Tuesday, July 28, 2009

but it's always gonna come right back to this

Do these folks know their target audience or what? So far, the only down side of early reports is that the stuph tastes foul--but one fellow recommends cutting it with lemonade, and that seems to cancel out the main flavor.

All I know is, they've managed, in one stroke of genius packaging, to make an energy drink that is at once useful for LAN parties, all-night paper gaming sessions, laser tag runs, and LARP weekends. Beautiful, just beautiful.

And...computer viruses are bad? Switch to better computer protection? Jackie Chan looks cool in white? Your guess is as good as mine.

I think she's going out with the wrong guy. Or...he's going with the wrong girl. One of them's in the wrong relationship.

[Guild] [Kiril]: rom: now with 100% moar crash!
[Guild] [Specials]: I second that kiril
[Guild] [Markuz]: runesofmalfunctioning

Pretty much. They did two major patches of the game, and so far managed to break part of the Auction House, part of the inventory system, part of several quests, and make the entire engine unstable.

Way to go, Frogster. You keep breaking your code like this, you're gonna have to come work for Linden Labs...

God contacted me today, From Beyond the Grid:

Stiv: Hey what music are you listening to lately?
emilly.orr: Specifically or currently? Currently I'm listening to Radio Riel
Stiv: Anything more specific?
emilly.orr: But in general, movie soundtracks, J-pop, Chechosov metal, Akira Yamaoka (the Silent Hill soundtrack guy), and an embarrassing amount of Kelly Clarkson, Pink and Evanescence
Stiv: lol clarkson
Stiv: Ahem
emilly.orr: Also Reverend Glasseye, the Real Tuesday Weld, Vernian Process, Dandelion Junk Queens...who else...
Stiv: Wait
Stiv: wait
emilly.orr: Beats Antique
Stiv: Slow down, didnt know any of those
emilly.orr: Steampunk music
Stiv: Wait, is that a genre even?
emilly.orr: Or, conversely, go here and skim until you hit the actual music posts
emilly.orr: Lot of bands, lots of links
emilly.orr: Reminds me, I need to hit another couple bands this week if I can
Stiv: Thank you, Ive been looking for something new
Stiv: Oh hey fancy page
emilly.orr: Hee
emilly.orr: I had fun with the background
Stiv: Oh actually you know who I bet you'd like if you dont already
Stiv: Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
Stiv: A Lovecraftean horror punk band
emilly.orr: Ooh
Stiv: Yeah I know
Stiv: Pretty awesome
emilly.orr: Yeah, that'd likely be something I'd cover :)

So, Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. I think I'm recommending them, based on just the samples on their music page? But...I don't know if they're steampunk.

Still...Lovecraftian horror-punk rock...what else could they be??

Toren Atkinson, a man with a lifelong interest in Lovecraft, started the band along with cofounder Warren Banks; they seem the heart and soul of nerdcore rock, as nearly all the members have some connection to gaming, either playing a lot of games, or actually in the industry, doing art and design for paper-gaming and videogame companies.

They've got a great FAQ that's packed with loads of information, and seems pretty keen on both giving you cool stuph to buy, and cool stuph to listen to in advance.

As limbo is currently extraordinarily heated, in bad unpleasant ways, your Faithful Reviewer has very little brain to put more information in; but do check them out. And I think I'll be dropping a word or two Radio Riel's way, see if they're willing to pick up a few tunes for New Babbage...and whatever lurks in the depths of the Vernian Sea.


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Some god Stiv is, not even omniscient enough to read your blog :-)

Emilly Orr said...

At the moment? He's analyzing Hemingway for a feminist. I think omniscience went right out the window. :)