Tuesday, September 30, 2008

been a hard day's night

Rough few days. Moving past it. In the meantime, I've been checking out--tentatively--the new client. Already it's found something to irritate me with.

Whilst exploring for Hallows textures and the like, our intrepid quartet of adventurers discovered ADA Textures--and the world's swishiest dead angel:


I kid you not, this thing has flexi set to insane values. Sadly, it's not theirs, it actually is an offering from Ramos Designs, along with a few other extraordinarily swishy ghosts.

Observant gentles will note the presence of HUD attachments in that picture (on the large version; as usual, click to see it). This is because unbeknownst to me, the new viewer's auto-capture settings start with HUD objects--and name tags--visible, instead of the other way 'round (everything discreetly hidden away). This is bothersome in the extreme. To wit, our trip through the "Love Bugg Haunted House". (I'm serious. It's an adjunct of the "Love Bugg" Club, apparently--if one is to believe their advertising--the "most popular dance club" in SL. Yeah, riiiight.)


You will note--I've cropped out all I can, but our name tags are visible, as well as other floating-text tags in the immediate area. This? It's not a terrible thing, it's not even truly a bug, but it's very annoying.


At any rate, it seemed fairly simplistic at first--press the green button (avoid if red) and wait for the pumpkin car to rez out. (Try not to die if it leaves the track and comes after you.) Then sit and listen to an interminable amount of ghosts chanting "Getttt...ouuuut..." on overfast loops, while you and your three friends (each car can seat four) wait. And wait. And wait.


Did I mention the waiting?

Finally the thing starts, and it's actually rather interesting, the mechanics of the track itself. This is Second Life, the track is unimportant, but the track there is a visual guidemark on progression. And the pumpkin car moves like it's being jerked forward by mechanical chain. It's unreal.


Slow progression through fog and cobwebs, evil clowns and hanging corpses, everything with insanely quick-looped sound effects that were making me want to leave the car, liberate an axe, and chop the maker! However, behind that, it's not bad, all things considered....j u s t . . . v e r y . . . s l o o o o w . . . .


I'm not kidding on the slow--the entire thing, start to finish, will eat about forty minutes of your life. We noticed some folks up ahead, in other cars, had just said the hell with it and were walking. I don't entirely blame them.


At any rate, it's something to do during the holiday season, and don't let me give you the impression that it's bad, per se--it's fine if you have the time. If you don't, you'll find yourself vibrating halfway through, debating between jumping from the car and porting home.


Oh, and you won't get out of the house alive...

Next up: little did you know, there were auto-pulled down pants on SL.

Little did you know there was a need for half-mast trousers, huh?


(The full version? Definitely not safe for work. Full frontal male everything.)

And Discord Nightmare City is having another hunt for the holidays. Discord is always an interesting place, anyway. They've got it set to a hubbed port point, but hit there, a black cage will be around you. Find the teleport sign, teleport to Discord directly. Find the glowing purple sign--there's about seven of them--and port to Discord Nightmare City.

Then find twelve mini-pumpkins hidden around the store. It's harder than you think.


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Interesting. I'll have to start going hunting for Halloween things soon too. I'll pester you for suggestions later. Or I may even invite myself along :-)

Just about the new viewer. I've installed the 20.16 and haven't had any changes to the settings that I've noticed. And I've taken at least a whole 2 snapshots since then.


Emilly Orr said...

This was before the next code release, I think, when it was just 20.1 or 20.5, I can't remember. I really don't use the new client with any regularity. Hells, I was running 18.0 when nearly everyone else had converted up to 19.5. :)

Far as the Hallows stuph, any time you want that I'm in world and not working--I'm still trying to figure what I'm doing for my parcel haunt!