Wednesday, February 1, 2012

gotta get away, there's no point in thinking about yesterday

Logged in this morning to (of course) find my instant messages capped. But I was handed a notecard about the subscribe-o situation by Vitani Jun:
First off, I apologize for such a lengthy notecard, but it's very important that everyone is aware of this. IF YOU ARE A STORE OWNER, please read this!!

If you aren't already aware, Linden Labs seems to have implemented an unannounced server change which disrupts anything that uses scripts with [llGiveInventory], thus claiming it as spam and stopping scripts from giving people items.

This can affect any inworld item such as scripted vendor and more importantly, a subscriber system.

Because of this, many store owners are facing HUGE problems. This also causes problems for people that wish to receive updates from stores but lack group space (or maybe there isn't one available for the store).

****I strongly urge everyone to please sign AND watch this JIRA in hopes that LL will fix this.

IF YOU ARE A STORE OWNER and you own a subscriber system, please [watch or monitor] whatever subscriber you are using. Send out a test notice with an attachment to see if [you're affected] yet. Also please be [wary] of any of your scripted items and vendors that give people stuff.

There is no need to panic just yet, but we do need a plan and to watch this issue.

More info here:

Even if you are in my group and not my subscribe-o-matic, you still might be in another store's subscriber.

I do not know if I might be affected seeing as I don't have as many people in my SoM as some stores, but I am concerned something might happen. I've already sent a test message, and so far I'm not affected.

If something unannounced does happen, it's possible I will be unable to alert people on my SoM only.

****** If you are only in my subscriber, I urge you to either watch my blog or flickr for updates and new releases, or join my group (no cost).

Blog: ni.Ju store updates
Flickr: Vitani Jun's photostream
Group: ni.Ju's in-world group
First off, the Lindens are not going to "fix" this issue; frankly, they caused this issue and they really don't care how it's impacting the grid. Kelly Linden seems to be pretty much concerned in a vapidly surface fashion--so far, all read communication is translating as "I feel your pain, really, but this was necessary. Just send out group notices more slowly, and you'll have no problems. You shouldn't have been doing this in the first place." Which is not something most subscription services do, frankly, though--according to the Subscribe-o-Matic blog--the original subscription kiosk service works well within the throttling of the script function.

(Though also frankly, I don't buy that, because some of the people with the biggest problems are using the original service, are they perfectly throttled back with zero issues? Sounds fishy.)

And second, of course, though this hardly needs to be mentioned--I did make a couple corrections for clarity from the original notecard. It's worth noting that English is not Ms. Jun's first language, so I'm not correcting her from a position of "Jesus, why can't you spell properly?" but "I'm fairly sure you meant wary, not weary here, it's okay".

To wrap things up, though this was originally written in 2008, sadly, it still applies--a round-up of the most annoying profile entries from the Moonletters X blog. Paired with that, when searching for something entirely unrelated, I came across this video from 2010; sadly, the behavior shown in there (especially with the 2x4 launcher/rezzer) still happens, day in and day out, on the grid.

Cue heavy sigh. People are people, but remember what Yonatan Zunger said:
As we got more miles on the system, this was replaced with the concern that people are total bastards, period.
In SL terms, people who launch silly things at you aren't griefers, but they are annoying, and unfortunately, they are everywhere.


Dale Innis said...

That quote from Yonatan (is that his real name?) made me laugh. So the Google+ people have been using the Internet for, like, how long, that they are just now noticing that a certain fraction of people are assholes (or, as my captcha for this comment says, "antsoles"), whether anonymous or not? Maybe a big Internet project should be led by someone who, I dunno, is familiar with the Internet?

Sphynx Soleil said...

*laughs* It's at least as real as the name on his G+ profile at least. :)

...they are just now noticing that a certain fraction of people are assholes...whether anonymous or not?

I suspect that's more a fault of idealism: "That's not working there, because they're doing it. We're doing it here, therefore the results should be different because it's OUR efforts."

Never mind that "people are just assholes, period" is the point that the #nymwars people have been making for MONTHS now..... :)

Emilly Orr said...

You'd think someone who worked in the higher reaches of Google would know the internet, wouldn't you? And yes, apparently "Yonatan Zunger" is his real name.

It's my current favorite quote, though. The full version:

So, interesting thing: when we first launched G+, we thought that people would be total bastards if they weren’t tied to their own, very durable, identity. (Which was one of the drivers behind the original names policy) As we got more miles on the system, this was replaced with the concern that people are total bastards, period.

Emilly Orr said...


But surely you cannot expect anyone at Google to listen to the concerns of anyone in the #nymwars crowd--because of course they were all dishonest, disreputable people for insisting on pseudonymity in the first place!