Thursday, October 30, 2008

heartless challenge, pick your path and I'll pray

Winter Ventura threw together a quick-n-dirty skull sculpt for me, because I didn't have the ability to sculpt skulls on my own. She's now released it publically, and it's free only until November 1st. So grab it now--they're not highly detailed, but they're very cool!

Black Pearl Beach has the Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns this Halloween. You want creepy? This is it.


It started off bad enough. Everything was bright primal shades of circus-freaky, the music was ever so off-keyed calliope-cheerful, was all three steps past too much.


And it didn't stop. For a really, really long time.


I could never decide, picking my way through this room, whether it was decorated in popcorn kernels, spit wads, or freeze-dried white hamsters.

Maybe it's better not to know.


And then things got really strange.

Just when you think you understand the layout of this place, they change the rules. And change them again. And change them again when you're sure you know where you are, where you're going.


Several of the rooms were a trial to get through--floors that weren't, hidden doors, tiles that flipped over, brightly painted cylinders that rotated as walkways. Rope ladders. Walking too close to clowns. Physical objects vibrating in small spaces.


And at more than a few points, most avatars running on even current machines will have to pause, and rez things in. The problem with this is not the time it takes (a flaw, I will admit, of any event that features far too many scripted objects, physical objects, and moving objects for the space), but the fact that while you're waiting, you're alone. In the dark. With the sounds. And the clowns.


This room was terrifying to get through. Everywhere you stepped, one of these yellow-suited, red-haired mutants would pop up and whisper something. It was like being in a room of Keenly Valiant clones.


The elevator was especially effective. If you can't read what the words say, even on the large-picture version, I can tell you: Mirrors are more fun than television.


And then, just when we thought it was all over...


...the house turned on us again, and led us down in the deeps where things got very, very dark indeed...

Listen. If you're scared of clowns, I mean really scared of clowns, this place will induce heart spasms. I'm not kidding. If you're iffy on the clown idea--they don't traumatize you, but you're not crazy about them--this is a damned effective haunt. And if you're the one who walks through this skipping holding onto the skeleton balloons they give out on the midway...well, okay, I've done that too, I can't really throw stones.

But evil psychotic mutant clowns? Generally speaking...ALWAYS SCARY OMG WHAT WERE THEY THINKING...

Check it out if you're not afraid of clowns. I mean it.

Next up: Rendervisions Isle. And their Haunted Maze.


Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

i'm afraid of clowns...and muppets...and babies....clown muppet babies would kill me...thank you for the warning and your commentary.... [grins] oh, and i think it's popcorn but i don't want to check it out myself!! great blog! thanks!
~Capt. Red

Emilly Orr said...

More than welcome. If I've helped one person with coulrophobia (fear of clowns), then it was worth it going through that. :)