Wednesday, July 1, 2009

heaven help me, I didn't see

Remember This Way to the Egress?

I wrote Vernian Process earlier, begging for more info:

Joooooosh....this is insane-making, they're on your label, even! I need more information on This Way to the Egress! I think I'm going to try to poke Taylor as well, but this is just driving me crazy. I spent six hours on the blog yesterday trying to find out *anything* on the band, and...nothing! There's nearly a *negative web presence* here! Criminal, that is, they NEED more press, or...something! Anything! Help??

And he came back with his version of a great shrug:

Yeah I know. I'm not sure what they are planning as far as press, and web presence. But they have a myspace profile. That's all I've seen too.

So I finally sighed, after more digging, and wrote Taylor Galassi. This was his reply:

Well we've only been together since last october. As of now we are concentrating on recording new songs and booking more shows.

He included a news blurb from somewhere:

You can see Taylor galassi performing alot with yula beeri previously of world inferno. and they will be starting a mini tour in july.

This way to the egress is now booking a tour for nov. They wil be touring with corrina [melanie] ortiz from boston.

(I had to make one correction, it changed the search parameters; everything else is as he wrote it.) Then he continued:

We haven't made any videos yet but they are def in our future.
I hope that helps! Let me know if theres anything else we can help out with!

I guess that's what we've got.

So, what I'd say at this point is, watch their MySpace for news; if you're in the Pennsylvania/Boston area, and can make shows, make them; buy their songs if they enable that option; and if any of you is a record producer/manager/agent in the area, consider emailing them and offering your services?

Of course it's a niche market, I doubt if any purely steam band is going to go huge and book into arenas; but being able to make rent and still tour and record is no slouch, either. And I'd like to see them at least do that!


Jami said...

what do you want to know? i used to be in the band...

Emilly Orr said...


Man, I knew this had gotten lost in the shuffle, but obviously no idea HOW lost. I don't even know if This Way to the Egress is still together...

I'll try to track you down, and do another search. I am really, REALLY sorry I never got back to you!