Friday, October 26, 2012

I walk out to meet my fate in the receding of the day

In Horseshoe Bay, until the end of October, there's a haunted mansion. Or should I say "Haunted Mansion", because yes, it's kind of a fan homage to the Disney attraction.

(from the haunts album; peeping skeleton at the Haunted Mansion)

I won't lie, this particular haunt doesn't have any genuinely scary moments. But it is so long on charm and whimsy, I doubt you'll care.

(from the haunts album; relaxing skeletons at the Haunted Mansion)

Including unintentional ones--because all their prim skeletons are animated. The inherent problem with that is, if there's any lag on the sim, you don't just see jerky animation, but extra limbs!

(from the haunts album; reclining skeleton at the Haunted Mansion)

Again, though, it's quirky enough--and happens often enough--that for me it just added to the whole thing. After a while, I found myself smiling every time a collection of bones waved four arms at me.

(from the haunts album; waving skeletons at the Haunted Mansion)

And they all seem so happy about it, that again, what could be a detraction ends up being great fun.

This particular house is maze-like, too. Most of the doors are only one way, but you can just cam through the wall and tap the door on the other side if you really need to return to another room.

(from the haunts album; the dish-washing skeleton at the Haunted Mansion)
And apparently, even death does not ease our chore burdens. Good to know.

It's a quick trip through a lovely house; I highly recommend it.

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