Monday, October 22, 2012

though well-concealed, the scars, they just compound

A fortnight ago, give or take a few days, I suddenly realized it was October, and I had no haunt planned. This was, understandably, something of a shock: I hadn't expected either to want to build a haunt, nor did I have the land for it.

How'ver, in discussions with friends, a parcel was set aside, a ridiculous amount of prims reserved, so I set to.

(from the haunts album; floating above Lunitarium, contemplating potential builds)

It was hard going--not because I didn't have ideas, but because I didn't have the skills to bring them to fruition. Sadly, the warehouse as you'll find it, should you go, will not be all that I hoped.

It's not even, strictly speaking, a haunt. As such.

(from the haunts album; the path to Severance)

I should explain. What I originally decided on was a quirky, little, abandoned-warehouse haunt. Some sounds, some floating objects, a great deal of surreality that stayed on the cutting-room floor. No hunt, I felt, because I just didn't have the time to create anything.

And then...I found myself going through the pages of the Black Book, and I felt compelled to make more of a presentation piece of them. At the start, that's all it was. At the start, it was going to be a few extra textures, tossed in at random, into an otherwise unremarkable build.


(from the haunts album; the second floor)

At this stage, I still have sounds and such to throw down, but I've made over forty pages from the Book, plus assorted "tag"-style graffiti works for the walls of the warehouse, some unique industrial sounds, and I've gathered an insane number of things that look like they belong in an abandoned warehouse. What started as a quirky little thing has morphed into a fairly faithful tribute to...well.

Slender Man.

(from the haunts album; the second floor)

Of course, understandably, it's my own take on the topic. So some things may not match other recorded 'histories'; all I have to say to that is every chronicler adds their particular spin on things.

This is part of mine.

For what it's worth, I'm now opening SEVER to the public, though more may be added later. It can be found in Lunitarium.


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