Sunday, October 26, 2008

the obsession with death has become a way of life

I got banned from a sim for this post. I had to go back and read through it; and I admit, I'm still not seeing what I said that was worth being banned from a region.

The haunted house ride is slow. That's a fact.

The sound loops--on which, I admit, I mentioned getting violent with the maker, not the owner of the haunted house, though that might have been unclear--are looped too fast; they either need to be paced out in the scripting, or new sources for the sounds found. This is also a fact.

I do grant I was briefly snarky about the "Love Bugg" Club--but reading back through what I wrote, nearly a month ago, I have to admit more confusion about being banned than anything. Because anyone who knows me knows I can be far more negative, far nastier, and far more sarcastic than anything I happened to put down in that one entry.

Since I'm already banned anyway, how'ver...I might as well take this rare opportunity to etch my sentiment with crystal clarity.

First, I was reviewing the Haunted House, not the club. I will admit, freely and with no reservation, that I did not quote the promotional material of the club accurately. Let me correct that now:

The Love Bugg Club is quoted as being The Most Romantic Club on Second Life, not the best dance club. It's also quoted as being The Most Popular Romantic Club On Second Life. It is additionally quoted as being the most Popular and most Romantic Club on Second Life.

I cannot dispute any of these statements, as I generally pick my clubs for good music and good dancing, not romance. Though I am unsure of what makes this statement:

It's an adjunct of the "Love Bugg" Club, apparently--if one is to believe their advertising--the "most popular dance club" in SL.

nasty beyond all bearing, whereas the sim owner saying her club is the most Popular and most Romantic Club on Second Life is just fine. Was it that I left out "romantic" and put in "dance" in the description instead?

Second, I liked the house. Long ride? Yes. Suffers under high lag? A truth (but then, what doesn't, really? It's just something to be accepted about SL). Innovative way to guide the pumpkins through the house? Absolutely, it's a fascinating bit of scripting that ensures four virtual avatars sitting in a virtual pumpkin can get the sensation of sitting in a real chain-driven cab--with the jerks, pauses, turns and jumps that chain-pulled cars actually have. That is still astonishing to me, it's one of the coolest tricks I've seen in SL.

Lastly, I'll take the ban, I neither want nor intend to challenge it, as the first time I'd ever been to Lover's Lagoon was for the Haunted House. I've now gone through the Haunted House, and there's really nothing there for me--note well, for me--to return to see. Anyone else is more than welcome to wander in and check them out, dance on the "huge romantic dance floors", discover the "romantic dancing patio", or travel to the "Beautiful & Dreamy", "Heart-Shaped" Love Island with "Heart-Shaped Water Lagoons" to create a "Wedding Paradise". You're more than welcome to go, she'll be overjoyed to see you.

Just not me. 'Cos I'm banned.

Now. Onward, to other things.

Ever wanted your own dead dragon? Now, for just under two thousand Lindens, you can buy one. I guess this is for those folks with really large gardens...

And why is there an emaciated elephant statue in Glam World? No, I don't know either.

Haunted Castle of the Damned is next up for haunted destinations. Though I should really quote from their ad:

Come to the Haunted Castle of the Damned and try to live through your worst nightmare come to life! This fully damge enabled Haunted attraction takes you through a twisting turning labrynth of terror you will not soon forget !!

I corrected nothing, by the way--"damge" and "labrynth" are spelled that way in the ad they took out.


First, I died because a zombie dog ate me. Then I died because my own bullets ricocheted, due to lag. Then I died because six zombies gathered around me along with a PHANTASM ORB (!!) drilling my brain.

This? Very hard house to go through.

Up on the third floor--I'd died five times at that point--we looked over the parapet into the graveyard below.


Yep. There was no future in this. We left.

If you're a very good shot, check it out. But we aren't dead shots--no pun intended--so we left!

There's (obviously) more entries yet to come, but I'm in the process of a hard drive swap--and so all the pictures and info I'd normally post is burned on one of about thirteen or so--at this point--CDs, waiting to come back to infest the new drive. Hopefully, that won't be long.


Rhianon Jameson said...

Consider the ban a badge of honor, Miss Orr. To quote one controversial political commentator: "I like hate mail. No, I REALLY like hate mail." Think of it as a sign that you matter. That someone cares enough about what you write to lash out in a petty way and inflict a modest punishment. (How did you find out about the ban, anyway? Wouldn't you have had to go back, or did the sim owner feel compelled to write directly that you were unwelcome? If the latter, how petty is that?)

Emilly Orr said...

While I do not intend to make what she said in private email, public for all to read--yes, that's exactly what happened. In short, she wrote me directly to inform me I had been banned from her region, and for what reason.

Now, to that end, I'm grateful--not that I intended to return, but it does save me the shock of trying to return, only to be informed I was banned. As a similar incident occurred earlier this year, I am the first to admit it is a shock to the system. Especially when I had no clear idea on why I had been banned.

With Miss Blackflag, I know. Or, at least, I know why she thinks it's a bannable offense. And more power to her, honestly; if she believes banning me will improve her life, and the lives of her customers, in some substantive way, then I'm for it.