Monday, October 1, 2012

keep all the roses, I'm not dead

First off, go here. Then start haunting Malfean Visions because those are AWESOME and must take over the grid.

[Help] Xeyu: Ahhhh damn, the best MMO just cant die, it cant.

All things pass.

From Mr. Noddington Schmooz's profile:
If you want to make yourself smaller and tell yourself you're "properly sized", you go right ahead. Knock yourself out. And then shut the hell up about it, okay? Do NOT try tell me that I am a giant because I stand 6'10", or preach to anyone that you're doing it right and they're doing it wrong.

The problem is that you are attempting to use Earth-standard measurements in SL, and the two are not the same. According to the Lindens, average height in SL is 2.1m (or 6'11"). People my height are the norm. Coming into SL and telling people they are too tall would be like going to Pandora (from 'Avatar') and telling the Na'vi that they are too tall: no they're not. They're the norm. By their standards, you're short.

In a nutshell, then: shut up about your height (and SERIOUSLY shut up about everyone else's height). Besides the fact that nobody but you cares about how awesomely perfectly proportioned you are, you're incorrect. You may be Earth-normal height, but in Second Life, you're short.
This is beautifully put. In my defense, I have never told people they're too tall. I have had fights with avatars around me that I am not a child, I'm just short. Weirdly, I hear this a lot from the tall folk around me.

I wouldn't mind, save that most of the time I'm called a kid, or worse, a creepy pedophile, I'm not even dressed in Lolita gear. I get called a child, labeled perverse, and occasionally bounced home when I'm wearing a Tiny, or dressed as a neko whatever, or even just in a blouse and a simple skirt. In fact, most of the time folks get outraged? Is when I'm not in a child form, when I have recognizable adult characteristics--read, "cleavage"--and makeup appropriate to an adult female.

People, I'm 5'5" in RL. My ENTIRE family, barring one cousin and a now-deceased aunt, is (or was) at least 5'10", with many of my uncles clocking in between 6'2" and 6'4". 5'6" may be the average, but I grew up feeling short, so in SL, I gravitate naturally towards an avatar that's between five feet and five and a half feet tall.

I fully acknowledge, this in SL is woefully short. I fully claim this lack of stature. Interestingly, a friend's gone the other way--she's short in RL, so she tops six feet here, because she's tired of craning her neck the other side of the screen. All in how we're wired, I guess.
One thing that really improves any social outing is half a dozen people yelling "Hooooo!" (pretending to show support for the music, but in reality attempting to draw attention back to themselves, where it belongs) or spamming up the public channel with shouted graphics to say "Good song" or "Applause" (for the exact same reason as previously noted). Or showing their knowledge of the song by 'singing' the lyrics as it plays.

Chances are excellent that if you've done that in a public place where I am, you're on my mute list. Congrats!

P.S. -- It's also awesome when you have shoes that make walking noises and pace around the club. Thanks ever so for sharing.

P.P.S. — If you use a gesture that includes the word "Hoogasm", congratulations! You're retarded.
I have to admit, I really like the way Mr. Schmooz thinks. Now, granted, I never minded groups of people "Hoo!"-ing, but in general, that was due to it being typed in chat. It started getting seriously on my nerves, though, when I'd go to a DJ-ed event, or a dance, and there would be sixteen people all gesturespamming the multi-Hoo--you know, the one that goes "Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-HOOOOOOOOO" really loudly?

Yeah. That's when I started muting gestures in most sims.

He has a store, too! Eminently practical soul, I'm quite impressed.

Work on the haunt is slow, but the build is up! Now to begin to creepify it. This will require much sound work, picture work, and poking scripters. Muahahahaha.

In the meantime, I leave you with the awesome hexaflexagon, and the beyond creepifying trailer for the Silent Hill sequel, and just to wrap things up on a fun note, a new rap song from Jack's Films on YouTube. It's a lovely, lyrical song about atrocious grammar. Enjoy.

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