Thursday, October 23, 2008

when I'm not sure what I'm looking for, when I'm not sure who I am

Dalek pumpkin! (See also, the pumpkin that carves itself, and these offerings from the Festival of Rot: the pumpkin, the watermelon, and a very grumpy pumpkin in a basement. Also, apropos of nothing at all--Happy and Sad balls! Enjoy!)

We decided to investigate Enchanted Waters' haunt.


(Poor Miss Voiyant.)

Most of the house here was fairly pedestrian, the interior pattern on the walls was rather odd--I suspect it was supposed to be old unfinished wood, but it looked more like partially-melted beeswax--but there were a couple rooms that were interesting and well done.


(Apparently? Mummies can bleed.)

The Electrocution Room featured an electric chair, and a huge console festooned with levers, buttons, and flashing lights. What made it interesting was the randomness of it--sometimes it would fully electrocute, sometimes it would just make you twitch, bleed and smoke. With full effects, either way. Ghoulish, to be sure, but fun.


(Sometimes it's safer to observe.)

This, by the way, was a wonderful room idea. Push past the pop-up of Chucky the homicidal doll; he's immaterial, all things considered. And yes, of course, we've seen the pentagram etched on the floor before, the guttering candles, the altar awaiting the victim--but the robed figures, circling in stately procession: those were new. And very nicely detailed, to boot.

It's worth a visit, at the least. There's some oddity with the sound that may need owner reset before it stops--it's an odd repetitive mechanical beeping noise, somewhere on the second floor, which is decidedly not a ghost, dog howling, child screaming, or the like--and, as I said, really odd interior walls--but worth a walk-through.

Just as an aside, not on the current topic: there's a half-off sale on all items at SN@TCH currently. I don't know for how long, and I still loathe and despise the name, but on occasion--think that set of bloomers, in white and black, f'rinstance--she turns out something that's at least Caledon-inappropriate, if not full Caledon-proper. And hey, with the half-off sale, her full Vampire Willow avatar--including skin, full outfit, eyes, hair, and a shape (the shape needs work, but everything else is wonderful), it's running L$175 total. Total.


Now you're in Gor....

Photobucket you're not. Very odd. This was one of a few stops we made over the last two days, on the grid-wide "Ghostbusters" hunt. The rules are simple, the execution tends towards the annoying:

1. Track down a participating store. Buy the starter ghost for L$0. You'll get a t-shirt (yeah, that logo--and a starting landmark. Go there and find the first ghost.

2. Rinse, repeat, stagger--as you acquire more ghosts, more hunt gifts, and more landmarks along the way. Over two days we've hit eighty different stores in seventy-six sims or so, and we know the hunt goes to--at least--108, and may possibly have more ghosts by now. Yaaaagh.


This is another stop on the Ghost hunt, and there really should be a law on stores this insanely terrifying. A warning sign. Something. Wax Poetic should not be allowed to invent Candyland on the grid.

The four people you don't see behind that giant blue lollipop? Yeah, that's us. I felt like an ant wandering between confections. Bizarre.

We then attended Savvy Island's haunt, which has some wonderful touches. A bloody trail of elongated footprints led us from the docks.


(The mummy watches the candle in the mirror.)

This being one of them--it's a simple trompe l'oeuil effect--make a mirror larger than normal; position a candle in front of the mirror; position a duplicate candle inside the mirror. Reflection made easy. I love tricks like this.


Savvy Island hit Grimworx hard this year, but rather than just get the spiders, like everyone else, they got all the floor-crawlers: the rats, the spiders, the scorpions. The spiders, when squished underfoot, squeal in high-pitched distress; the scorpions crunch unsettlingly; but the rats...the rats giggle like hyenas. It's bizarre and very cool.


(Woman hanging in the medical lab.)

Did I mention that sculpts are getting more realistic? And far more creepy. She didn't move, she didn't make a sound, but just hanging, bloodied, from the ceiling? Very, very effective.

Also, most of the doors in this haunt open with that odd little camera-shutter whine from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For that alone, this house is cool.


Upstairs--barring the bit of Texas Chainsaw about the place--they did their one real 'movie recreation' moment, but I can't entirely complain, because they did it well. The walls are patterned with dark trees, there's a large stone well with the lid slid one-third off, and a fully primmed-out Sadako peeking over the rim.

That? Very creepy in the extreme.

And then, past Sadako and the glowing Ring...we turned a corner, walked down the moss-patterned hall, and fell to the graveyard below. We were out of the house, just like that.

This one is well worth a trip to see, and don't just abandon the graveyard when you reach it--if you walk around a bit, there are some fun freebies, and some nifty munchables--cookies and caramel apples--to restore you from your journey.

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