Sunday, October 28, 2012

I climbed down to watch the tide

(from the haunts album; pLAST's tiny Halloween ghost avatar, currently one Linden on the Marketplace)

I wish I could remember how I found this; I know something tipped me to it, I just can't remember exactly who or what it was. What I do know is this entire thing (with two variations, an opaque and a translucent, which looks AWESOME) is only a Linden on the Marketplace, or you can go to pLAST's store in Bonaire and pick it up for free. And it's a good idea to do that, because it comes with a moddable UV texture to make your own alterations.

(I've been on-again, off-again haunting La Frayeur in the meantime, so if you want to know where the Lucky Tombs I'm on are at, that's where. Currently it goes like this: a floating mesh 'sheet ghost' avatar is cycling through letters and numbers once per minute; various bits and pieces of a Hallows feast are cycling through letters and numbers every two minutes; and on the other side, not shown, the tomb is cycling through letters and numbers every five minutes for either the complete haunted dining room set, or the complete haunted living room set.)

(Oh, and it doesn't come with the wings. Those were from Seven's Selections.)

(from the haunts album; carted through Barkerville)

[00:11] Hay Ride whispers:
[00:11] Hay Ride whispers:

The Hay Ride had a few...bugs.

(from the haunts album; carted through Barkerville)

Tonight, I investigated Barkerville, which is only slightly confusing, but it's worth a meandering trip through in spite of the occasional confusing bits.

(from the haunts album; meeting up with the Headless Horseman)

There is a constant moving fog bank, gripping sounds (including haunted mansion doors that creak in the most unnerving way), and great, great decorations.

(from the haunts album; it's a fog machine!)

Basically, we came into Barkerville, and there was a sign saying "Haunted Hay Ride". We thought that would be a good, basic start to things, but oddly, it dropped us off at the top of the hill, next to the creepy old mansion.

For added fun, the creepy old mansion had an actual fog machine behind one of the dying shrubs by the stairs up. That was a gorgeous little detail.

(from the haunts album; the bloody mannequin)

Most of the pictures I have, in fact, are from inside the mansion. But don't let that stop you from going; there's more to the sim than just a haunted house. (Though it's a pretty good haunted house.)

(from the haunts album; the animated Jack-o-Lantern)

This was another creepy touch: we kept finding these long shadows down the walls that were roughly human-shaped...or at least Shape-shaped. This particular one had a moving pumpkin for a head. It followed our movements around the room as if it was actually watching us.

(from the haunts album; reading the cards)

And they have a working Tarot card table upstairs!

(from the haunts album; reading the cards)

There's at least one place where I fell through the floor. There's really no way to tell whether it was just my weird avatar trick of falling through builds manifesting again, or if there were actually weak points in the structure. Whatever happened, I found myself down in the basement, which seems half-dungeon cells, half strange medical experimentation.

There's the bones of a haunted ship, a cemetary, a small haunted western town, and the main mansion to go through. It's definitely worth your time to go.

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