Saturday, October 27, 2012

the sense I can't maintain, the ghost that never wanes

[02:17] Christine (thelostmodel) is now known as Santa Claus.

The hell you are.

So, there's this thing I heard about called the XYRoom event. I'd love to tell you more, but every time I go--to a parcel on Tamire that says it's the XYRoom event--I get bounced because the land is set to "private".

This irritated me until I ran down the actual blog for the event, and apparently, all the cool and fun things I'd wanted to look at are in a parcel that's now closed to the public.

It'll reopen November 1st, apparently, with all-new things. So it's a very limited monthly event. I shall keep that in mind!

(from the haunts album; the opening for the Tower of Terror)

Next up: the "Tower of Terror" in Toyah. Originally this was part of Mouse World--or so sayeth the info signs--but now it's been moved and remade. in Toyah, along with many other Mouse World attractions.

A tribute to Disney's Tower of Terror and Twilight Zone both, it's a very nifty thing.
(from the haunts album; going up in the Tower)

I don't have a ton of pictures from this one; there's really not many to get, it's mostly just experience. What I would suggest is that you either go on the ride twice, or go through the intro to the ride once, then step out through the "Chicken Exit" (that still makes me giggle) and then walk around to the front of the ride again. Trust me, you want sounds fully loaded for this one. It's very fun.

Next up: the Moment of Truth. You get a free candle...which you will likely then try to stab through your face, if your AO is anything like mine. Hmm.

(from the haunts album; the mysterious Grey Lady with the quests)

So this is how this one works: go to the haunt area, talk to the statue with the spiral eyes. (To be fair, the spiral eyes on this statue look AMAZING.) She will threaten you for disturbing her, but then send you off to talk to the humans nearby, for clues as to the six quest items she wants you to find.

(from the haunts album; the murdered bride in the haunted house)

So off you go. There's a small park area to walk through, and a multi-story haunted house, both of which are simply decorated, but nicely themed.

[02:24] Maddy whispers: behind the backdoor, you will find, a man so ugly that you wish you were blind. near him you will find the item you seek. tarot cards, pretty and mistique

"Mistique"? Really? See, that's part of the problem with this one: there are rampant spelling errors and some really tortured prose. Still, it's short, and the quest items are pretty easy to find.

(from the haunts album; he blinks)

How'ver, your prizes for completing the mini-hunt are a flashing-eyed "skull monk" (no copy/no mod/no trans), and

(from the haunts album; the potion table)

something called the "witches table", which clocks in at six prims of actually pretty cool (and is no mod/no trans, but copiable).

So, overall, it's worth going through in spite of the irritations involved.

More to come!

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