Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I understand what I am still too proud to mention to you

There's at least one more entry--or a group of entries with the same theme--on City of Heroes waiting in the wings. Mainly, because I took exhaustive pictures and chat captures of the summer event, and was in the process of deciding what and which to go for, when the announcement came in.

And frankly, all that exuberance, all that sense of joy and amazement, that I wanted to share just got sucked out of me. It was a gut-punch of epic proportions, and any former resident of There.com, the Matrix MMO, or other games that have crashed and burned will understand. I keep circling back to posting it then shaking my head and backing away.

At some point I will be posting it, if only out of stubbornness because I took all the images. But it may take time.

In the meantime, some scattershot things from today.

(from the fashion album; Caverna Obscura's October group gift)

There are reasons to belong to pay groups. Here's one.

At the last Nomine sale, on a whim, I picked up the Red Panda skin. It's not been my best whim, not because I don't like the skin--I do!--but because it didn't come with ears and a tail, and I've just been too lazy to look into making my own.

How'ver, I thought, today would be a good day (as I have since discovered, this was wildly in error on my part) to make the ears, so I flipped the skin on, then realized there were some texture fur packs I hadn't unpacked yet. So I rezzed those out. In the process, I discovered I hadn't yet unpacked the October group gift from Miss Ewing.

(from the fashion album; Caverna Obscura's October group gift)

This is it. It did need a little adjustment--probably less on ladies that aren't as freakishly short as I currently am--but it was all simply done, and this is very nearly out-of-the-box wearable.

(from the fashion album; Caverna Obscura's October group gift)

It flutters enticingly when I spin, and the details are to die for. The fact that this is pretty much just a monthly thank-you to her customers (because you still can't get IN to Caverna Obscura's group if you don't buy at least one outfit) is stunning. And it even manages to go pretty well with the skin!

(from the fashion album; Discord Design's "Leah" braided bun in Cast Iron)

Speaking of, because Miss Kallisti Burns sent out a box of her "Leah" hair around the same time, that got unpacked as a potentially good cover-up for the lack of panda ears. This is the style in "Cast Iron". It's mesh hair, but it's unrigged mesh hair, which means it's fully adjustable and modifiable.

(from the fashion album; Discord Design's "Leah" braided bun in Cast Iron)

Absolutely lovely from the back, and, as with most Discord designs, worn over a tattoo-layer hair base.

(from the fashion album; Discord Design's "Leah" braided bun in Cast Iron)

The amazing thing to me, though, was in adjusting it--this is it with the braids moved down very close to the top of the scalp. This results in a very tight-braided look, sleek and stylized.

(from the fashion album; Discord Design's "Leah" braided bun in Cast Iron)

But if you adjust it up a bit, so that the braids hold a little loft above the head? Suddenly it's a vastly different style--a loose, flattering, casual braided bun. The same hairstyle with two completely different looks? I don't think that happens with prim hair.

To get into the Caverna Obscura group, you still must buy at least one outfit, then send the transaction details to Elvina Ewing in a notecard to request to be added to the group. But for things like this, it can be worth it.

"Leah", meanwhile, retails for L$180 per color pack (six different shades each pack), or you can buy the whole lot for L$900), and she was originally developed as part of the "I Heart Rouge" fundraiser to save CodeBastard Redgrave's sim. Because that happened at the end of Septus (and because, for me, the end of Septus was just insane), I never got around to sending out a blog entry on the event, which is now over.

How'ver, "Leah" is in the store now in all colors. And Miss Burns also has her Flickr stream for more up-to-date info.

Last thing I want to talk about--I missed telling anyone (who didn't already know) about the closing of the Innsmouth H.P. Lovecraft Festival, but because a dear friend invited me to the closing party, I got the Cassiopeia eyes! And believe me, they WILL be blogged, because omnomnom they are gorgeous.

Okay, maybe "omnomnom" was the wrong sound effect when discussing eyes. Still, we were also discussing Lovecraft...

In the MEANtime, go off to that entry if you want pictures of why I fell so sweepingly in love with them, and look for eye posts to come!

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