Friday, July 17, 2009

got to listen to the vision, play in the ashes of what you once were

Yes, yes, it's another entry for today. I told myself no more entries. So okay, I lied, but at least it was only to myself. And, well, to Fawkes.

But I didn't know it was a lie, it's just easier blogging about it than not, I suppose.

I went looking for particular hair at the behest of a friend. This is what I found:

Black Maria was my first stop, for the Maria hair:


It's shorter than she wanted, but for L$100, full copy-mod permissions, it could just work.

Saru, found here in the same place, might work too, but it's got a built-in headband.

Next up: Kin, Kin Keiko the marvelous, Kin who has a new hair store in the sim named Boo. That makes me giggle.

Both Sera and Amaunet:


have potential here (try both on as demos first, though), though Sera's more wild-all-over, and Amaunet's got the little hair ties.

Also--don't hit me--Emi could do the trick as well, with a little repositioning of the upper layers:


There's also Karei:


Not a lot is at her new main store, she's still moving things over.

I dropped by Mirai Style, because the "Nacy" hair was mentioned as being the first thing found,, there's no "Nacy" hair there--at least, not anymore--and two, that place is terrifying. Texture glitching like you would not believe and the hairstyles scare me.

The Lightning style (above Tsue) from Androgyny might work with some modding:


and also maybe Jo, in the corner.

Last stop, Penumbra in Carnivale, where I found Shino:


The back sucks, but the front is fun; and Ruki, upstairs, also has potential:


but would need major rework.

I think, all in all, each of these options would take serious repositioning efforts. But Kin comes closest, followed by Black Maria. I'd definitely try those two first.

Hope this helps.

All right, enough on hair. In other news, this:


from Gauze is just phenomenal. I want, I crave. Very striking. It's almost enough to pull me back into geisha/oiran hair design.

(And no, this is not the first time I've used my blog to reply just to one person. Not by a long shot. It is the first time I'm not screaming or venting at them, though. This is just that--a reply. Much calmer.)

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