[19:48] Nxxxx Rxxx: It wouldn't seem like Caledon without a sky city.
[19:48] Desmond Magic: if anyone wants to see where their parcel WILL be, they are marked with prims.
[19:48] Desmond Magic: agree Nxxxx
[19:49] Bxxx Pxxxxxxx: when will you be ready for people to move back?
[19:49] Desmond Magic: problem with the old one, it was designed to match the INCREDIBLE demand for shop space at the time.
[19:49] Desmond Magic: Beth, Wrath is a little under the weather, I want to talk to him some when he's feeling better ~ I *may* be able to get people back in this weekend, before the superstructure goes up.
[19:50] Deeeeeeeeeee Rxxxxxxx: Actually we expected this to take a couple of months
[19:50] Desmond Magic: I'm in a rush :) all the parcel meters are frozen :)
[19:51] Desmond Magic: 2 months = hundreds of dollars, a luxury I don't have
[19:51] Desmond Magic: anyway, the black and white checkered areas at skycity level show where the parcels are
[19:52] Desmond Magic: and I did my best to put names and stuff.

If you had a parcel at SSC, please go and check where you'll be now, and when his illness has passed, the current creative force behind the floating city will put it back up. There won't be as much room for prims (vendors, sale boxes, decor) for the shops as when it was not a homestead, but the sad reality is, SL's economy across the grid has completely tanked. And the only one who doesn't seem to realize this is Linden Lab.

And this just in:

[19:45] Mockie [Mocksoup Graves]: The Ready Project ® is trying to do it’s part to help by expediting product to those who still need to get prepared and have food on hand before the storm hits. All orders received by Sunday night, Oct. 28th for the Lindon Farms ® 180 Serving Food Kit will be shipped 2nd Day Air on Monday, Oct. 29th. I get no kickbacks from this. I just want everyone on the East Coast to have food and water before the storm hits. Buy at least ONE of these buckets. You cannot afford to not have food and water when this storms hits.

They run between seventy and three hundred dollars per each bucket, which considering what comes in them, is not bad--for example, the Series Pack II bucket will serve one person for twenty days of meals that only need water to prepare. The Series Pack II is vegetarian, containing potato soup packets, macaroni and cheese packets, and a chocolate 'milk' packet, for twenty servings of each of those, and the bucket itself is resealable and handled should you need to grab it and trudge through floodwaters on your way out.

So yeah, be careful out there, people.

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