Monday, February 13, 2012

what I never did is done

Remember a few entries back, I mentioned a radically new power source under development? Well, soon there will be liquid antenna technology on the market, that impressively boosts signal strength for just about anything. They're seeking funding for launching the product now (though of course, the military is already using it, with apparently fantastic results).

Do you enjoy making quirky electronic gadgets? Do you play roleplaying games, and get tired of carting all those dice around? You're in luck--there's a tutorial designed just for you.

And I'm not entirely sure this is a good thing, but Star Trek: the Next Generation and Doctor Who are joining forces in a comics crossover. Ooookay...

(Also, I've moved! Just this lower section, not the top bit. This blog is still active, I'm just moving the prim breast discussions off.)


Dale Innis said...

Yer research efforts are greatly appreciated!

"...if it's made out of latex it does not count as vintage, medieval, or fantasy attire..." Hey, that depends on the fantasy, eh? nudge nudge wink wink...

Emilly Orr said...


And okay, you're right, and I'm not saying I don't own a lot of latex outfits myself; but let me clarify, since that was ever so slightly vague.

Latex (and rubber) outfits, in my opinion, never count as even semi-realistic Victorian/Edwardian, general medieval, or elven/faerie/standard "sword and sorcery" fantasy outfits, in general.

Things like this may be fantasy-as-in-fetish, but they're not "traditional" fantasy; this looks stunningly good, but it's not medieval wear; and as fun as this is, it's not Victorian.

When I think Victorian/Edwardian, I think of things like the Diplomat's suit, or the L'enseigneur day dress. When I think medieval wear, I think of outfits like the Gwyn dress (though the sleeves are far too short), or the Annabelle, or the Northern Kilt dress.

And when I think fantasy, in this sense, things like the Moonlight Melody outfit spring to mind, or the chiton-inspired Athena, or Angelwing's Fall Fairy set.

Also, this is not a suit. That is all.