Friday, July 24, 2009

then it all crashes down and you break your crown, and you point your finger, but there's no one around

Let's talk about the Big Red Button Bomb over at Gloomyville.


[5:14] (0thrive) BRBB: Big Red Button Bomb Prize System: Thank you for your entry, Emilly! If the bomb explodes you'll recieve your prize!
[5:14] (0thrive) BRBB: Big Red Button Bomb Prize System:
Main Prize: *SMOTD* Putrids Posh Poofiepants Full outfit ~ Boxed
Prize everyone receives if the bomb explodes.
Save Prize:
Prize you receive if you save the bomb.
Critical Mass: 100
Number of people required for explosion.

Click the Big Red Button to play, if enough people enter to reach the Critical Mass (Countdown will be red) before Countdown hits 0 then everyone wins. The Countdown will randomly change for each player, this means that it can go from being a long time off to only a minute left. If you save the bomb by entering when there's 10 seconds or less left and Critical Mass wasn't filled, you will get the Save Prize if there is one.

Essentially, it's another variation on the Lucky Chair, only it doesn't so much encourage traffic--because of the wide range of variable times (and the fact of no save prize), you're pretty much only encouraged to stop in and check on things if you haven't yet touched the button for the day.

[5:28] Emilly Orr: 53,909.
[5:28] Neome Graves: You are much more downerer now.
[5:28] Fawkes Allen: Yes, she is very much downerer than she was.

Yay for being downerer. More to the point, I'm done.

I hit 51,964, and said I was stopping for the night. I ended up going back to it a few hours later, and hit 50,838 at 3:58 am SLT.

Between gigs and wedding apologies, birthday parties and casual wandering, I went down, chunk by chunk, frock by frock, and along the way I started looking for advertising textures, floating text scripts, hover scripts, and landmarks. After getting rid of all the repeats there, I looked up, and at 1:08 am, I'd hit 49,837.

I'm done.

Three days from the upper sixty-two thousands to a scant few hundred under fifty thousand.

Guess I just had to find the right motivation.