Wednesday, October 8, 2008

grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize


This isn't a haunted house. This is a pumpkin. With a cuddle couch in it.

On the plus side, there's a free Hallows outfit, sort of a cute little orange mini, with brown touches and orange web-wings. So it's not all bad.

I, along with most of the grid, thought that the Lindens' latest potential code breach was important enough to convert over to the current client, 1.20.17...but I certainly don't have to like it. While I wait unhappily, trapped back restarting every three to four hours, due to SmartHeap memory errors the new build of the code engenders...I will wait with bated breath for Imprudence to finish their work and issue their viewer.

Because Cool SL is the only other alternative, and frankly, Cool SL has all the buttons in the wrong places. Bah.

Octoberville makes it to YouTube. (Apparently that's in answer to this video about Second Life, featuring Poe's "Haunted". (Though to be fair, I far prefer a Farscape songvid, if I can ever track it down again, or the original.

Octoberville is annoying on a couple levels this year. First, we had the wild thought of renting one of their structures for the Iron Tinies; Miss Cherub Spectre apparently gave nary a thought to the request and promotional materials I sent, which is ever so slightly irksome. At the least, if they had renters, a simple IM to say so would have sufficed. somewhat unprofessional.

But we're down to finding five items of one hundred. Unfortunately, I'm beginning to suspect that this year's cobra is a penny.


We're doomed...

The second reason we're a tad irritated is that both Fawkes and I were offered membership in--and accepted--the Octoberville Elite group for solving 2007's puzzle. And, over the course of a year, had to trade out the group for others with more benefits of the moment.

NOW they tell us that retaining that group for the whole of the year would have advanced us this year to the Octoberville Epic group. Instead--because we left--when we 'win', again, we get another invitation to the Elite group.

Seems like an SL-based pyramid scheme, to me, but to their credit, they still make an inventive October build. For all that we both miss the little dysfunctional Octoberville train.

At any rate, this year's a bit different, though they've reused many of the builds, even putting them in the same places. One hundred clues to find; several sets of pages from a book that may provide hints to the murder mystery; choosing whom of six names killed the person, and in which room, and with what--and a little girl who's lost ten apples, which must be "bobbed" for all over the sim.

It's rather overwhelming. But we're soldiering on. At least until we find that $!}%^@*& penny...


Rhianon Jameson said...

I'm afraid cuddling inside a pumpkin would make me think of pumpkin pie the entire time - not exactly conducive to romance!

Emilly Orr said...

I'm afraid cuddling inside a pumpkin would make me think of Jack Sprat and his unfortunate wife more than pumpkin pie!