Thursday, October 9, 2008

move your dead bones, bones, bones

Arrakis! Desert planet! Dune...home of the spice, greatest of treasure in the universe. And he who controls it, controls....

Ah, forget it, this is so not Dune. This is, to date, the single most annoying haunted house EVER MADE. Go in sounds off--in fact, go in sans headphones, if you can get away with it--because second floor features the room with the slamming morgue drawers. And I mean constantly slamming morgue drawers--they never stop and they're at TOP volume and it makes you want to icepick your ears.


It looks like a dilapidated farmhouse, overall; a bit more ornate than some outside, pretty much long-abandoned Midwest hotel or large-family Oklahoma farmhouse inside. Very few decorations are inside the house, not even one item per room.


Some rooms are just festooned with webs--or a spider. Some aren't. Not every room has a skull.


This is interesting--on the ground floor one of the rooms has a burning tapestry. The smoke rises up to all three floors above this room. I actually liked that effect.


These were the bane of my existence the first day we went. These endlessly looped, endlessly slamming morgue drawers. Today, they stand still and silent, their shrill slamming silenced by the script gods--or the maker, after getting complaints. Who knows?


All in all, it's worth a visit, at least, because there are 40 skulls hidden on the property around and about, mostly mainland wear and shoes, but not bad. Plus the walkthrough of the house, empty as it is, conveys the 'abandoned haunt' effect nicely. And there are poses here and there for interesting pictures.

I give it two whatevers I'm giving out this year for haunts. Plus, hunt. Can you find all forty skulls?

There's also a quirky little store in akashic called ::plod::. Don't ask me, it's a Japanese thing. She's having a pumpkin hunt. Touch the pumpkins, receive the prize, there's nine pumpkins in all to find.


Then I turned around.


She hates me.

The hunt runs until November 2nd. I may need the extra time...

Cheetah of Lost Ferals strikes again--and it's an absolutely inspired concept--dead furs!

And really, it's about damned time--who hasn't seen that crap-ass Zombie Wolf around and about in the freebie zones? These--for very reasonable sums!--deliver quality and invention for the undead fur-about town. I'm just dying to get my hands on one... :)

And finally, Wholesale Hannah weighs in on the lack of quality henchmen in the Evil League of Evil. :)

[Later edit: She really, really hates me.


*sighs* Well, I have until November 2nd...]

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