Saturday, October 20, 2012

it's hard to change directions, it's all we know

From a random profile seen whilst shopping:
Panther girls are fierce, they are strong, and there are not enough slave bells in the world to keep her from finding a way to cut your throat in the night if she finds you too weak a Master.

The Panther Girls flee the cities not because they hate men, but because they will not kneel to the weak.

I am not a feminazi, I am not an earth feminist, I am not a dominatrix.

I love men, I just refuse to kneel to those who I cannot respect.

I am a Panther Woman.
So, I did a little digging and it seems like this passage was not original with the Gorean lass I stumbled across, but from here. Even so, it presents a fascinating perspective, at least to my non-Gorean self: the concept of a fierce, feminine warrior caste that refuses to melt spinelessly before any male, but waits until she finds one she can respect.

Of course, in Second Life, finding men worthy of our respect--in or out of the Gor lands...well, that's the trick, isn't it?

Moving to fandom news, I take it all back: Star Wars merchandising was weird from the start.

[Zone] SinisterZerpent@SinisterZerpent: When Millenium City is ashes, you have my permisson to Fap
[Zone #3] M.A.S.T.E.R model no 1491@MoonJuice: I don't need anyone's permission, thank you very much.

Reason number 4765 why I dislike Champions: zone chat.

Ever wanted an anatomical model of Audrey II? Now you can...for an exorbitant price. Still cool, though.

There are Minecraft environmentalists! Who knew?

There's also more baffling news from Minecraft--apparently this year's Halloween update will introduce the Witch, hooked nose, pointy hat and all. But the best part for me--or at least the part that inspired hysterical giggles along with copious eyerolling--was this definition of properties:
The witch does not burn in sunlight and when set on fire, drinks a potion of fire resistance [...] If lit on fire by lava or fire, witches will quickly drink potions of fire resistance, making lava and fire ineffective ways of killing witches.

And the latest from Organica:
To all who recently purchased furniture from Organica which includes multiple seating:

Due to a recent change, likely as the result of pathfinding being added to SL, many of you may find that multiple seating for mesh objects no longer works properly. While all items of furniture were checked at time of packaging, it now appears that this functionality is broken. For more details, please see
Continuing the trend that neither mesh nor pathfinding were entirely ready for prime time...

Oh, and something else: there's a new word in the Urban Dictionary. Here's the top definition for it:
lindened, verb:
The process of taking something, and in an effort to improve it, making it worse.

Particularly as applied to softwear programs, wherein updates generally result in more bugs than they fix, or more old features broken than new ones introduced. I do wonder what the Lindens think of becoming a word, albeit a slang one.
I wonder what the Lindens thought of this when it surfaced on the site.

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