Friday, October 10, 2008

a skeleton brain, in a graveyard mind

I see the weirdest things in Japanese sims.


This one comes from Miniascape in Berangakat. While you're there, don't forget to fly up to the upstairs area, where she's made to-die-for skeletal-hand monacles, and skeleton bone jewelry, and don't forget while on the floating "ship" to find your way down to the cargo hold (try falling through the hole around the tree). Yet again, a visitation from The Year of the Noob, and some intriguing pictures, along with her 'hand grass' (not to be missed, available in two colors).


The one thing that was really bugging me--beyond the loss of the Friends button and the two little server lag/client lag notifiers in the far upper right corner of the Nicholaz browser--was the fact that the opacity of the local chat and IM windows...well, wasn't opaque.

At all.

Then Winter Ventura sent me this link. And it's one simple, simple change. And if you don't like it, it's simple, simple, simple to change it back.

1. Go into your Second Life client folder. Go into Skins. Find color.xml.
2. Open via Notepad. (Windows users--don't know what would work for Mac or Linux, sorry.)
3. Enter the default opacity line, handily provided on that link, between [setting] and [/setting].
4. Save as .xml file.
5. Restart your client! That's it, you're done!

And then you'll have the smoke-shadow windows you remember, which can be seen through, but are opaque enough to read. Yay for simple fixes!

Back in ::plod:: for a bit, figuring out if I can find the last remaining pumpkin. Took some time to sit by one of the many inlets and take in the sunset in akashic.


There are few things more calming than sitting in a haunted sim, next to a tentacle monster, watching the sun go down into the pumpkin-festooned sea while listening to Russian folk songs.

Maybe it's just me. Tim Burton would understand.


I'm finally calling the parcel haunt done. I may tweak it, here and there, but by and large it's done for the year.


I wouldn't have been able to do what I've done, even on my one small parcel, had it not been for the innovative ideas discovered at Ramos Designs, and at the ::plod:: pumpkin hunt. This ghost is from ::plod::.


Fawkes made the tower, and the two crucifixes, and between Hank Rucker, myself, and the inventory Library, Fawkes created a ring of skulls around the base.


The hand from the clouds was also a Fawkes creation, modified from something picked up scavenging in Avaria.


I made the cabin, and most of the sounds overheard at various places throughout the parcel. And five of the eyes in the tentacle crawling out from the grave of Vlad Tepes, just outside the burning cabin.

Come play.

And I'm still following the ongoing Diablo III debacle...this doesn't give me any more hope than I had previously that Blizzard has completely lost every grip on what made Diablo--and Diablo II--cool in the first place.

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