Sunday, July 12, 2009

be proud when you dazzle the wondrous, glitter your eyes for the town

Chop sabers! Oh, MAN, do I want these. Sadly, they haven't yet been released....but when they are...

*counts her pennies again*

From the actual store site: the very detailed old-school Rogue, the second-skin latexed Black Widow, the classic caped Storm, the dark Loli version of NGE's Rei and Ayanami, and, because I know at least one reader will go bats for this, Star Wars' Asoka Tano--who will ALWAYS BE THE BRATZ JEDI. PFFFT.

Otherwise, though, incredible detail on their figures. Really, incredible detail.

And via a personal friend, the Torchwood Land Rover was having some mechanical problems. One lucky mechanic took the opportunity to post photos. I adore fandom just for these quirky moments.

All hail Ultherverse? The main problem, as the article points out, is the company's ownership and promotion of the Red Light District. That's all that most users know of Ultherverse's platform, and educational and industrial concerns are shying far, far away from being associated with it.

In other news...Yui Sorbet, everyone:


We were at VenDom again, and...wau. Just wau. Very robotic, smooth movements, but extremely artificial. Mixed with certain things from the standard neko AO, I'm fairly sure.


Each of her boots was bigger than her entire head.


She had this really fun stretch pose that put her paw-mittens--each also bigger than her entire head!--up over her head for a moment, all casual-like, then brought them back down, where she'd lean forward and...wiggle, a bit, or something. It was nigh painfully cute.


The view from the, uh...rear. During the wiggle.


And when she walked, she left big rainbow pawprints everywhere. Oh gods, the twee!

From her profile:

Hello. My name is Yui Sorbet.
I am Japanese.
It is possible to hardly talk about English, and
forgive me, please.

I am playing with RPSIM named NoR. The race is Angelique.
Please read the RP story of me who describes to PIC.
English cannot be spoken, and let me apply the limitation to the penalty when it is defeated, please.

Okay, then. Thanks for dropping by, Miss Sorbet, it's been...unique.


Dale Innis said...

Ooh, let me apply the limitation to the penalty when it is defeated, too, please!

Did you know that "Coucou!" means, like, "Hi!" in French these days?

Emilly Orr said...

Somehow this does not surprise me.

She was a lot of fun to watch, though. She'd obviously given the giant-pawed robo-neko look some thought. That eyepiece she wears has a rotating radar scanner, with just a touch of glow. Really impressive, just...odd.