Wednesday, July 22, 2009

april trains may bring strange showers

Rezzable has developed such a solution, but it's one that is certain to cause problems if it ends up in the hands of those who aren't using it for the intended purpose of backups/exports/internal migrations.

So, is it right or wrong? Will Rezzable regret releasing such a device?

Ask Robert Oppenheimer, I suppose.
(From this entry on July 20th.)

In the end, [there] must be no sacred cows, and when confronted with knee-jerk apologists screaming RACISM! to defend the actual racists in our midst, we must have the courage to shout ALL RACISM IS RACISM! at the reactionary corruption of the system.
(From this entry on July 20th.)

Wandering through Crap Mariner's (I still twitch at the name, but maybe that's intentional) journal, because I'd heard he was running a series of informal concerts at his Clocktree. This details his latest concert, featuring a Native American flute player, unfortunately yesterday.

But I keep finding these astoundingly insightful things. I'll have to find time to read further. (And in the meantime, hopefully, show up at one of the performances...sadly, they're booked starting a half hour from the end of Terpsichore Tuesdays.)


So I've been playing with the Snowglobe viewer. It has some really good points. For one, my standard 5-7 FPS (, not kidding; why?) jumped, somewhat alarmingly, to 27-29 FPS. That was wild for me. That was insanely fast.

Paired with that, though, are some astounding visual errors. For example:


Ooh, creepy, right? Bizarre alien invader, hide the children!

There's only one problem. This is not an invisiprim-gone-wrong situation. If you look at that curving strip of blue? That is Miss Allen's skin.

Yes, now you're getting the problem.


This was taken after I asked her to take off the upper prims. This is all the upper attachments removed, save the left eye.


And this is her standing in all her mutated glory, both prim eyes removed.

Miss Uni says this is a glitching of the preliminary avatar-masking code the Lindens are mucking about with (must keep the corporate bottom line met, regardless of how haywire things go on the ground) at the moment; all I know is, I thought this was a one-time bug a few days back, when my face went missing.

Now here we stood in Glidden, and I realized I'd lost half a girl! There's no excuse for that.

The only fix we've found so far? And even it doesn't work all the to change skins and hair, and sometimes Linden-layer clothing. Then, and only most of the time at that, your base skin will restore and you won't be Visible-Organs Avatar for the masses.

Still. Just bizarre to stand there, looking at someone hollowed out to only eyes and hair-stuffed brain.

Last little tidbit before I wind up my affairs and smooth into limbo for the next few hours: somehow, between one thing and another, my third-year rez day completely sailed by.


So, all right, I thought, fine, we have the new store parcel, we'll fix that up and I'll make eighteen new somethings, and have a little hunt. In honor of surviving to age three.

Then the island chain what owned the sim that little parcel was in sold off to other people. Farewell new storefront.

More bother.

But I'm working on it. The only hitch so far? I have taken a vow. I can make no new products for store release until I see 50K in inventory again.

Pray for me...I have ninety ideas eating each other in my brain and pressuring me to work on them! Plus the hunt. Plus the mushrooms-in-progress.

But I will see 50K or less, sometime very soon. And then--back to creation!

Maybe I should just make three large packages, one for every year, sort of a what-I've-learned retrospective.

The only problem with that is...the first year would have to be somewhat perverse in nature. Miniskirted nun's outfit, or something. Tch.

We'll see. Watch this space, or, well, the blog at large. I'll see what I come up with.

(By the way, the little mutant snowglobe image? Comes from the Kiddley blog. Bwahahahaha...)


Mister Crap said...

*shrug* If only my creator had worn thick leather gloves during my construction.


Emilly Orr said...

Damn it. Every time I think I'm sure of your gender...

I'll change that.

Emilly Orr said...

And to add? It's goddamned memorable as a first name. Add to that natural talent, and it becomes insanely memorable. Almost a backhand compliment, in a sense.

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Rezday! (I never notice mine until they've passed, either.)

I'm very, very glad you're still with us.


Emilly Orr said...

Thank you!

Honestly, I've been thinking about it, and the reason it's become a tradition is I celebrated my first rez day with a big party, a custom-designed cake, and a DJ I my business at the time, which also served as a grand opening announcement.

A week later it was closed by sim management, and by the time my second rez day rolled around, I just didn't want the drama of throwing another party.

This year, it just got away from me. I meant to do something...I just forgot.

Maybe I should lay out early plans for a fourth-year...if SL remains standing, a year from now. :D

Dale Innis said...

Happy Rezday too!

Yeah, Crap is great. Also he posts alot, and at least half of it is references to things that I'm ignorant of, but wth.

Emilly Orr said...

Dale: Well, ever since SL5B, I've had an idea on the great, it's just he's hard for me to pin down. Thought he was a guy, I was told he was a girl. Oh, okay, fine...time came for this entry, and I realized, I still wasn't sure, so I went to his journal.

Where he has pictures of himself in a skirt with breasts, so I went with female.

Whereupon he writes me with the title of "Mister Crap".

*throws her hands up in total confusion*

Dale Innis said...

Yeah, Crap does that on purpose. Presumably to help free our minds from the chains of gender. Or she's just a sonovabitch. :)

Emilly Orr said...

I have no idea.

See, thing is, I'm supportive of gender variance; RL, I've worked with drag queens, crossdressers, Radical Faeries and been a lay counselor for young people going into gender transition.

But I also want to address people to match their appearance--if one of my loves is male, and I'm talking about him in Caledon, it's Mr. Allen; if she is currently female in avatar, it becomes Miss Allen.

With Crap, it seems I'm always addressing the wrong gender regardless. So idea.