Friday, October 3, 2008

make it one for my baby, and one more for the road

Do you ever wonder if professional bodybuilders play on SL?


Have no idea who she is, captured her in passing at Hair Fair, but she's got the most well-defined thighs I've seen on any woman in SL to date, and also, she easily cleared six feet tall (relatively speaking).

Anyway, passing concern, back to haunted house wandering.


Welcome to Mystic Woos and their haunted sim. I give this entire place full props for atmosphere. We had a pirate ghost, an evil tree, a floating eyeball, and gigantic amanita mushrooms to be wary of--and that was just at the beam-in point!


Start to finish, it heavily reminds me of country harvest festivals, with simple games, lovely walks through the turning woods, and spooky little details scattered here and there.


They must have an infestation of bird spiders, for all the cobwebs in the trees. At least one of them--the trees, I mean--wakes up somewhat irritated. May be due to the swings hanging from the upper branches...


Bumper cars, spinning pumpkin 'cups', a shooting gallery--toss in the Headless Horseman carousing about, witches flying through the trees, and ferocious roaming bears, and there's enough to do even without the haunted house! All in all, it's an amazing autumnal celebration.


About the only complaint I had, and it's not a serious their haunted house felt a little too crowded, if that makes any sense. They again hit Ramos Designs and Grimworx hard--which is not bad, Susan Ramos is making an amazing showing this year, and Grimworx, of course, rocks like a haunted rocking thing--but it was rather obvious with the selections.

(To be fair, I'm not slamming people who go commercial--once I start linking in my build for the season, Ramos features there, too--I'm just pointing it out.)


To sum up, though, be sure to wander. Look at everything. Run from the pirate ghost and the Headless Horseman, ride the bumper pumpkins, relax for a bit upstairs in the haunted house--if you can avoid the spinning sawblade--and just take it all in and enjoy.

I'm not kidding about the bears, though. They are vicious. And they climb trees.

Next, we went to Rosi's haunted house in Daydream NE.


One of the cooler things about this haunt is you don't just get candy at the door--you get four complete avatars--two for men, two for women--and that's just in the foyer. A free broom awaits further into the castle, so that's five freebies, essentially, plus candy to nosh just for going!


Be warned, there are traps. This one has snakes! Be careful!


Spiders, yes. The Box of Fear, yes, The crypt with the niche, yes. That all makes sense.

I don't get the neon star. Neon is scary?


Did I mention the traps? I did mention the traps, right?

All in all, lovely little haunt. Well worth a visit.

Next up: Raithal Academy. And how not to die.


Rhianon Jameson said...

The neon star is very My Little Pony/Japanese anime, or very Bee Gees 70s disco. Either way, scary.

Emilly Orr said...

You have a distinct point. Did I mention the neon star led to a dance floor, with dance cages and a glowing DJ station?

Great fear, indeed. :)

Sphynx Soleil said...

> I don't get the neon star. Neon is scary?

"Club Dead"?


Emilly Orr said...

Could be, good point. Also? Pink. :)